Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ER? Baby?!?! SWEDEN?!?!

Hey Family!!

Okay so as you can see from the subject of this e-mail, I have some interesting stories! Okay, first about the ER. On this last Saturday I started having some pain on my right side and I thought it was my appendix. So to make a REALLY long story short, the clinic here was closed, so they called the doctor and he sent me to the ER. I AM FINE!!! haha Sorry, I am A-Ok! I guess the MTC will take care of the bill so no need to worry there. I will talk more about it when I CALL!!! Woooo!!! Okay, next!! I recieved a very interesting letter from HILLARY!!!! It was a picture! Of a BABY! Agh!!!! Yay!! I know before I told them that they were simply not allowed to have a baby while I was gone, but ever since I have been preparing to come on my mission and every week in the temple they are in my prayers. I prayed that Josh and Hillary would be blessed with a baby, and the Lord listens to our prayers! I am soooo happy for you two! When I opened that letter I knew exactly what it was, and tears filled my eyes!! In fact I jumped up and screamed!! Oh I am sooo excited for you two! :) Okay, now on to travel plans. I sent you a letter with a copy of the plans, and I am suprised you haven't got it yet.... hmmm... anyway, maybe you will get it today. I haven't recieved my media card yet... hopefully that will get here today too. If not, I have another one that I am using. Sorry.. okay so the travel plans are as follows... I have to be at the travel office at 8 AM Monday morning. My flight leaves SLC at 11:15 AM. So, expect a call before then. Then i head to Chicago (flying American Airlines) and arrive there at 3:15 PM. Then I leave on a British Airways flight to LONDON! The Heathrow airport. I leave Chicago at 5:15 PM and arrive in London at 6:55 AM!!! Yikes! After that I leave on another British Airways flight to Stockholm!!! I leave London at 11:30 AM and arrive in Stockholm at 3:00 PM!! Wooo! I am excited! As for the bag, my info wasn't entirely true, so my branch president is checking for all of us. So I will get it all sorted out! Okay, so there is the really exciting part of the e-mail. Now on to the family e-mail. This is still exciting by the way! haha Okay, Dad!! Time truly IS flying by! I can't believe I leave the USA soon!!! yay! I have heard a little bit about the volcano, so I guess we will see if it affects my travel plans. Pray it wont! I am so excited for Kevin and Annie! Yay! It is soooo close! As for the cut-out thing, if it just won't work, or costs too much I will be okay without it. There are so many other important things in the world! I would rather you and the family be relaxed and happy rather than stressing over a piece of plasitc/cardboard! :) I love you! :) I am so excited for Matt!! EFY is going to rock his world! one last thing dad..... Thank you. Thank you so much for your letter. I cried for about a half an hour. I love you so much, and your words will be with me always. Thanks dad.... :) I love you. :) Okay, matt! I am so happy you are seeing the blessings of my service. I KNOW that you are becoming an amazing young man, and it kills me that I can't be there so watch you grow and mature. One day you too will go on a mission and bless our family! Matt, you make me laugh and I love your e-mails! Keep being the amazing person you are! Love ya! Mom!!! Thanks for the phone number haha. I will write it down! I can't wait to hear your pump up speech! John Bytheway sounds like he was amaing and that Dad was able to talk with him and that John actually KNEW who he was!! Agh! I am almost out of time! I love you so much! I am okay and feeling great mom! I will talk to you and dad on monday! :)

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready.....
Aldste Kundis :)

P.S. I sent you a tape! Be looking for it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You will never guess!!!

