Monday, May 30, 2011

Sing us a song, your the piano man!

Hej Familj!!!

I can't believe that it is p-day AGAIN! How quickly time runs away! Fun story to start things off today! We were walking through a part of downtown Stockholm and came across a pink piano. It had signs all over it advertising the Stockholm Jazz festival. I cautiously approached the piano and wondered if it worked or if it was a broken one they just put on the street as an eye-catcher. To my delight the piano worked.. It worked really well actually! I started playing and then singing and just had a great time at the piano! Not many people can say that they have played a pink piano in the middle of downtown Stockholm, but I can! I will send a picture sometime so you all can see that I tell the truth! haha

This week has been really good compared to past weeks! I am feeling better and finally up to 100 percent! It feels great! The other day we had a really cool thing happen! As we were about to leave we said our prayer as always. Äldste Woodruff felt inspired in his prayer to ask for a person we could find and teach. As we headed out we jumped on a subway. As we came to a stop we got off (completely unplanned) As we started walking we saw a man and Äldste Woodruff said, "there, that is the man we are supposed to find" As we walked towards him, he walked around a corner.. (basically looked like he was hiding from us) We continued to walk and both guessed that he was just not interested and he was not who we were supposed to find. Just then a voice called out to us and asked, "hey, are you two brothers??" haha It was that man and he was contacting us! We went over and had a great conversation with him! He was interested and gave us his number. He wants to come to church this next week and receive a copy of the Book of Mormon! It was quite amazing to see such a direct answer to prayer! I love those moments! Strengthens my faith!

Okay, well now lets get to the e-mails! First we have Dad! I love you Dad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You should be getting a card any day now from me! Let me know when you get it! It was also NANA'S Birthday not too long ago! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!! She wrote a great quote on that calender I got from you all that said, "Laughter is an instant vacation" Isn't that the greatest?!?! Haha I love her! No, sadly I was not able to find regular cold medicine here.. But that is okay because I am feeling better now! Wow, that is extremely sad about the Johnson family. I hope that Sandy's treatments are a success and that everything works out well. It must be hard for them to come back early from that. Will they be returning sometime?? So, you will be able to stay in the house until June of 2012?? What a blessing! Answer to prayer! Great! Please be sure to send along my thank you's to the Johnson family! Also, let them know I am praying for Sister Johnson! Our weather here in Stockholm is great! A little chilly here and there, but all together a good temperature. I wish it were warmer, but being so close to the ocean makes things chilly. We will see how things progress as time moves on! Our investigators right now are doing well! We have a baptismal date for a Chinese man named Hang on the 25th of June so we hope that all goes over well! We are teaching two other Chinese people named Michelle and Maqi! They are awesome and making progress! Things are good in Stockholm and I am loving it! I love you Dad!

Okay, next is Matt! I love you Matt! Wow, you sent your e-mail REALLY late! What are you doing up at those wee hours of the morning! On a Sunday?! I pray that you are safe and healthy! So, you are not doing the Spring fling this year?? Too bad! That was a fun thing for you and the family! Oh well, I am sure you have other things going on.. How is my wonderful Molly doing? Is she full of energy or getting old?? Keep a good eye on her for me! Haha, so much for the "house I will never see" Looks like the family will be staying there a little while longer! Start getting a place ready for me.. jkjk A little too early for that! :) I love you bud! Have a great week at school and get ready for summer! :)

Okay, next up is Mom! I love you Mom! Sounds like you are having an amazing time in Utah! Tell everyone hello for me and that I love them tons! :) Matt, Jessica and Colin are there huh? I bet they are fun to have around again! I miss them! Give Colin a high five for me! :) Make sure to purchase a raft at the outlet stores in Park City so that you can get out of the canyons safely.. That rain might flood the entire place! I pray for your safety! Hey.. all of you stop talking about me so much! I am not there to hear what you are saying! You could be making fun of me!!! Don't make fun of me! Haha jkjk You can if you really want to!! haha I love you Mom!

Okay, now for the Spiritual Thought quick! I have been thinking a lot lately about our relationship with our Father in Heaven. Everything we face here is to build us up, to make us stronger.. It is through understanding that relationship that we can find peace and joy. Why, when I am doing everything right, something always seems to go wrong?? That is a question I have often had.. But is it really going wrong? Are things really "wrong"?? Or are they all part of a broader perspective? I am starting to understand that our perspective on life is often times a "limited to this world" perspective. We don't look at things with an eternal perspective. Our Father knows what is best for us. Sure, whatever happened doesn't seem right, but is it a blessing to us from one who truly loves us? I think so... I know so! So, lets look at the big picture! Stop focusing on what is "Wrong" and start focusing on what we can learn. There in we can find what we are looking for! I love you all! Have a great week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jag ar sjuk..:(

Hej Familj!!!

