Monday, November 22, 2010

Kärnsjukhuset - (What is it, and why was I there at 1:30 AM??)

Hej Familj!

And it came to pass, that it was time to write home again! haha :) It is good to be back and writing to you all again! Let me start this week's e-mail off by telling you what "Kärnsjukhuset" is.. Before I tell you I want you to know that I am completely okay!! haha Ok, so it is a hospital! Yup, a hospital, and I was there at 1:30 in the morning!!! Once again, I am perfectly ok!! Don't freak out... please don't!! So, here is the story behind this! It was 10:30 PM and to a missionary, that means lights out! So, Äldste Watts and I decided that we should get to bed. Instead of turning out the lights the normal way by pushing the switch we decided to use sticky hands that my mother sent in a box not too long ago. Just to clarify, a "sticky hand" is a little gummy hand attached to a long stretchy band so you can throw it and it sticks to things! lol I hope you know what I am talking about! Anyway, we were standing in front of the light switch, both with a sticky hand, taking turns trying to hit the switch. I finally hit the switch and right after the lights went out Äldste Watts' sticky hand hit the switch again and the lights came back on. This, as you might guess, created a mini battle over the light switch. We would each go for the light switch and the other would try to block the switch with their sticky hand. This is where the incident happened. During the frenzy my REAL hand struck Äldste Watts' REAL hand and I was in pain!!! It hurt very badly... Probably because we were both swinging our arms as hard as we could in order to hit the switch. The pain went away, and my thumb was a just a slight shade of red. We both figured that it had just made it red because of how hard we hit. As we went to bed my thumb just didn't feel right. I keep putting my fears aside thinking that it really was just the force of the hit and that my thumb was fine... Well, it wasn't. I couldn't deny my fears any longer so I turned on the lights and alas, my thumb had swollen quite a bit. Äldste Watts looked at it again and we both decided that there was something seriously wrong with it. When I grabbed my thumb and tried to move it, lets just say it could bend ways that it definitely should not bend! Äldste Watts and I FREAKED OUT!!! haha We came to the conclusion that I had dislocated my thumb. So, we did what we were trained to do and called President. He answered the phone, and we went through things with him. He advised me to head to the hospital and to get it looked at considering all of the clinics were closed at that time. So, we looked at the bus schedules and they were not very good... Especially heading out to the hospital. We walked for 20 minutes in the snow to get to the middle of town where we could actually catch the bus. When the bus finally came... (we waited for quite a while) we headed out. To our surprise, the bus did not take us to the hospital and instead took us to a place about 2 kilometers from the hospital. SOooo, after another good walk in the freezing cold and snow we arrived at the Hospital. The main entry was closed so we had to go to the emergency room. In the emergency room there was no one waiting and I got looked at pretty fast. This is where it gets strange though. When I took the ice bag off my hand and looked at it, things looked okay. The doctor made me do a few exercises with my thumb and he said it was okay!! He told us that it had definitely dislocated, but somehow was reattached. I was amazed to see that my thumb had fixed itself! My thumb was back to moving in correct ways and all was well!! This all happened on Saturday night and now my thumb is doing great. The hospital visit ended up not costing a single kronor because they never took me back, and we were out of there pretty fast. I consider myself blessed.. I don't know how my thumb fixed itself, but it did. Simply amazing! Now it is just a little stiff and slightly off color. But as I said before... I am OK!! lol I am being watched over and protected. So, how was that for a story?? lol It was interesting for me! Anyway, that took far too long to explain so I will move on to the e-mails! First this week is my Dad! I love you very much Dad! Wow! Thank you for that quick Spiritual boost! Quite the writer you are! But really though.. Thank you for that! Wow, also, what amazing Saints we have in Great Falls! They help our family out so much and I am so thankful for them. Sounds like things are going well! :) You asked about Red! Yes, Red is doing very well. We keep in contact with him and will be seeing him again this week. Yes, he will be open to hearing more lessons! He is a really cool guy and I think understands what we are telling him.. What it MEANS anyway. We just need to see if he is keeping his commitments and truly praying to know what we are saying is true! Hopes are high for him! :) Thank you for all of your prayers Dad... Yes, I do hear you.. :) ;) I love you very much and hope that you have an amazing week! Okay now we have Matt!!! I love you soooo much brotha! Okay... you went to a JON SCHMIDT concert?!?!?! What!???!?! That is soooo unfair! I love Jon Schmidt! Did you get a chance to tell