Oh wow have I got some news for you!! So you will never guess who gave our devotional this week!!! Go ahead guess!! I dare you to get it right! Okay, I will just tell you... Elder Jeffery R. Holland!! I know right?!?! Wow! I was so stoked! I was so close! Even closer than when Elder Perry was here! Let me just say that that meeting, and that talk will forever be present in my mind. He spoke directly to my Spirit. I was crying like crazy the Spirit was so strong! I love Elder Holland! words seriously cannot describe how amazing that was! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this gospel is true, and that being a missionary is something to treasure! He spoke alot about being a missionary and well, lots and lots of other things that just aren't appropriate to share through e-mail. Sorry, but most of the things I wrote down, and that were said by Elder Holland are pretty much sacred to me. Wow I love this! :) So, anyway! I get my travel plans tomorrow!! Yayaya! I will be sure and write a letter and get it sent off as soon as I get the plans! :) Okay so this is important... Are you listening? (yes, I know you are not REALLY listening, lol) Okay, so the last day I can check e-mail AND regular mail is next wednesday. So, anything you send to me must be here by that date! Just so you know, Regular mail IS forwarded to the mission home in Sweden, but Dear Elders ARE NOT forwarded.. haha just wanted to make sure that was clear! :) Okay, I have recieved confirmation that I am allowed to have another bag to carry on the plane. (My backpack, plus another) So, here is my problem, I don't have another bag. I can buy like a duffelbag thing here that works if you want me to. So send me a dear elder today and let me know what you feel I should do! Thanks! :) So as you all know... I am really excited to get to Sweden! I can't believe I am almost there! I can feel the excitement more and more each day! Well, on to the family e-mail. Dad! I loved your e-mail! :) When you started talking about prayer I got all teary-eyed! I love prayer, and know how important it is! I love the two-way communication with my Heavenly Father and the ability to share the feelings of my heart! :) I love you so much Dad! I can't help but think about being as excited as you were to go to Japan on your mission! Ugh, it's such a strange mix of feelings! Matt!! Who is this girl you speak of? I don't quite understand! Swedish is awesome Matt! I love it with all of my heart! I can't believe I am ACTUALLY learning it too!! Tell Gabe hi for me.. hahaha He is a funny man. You benched 210? Thats impresive! Keep it up! Thanks for keeping Molly active for me! I love her! Make sure to give her a bath and give her a treat for me! haha :) EFY?!?!?! You are going this year? That is so awesome! You will have an amazing time! When you are there focus on the Spirit as much as you can! Drink it in, and love every second of it! Watch out for that Bob Marley.. haha Some of the Elders here love him, and so I get a little bit of Bob Marley during gym time.. They don't do him justice. lol :) I love you Matt!! Mom!! I love you as well!!! No van trips today! Yay! Oh I am sooo excited for SWEDEN! I seriously wake up excited! Elder Deleeuw was laughing very loudly when he saw the tissues. lol nice one ;) Thank you so much for the box! I loved it! And thanks in advance for the address/birthday list! I can't wait to get those! Wow! I know what you are saying about the last chapter of 2 Nephi!! It is so incredible! My marking pencil went crazy! haha :) That thing (marking pencil) rules by the way! JOHN BYTHEWAY?!? Thats so crazy!! Make sure you get into that one and let me know all about it! It is still really rainy here. But I am glad you have some sun to work on the flowers! You will do fine with the DVD!!! Matt and Dad are techies as well! Well, I love you so much Mom! Can't wait to talk to all of you at the airport! Okay so you asked what I need and honsetly I can't think of anything! Except, a dear elder letting me know what you think about the bag for the plane! I love you all so much! I love this gospel and I love this work! My prayers are with you always! :)

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready.....
Aldste Kundis :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hej Familj!! Too close for comfort . . . :(

Well let me just start off by saying this morning was terrible!! haha Not because of something bad, but because Äldste Shear had another dentist apointment! This time it was horrible! Not only did I have to deal with the music again, but we drove all around Provo! We were in the van for like half an hour driving around! I was able to SEE Josh and Hillary's Apartment and then we went to Hillary's work! We went to the other doors. This means that I passed right by the door she goes in and out of! (the back door) I was dying!! Then we drove out by Josh's work! Ugh!! Then, the worst of all we went to that eye clinic right next to Josh & Hillary's place. I was looking right at their windows for 15 minutes!!!! Agh! I pretty much died inside. lol ANYWAY!! Enough of that! Lets get to the E-mail! First is Dad!! I love you dad! I am sorry about that picture of Äldste DeLeeuew haha we thought it would be funny to send. You are so right about the MTC it is so special! I love it! As far as SYL (speak your language) goes, we are deffinately doing that! We have three English Fasts as we call them where we don't speak a work of English! They are really fun, but I always need tylenol after them!! haha :) Aldste Shear's teeth are doing well! Don't worry he got them all fixed today. Oh and by the way... Elder Perry was not teaching in the laundry room!! hahaha I laughed out loud when I read that! Dad, I love you so much! Thank you for your comforting words! They uplift and inspire me! :) Mom!! I was so happy to read about your Book of Mormon reading experience! That was really special to hear! It of course made me cry! lol I did get my mother's genes on that one! I am glad to hear about your continued scripture reading! MATT!!! haha how could you forget!! I can't believe you! haha I only kid brother! I love you so much! Even though you locked the keys in the car and could not get them out! haha funny story! :) So yes! Three weeks until SWEDEN!! Ugh I am soooo excited!! Mom, I love you so much! I can feel your spirit as well as dad's. Your prayers help alot, and those days when I'm a little down I feel those blessings the most! They uplift me and help me keep an eternal mindset. As for things I will need for Sweden... I am still thinking about that question. I heard that you can take two carry on's?? Like a personal item and another bag. One below the seat and one above you. I don't have that confirmed yet, but I will look into it! So May 24th is looking like the magical day! We have not yet recieved our travel plans, but hope to next week! Wooo!! I love you all so very much! The Lord loves each and everyone of us! The spirit is so strong, and I can't wait to take that to Sweden to share it with the Swedish people! Oh by the way! I am almost done with a tape that I will send to you sometime (hopefully) this week. :) You should deffinately enjoy that! I hope the blog is going well, and that people are enjoying it! I love all of you and will talk to you next week! :)

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!
Äldste Kundis

P.S. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ON SUNDAY!!! I am glad to hear that you got my card! I love you Mom!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just some Awesome pictures we received today from Aldste Kundis. . . .

TaDaaaa . . . .
My Comp, Aldste Shear !
My District.

That's Me !!

Way over Here !
Brothers in Arms

The BEST part of P-Day!

Just like Josh and Kev taught me!
Would you stop and talk with me? Please?

This is all of the Scandinavian Elder's.

Take it like a Man (part 2)

Feeling right at home !