Well, the subject line of today's e-mail means, "I am sick". I have had a pretty bad cold this week and it has taken it's toll on me! I went to the local pharmacy, but the only thing they sell here in Sweden is herbal stuff like Echinacea and that is more of a preventative if I am not mistaken. It was actually pretty funny because the lady I talked to didn't really know what was going on. I told her that I was sick and had a cold. She took me to the cold section and showed me the medicine. She told me to start taking the meds and I would not get a cold. She could not understand that I ALREADY HAD A COLD... haha I asked her politely if she knew of any medicine that could help me, but she insisted on me purchasing the super expensive stuff that would make it so I would not get a cold. Agh, it was so frustrating.. not really though, more of a funny situation. :) Anyway, luckily an Elder left some cold medicine in the apartment and I am back to almost 100 percent. Our week was pretty sad as far as numbers go, but what can ya do when you're feeling down?! We went out every day and worked mind you.. I was just not the most effective tool in the Lord's toolbox. haha :) ( no one wants to listen to someone with big puffy red eyes and who is blowing their nose all the time!) We were not able to e-mail from the library today because the computers were all booked so we are at the center today! We are going to take it easy and just see some sights or hit up some stores with the Elders from Jakobsberg. Not too exciting of an e-mail today.. sorry! I will get to the e-mails though. First we have Dad! I love you Dad! I was very, very happy to hear that the box arrived at the post office and that you were able to withstand the temptation to open it! It will be fun to go through in the future! My talk went well and I have even received complements from the ward members! Woo! Matt spoke on the same Sunday?! How cool is that! I bet his talk was better than mine.. granted, he did give his in his mother tongue! Much more difficult in a second language! :) jkjk Yes, we do have a dinner calender, but sadly no one has signed up on it. Those don't normally work well in Sweden. They just like to be asked, or they like to invite you over personally. Sometimes I do wish that Sister Jones was here though! The missionaries in Great Falls are spoiled! haha Thank you for your words of encouragement and your awesome insights! I love you! Be safe at work and drive well! I still remember when we took a road that you took in your truck and you explained that sometimes you needed to take another path because that road could be too muddy or slick depending on the time of year. Fun fun! :) Okay, now it is Matt's turn! I love you Matt! You did not answer me about the Spring Fling! Are you playing this year?! What on Earth did you do to get into trouble??? You should be preparing for a mission Mr.. Not getting into trouble! I am watching you. :) Your e-mails are funny Matt. You pretty much say the same things. You wish Summer was here, you LOVE seminary??, and you wish I was there! haha I love you! You make me smile, and I am thankful you are my brother! You know that feeling you get when you have everything ready for the day?? That is the same feeling we missionaries get when we have all of our morning studies and get out of the door on time! It makes contacting that first person even easier! haha :) The joys of missionary work are endless! I sure hope you are looking forward to it! It will be awesome! Okay, now on to Mom! I love you Mom! You liked the pictures of Stockholm huh?? Awesome! It truly is a beautiful place! What did you all think of the glasses I was wearing?! No one mentioned anything about them! haha You are going to Utah AGAIN?! How are you able to do this! You might as well just move there! haha :) TWO padded envelopes huh?! That sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for the needed supplies ;) :) Landon is rolling over?! Awwww How adorable! Colin sounds like he is maturing and loving life! The Elders from Jakobsberg just got here so we are going to bounce. I love you Mom! Have an awesome week and a great time in SLC with the family! Tell everyone hi and that I love them so, SO much!! Okay for the Spiritual thought today it will be given by Elder DeLeeuw who was in my MTC group! Well mostly the church is true and if you don't know that it is you should follow Moroni's promise and pray about it. I know that it is true and that's why I am in the battle with your son. I love him! Okay!! That was it! I love you all and hope the USA is good! Until next week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to Stockholm Everybody!

My new companion, Äldste Woodruff! I think you can tell from the picture, we have a lot in common. Hahaha! It will be a good transfer!

I found these at the Stockholm Institute Center... They are very much Swedish style.. What do you think?? I can't decide if I like them or not.

Welcome to my stompin' grounds! Isn't Stockholm amazing?!


Hej Familj!!!

Well, I have been in Stockholm for a little over a week now, and may I just say, I AM LOVING IT!! There is so much going on all of the time! We are moving around like crazy talking to people and teaching those that are interested. I hope that you enjoy the pictures I sent along and I hope that you can see how amazing this city truly is! We have some fun things planned for today! We are getting together with most of the zone to play some soccer and football! Woo! It will be a good time and really fun to be out playing in the sun! We need to finish up e-mails quick though so we can go shop for food and get some cleaning done!

Did I mention that food in Stockholm is expensive?!?! Haha I was shocked last p-day! We are going to need to cut some things out and stretch our funds out a little bit more! Joy! :) I just checked the status of that package I sent to you a while ago, and all looks well. You should be receiving it any day now!

Umm, lets see... Other exciting things.. We are seeing success! We have a good group of investigators and looking for more and more! The ward felt much better this time around and I am growing close to some of the families! There are actually a few from the USA there! Awesome! I will be giving a talk next Sunday so hopefully that will give me a good opportunity to introduce myself and share my testimony! My topic is, "what I have learned on my mission so far". Hmmm.. I only have 20 minutes?!?! Haha :) Impossible! I have learned far too much! lol It will be good and I am looking forward to it!