him that his music means a lot to your older brother in Sweden?! haha But wow.. I bet that concert was just spectacular! In fact, I know it was! He is incredible! Did he play the crowd favorites like Graduation and Waterfall and All of Me??? Oh oH OH!! Did he play Love Story meets Viva la Vida?? That would just been the best! Haha Anyway, enough about him! You sound like you are doing well! Working hard with school and also having some fun! Thats important! You asked about my workout.. I am doing it! Mainly it consists of lots of push-ups and sit-ups. The sit-ups I like to mix with some side to side motions while holding a big box full of books! You know what I mean?? You are in the sit-up position, but when you go up, you stop half way with the box on your chest and throw the box from side to side... It is killer!!! It tears you up good! As for my results.. They are coming along well. I had to cut a new hole in my belt for my jeans because they keep slipping off!! haha :) Anyway, I am not completely focused on getting ripped right now... more becoming a good missionary.. haha thats what this time is really for! :) School can get pretty overwhelming at times huh? Oh I know how that feels... But you know what??? The secret to it all is in one word.. It is a word that as a missionary is hard to help investigators realise.. The word is, PRIORITISE!! Seriously Matt, it is amazing how things are not as stressful when you order the things you NEED to do with those things you WANT to do! It is tough to stick to it, and do those things you NEED to do first, but it is important in the long run! Remember that!! It will bring you happiness! I promise you! :) Thank you for the news about BYU! Sounds like things are going better for them in football and it sounds like basketball is going to be an epic season! I can't wait to get back to BYU! Not only to move on in my education but to participate in all of the fun things college has to offer! It will be fun! Anyway, have an amazing week and enjoy your Thanksgiving Break! I love you Matt!! :) Okay well this space is normally Mom's, but I for some reason did not receive her e-mail... Sad!! haha nah, it's okay! I am sure that all is well! I will just move on to the Spiritual Thought! Are you all ready for the 28th?!?!?! It is fast approaching and I just can't wait anymore! I hope that everyone is as excited as I am and that your marking pencils are just jumping into your hands! haha Okay, I just wanted to show how excited I truly am for this challenge! It will be amazing! Anyway, that is NOT the Spiritual Thought this week. The thought comes from the book I have already quoted from.. that is, "To Draw Closer to God," by Henry B. Eyring. The thought comes from a story you may have heard, but that I found just amazing! He tells us of his father... His father, a man eighty years old at the time, was assigned the responsibility of the welfare farm. Now, you must know that his father had terrible bone cancer. So bad in fact, that he could barely move. An assignment was given to weed a field of onions, so, his father assigned himself to go and work on the farm. Others that were with him the day he was working say that the pain in his body became so great that he layed down on the dirt and pulled himself along with his elbows. He couldn't even kneel. The people that were wit him also reported that he was smiling and laughing right along with them the whole day! Now this is where the story gets interesting. At the end of the day, after all the work was finished, and all the weeds had been removed someone came up to him and said, "Good heavens! You didn't pull those weeds did you?! Those weeds were sprayed two days ago and were going to die anyway!" Henry B. Eyring says that his Dad just roared!! He thought it was the funniest thing! He had spent the whole day working on the wrong weeds. When he asked his father why he could laugh at what had just happened, after all the pain he had just gone through his father responded by saying, "I wasn't there for the weeds." What an amazing story. Henry B. Eyring goes on to say that he was there for the Lord. He quotes 2 Nephi 32:9... "But behold, I say unto you that ye must pray always, and not faint; that ye must not perform any thing unto the Lord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father in the name of Christ, that he will consecrate thy performance unto thee, that thy performance may be for the welfare of thy soul." Everything that we do, we do for the Lord, and he in turn will bless us .. Even those things that seem pesky or mindless... When we do them in the right Spirit we receive so much more than what we may see. I have a testimony of this. So much of what I do, in fact everything I do right now is for the Lord. As we serve and press forward with strength and a realization of WHY we are doing what we are doing we will be blessed!!! Lets just remember, that when we are in this onion patch, we are not here for the weeds! :) haha I love you all and hope that this story touched your hearts like it did mine. I need to get going now, but I pray for you and you are always in my thoughts!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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