It sounds like everything is going well for you all! With the exception of poor baby Landon! I hope that he gets over that fever he has! My prayers are continually with him! Speaking of Landon, Happy Anniversary Josh and Hillary! THREE YEARS?! Wow! Time truly does fly! I remember the wedding like it was yesterday! Oh, it was so hot that day.. Perfect weather, but it was hard to stand in the hot sun for so long! I can only imagine how hard it was for Josh and Hillary to pose for pictures! haha :)

Well, I am going to get to the e-mails while I still have time! (We e-mail at a library in Stockholm instead of the church in Skövde so we have time limits.. sad..)Okay, first up is Dad! I love you Dad! I am completely jealous of your amazing weekend with Kevin and Annie! I want to see Wicked very badly! YOU ate at Denny's at ONE in the MORNING?!?! What?! What got into you?! I am soooooo PROUD OF YOU!! hahaha :) I have the best Dad ever! We will have to do that sometime! You asked about the work here in Stockholm. We normally contact on the streets and the subways. We have house tracted once, but we wont do that very often. As far as standing on a soap box and preaching.. we haven't done that.... yet. I want to do it very badly though! We will see what the future brings! Oh! This is a fun story.. The other day we got together with a few other companionships and went out to one of the main squares in Stockholm and did a huge chalk drawing of the Plan of Salvation! It was great, and we saw great success from it! People would walk by and slow down to see it and that was when we would start talking to them! :) Fun! As for our apartment, we live in a big apartment building about 20 minutes away from Downtown Stockholm by subway. It is a pretty nice place, and we just did some re-organizing of furniture so it is looking fine!! :) Well Dad, I love you! I am focused and loving life as a missionary! Keep on keepin' on and know you are in my prayers as I know I am in yours! :)

Okay, next we have Matt! I love you Matt! Sounds like you are truly enjoying the warm weather and getting into working out again! Sweet! Are you doing the Spring Fling Hoop Thing again this year?! I sure hope so because you always loved that! If not, thats okay, it always rains anyway! haha :) Yeah, we play basketball! In Skövde we had an investigator that loved playing and here we have a sports night once a week which we invite investigators to. I am still not that good at it, but I am learning! As for my work-out.. I am not doing so much of a "work-out" anymore, but I need to get back to a program. Waking up and just doing some sit-ups and pull-ups wont cut it! haha I loved what you said about the feeling you get after a good work out. I get that same feeling every day I am a missionary! That is what is so great about serving! You finish your day, or your "workout", and you get to say, "I did everything I could today to help and serve others". It is an AMAZING FEELING! You will have to experience it for yourself when you are out here in the mission field! You are going to love it for sure! Well, enjoy the last few weeks of school and have a great Summer! It will be awesome! GET A JOB! haha :) But seriously.. Do it! Don't wuss out of it! haha ;) I love you Matt!

Okay, next we have Mom! I love you Mom! You loved the Boise trip too huh?! Sure sounds like it! You and Dad went crazy! haha Fun! Things are going GREAT with Elder Woodruff! He is awesome and we are laughing almost all the time! We are very open with each other and that is good to have in a companionship! Needless to say, it will be a great transfer! :) So, Matt is continuing to rock it on the piano huh? Good! He better have some sick pieces ready to share in the future! He is soooo talented at whatever he does! He truly is an amazing person! Good thing he is MY brother! :) How are things with work?? Everything good I hope! The water levels are really high huh? Have there been any floods in the city or anywhere close? I sure hope not! haha Well, be on the look out for that box I sent and keep on moving forward! I love you and I am doing wonderfully! :)

For the Spiritual Thought this week go to and watch the video, "I am a child of God"!! It looks amazing!!! sadly, the computers here have no sound.. lol :) Have a great week everyone! I love you!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day has come and gone!

Hej Familj!

This e-mail is going to be quite short due to the fact that I talked with all of you yesterday! It was absolutely AMAZING to hear all of your voices and feel of your love! I even got to hear little Landon cry!! I think I shed more tears than he did though! :) He is awesome! So, as you all know, serving in Stockholm is pretty crazy! I look forward to my time here and hope that I can figure it all out before Äldste Woodruff leaves. It will bring growth, and lots of fun experiences! It sounds like the family loves each other and is making it through. Good! You all should be! I pray like crazy for you, and I know the only way I am making it through is because of YOUR amazing prayers for me! It is great that we support each other! I hope you have an amazing week and that you feel the love as I do! I will quickly answer a couple of questions from the e-mail... Dad, the center is for YSA's ages 18-30, and no, the card did not run out when I was talking to those down in Utah. You see, I was calling from the center in Stockholm and they use the phone to let people into the main doors of the building (the person rings the center number outside on the street, and then when it rings in the center we type in a fun little code and the door opens for them!) haha So, anyway, they needed me to be off so that the visitors could come in. So that is why I had to cut the call short. But it was okay because I was able to talk to everyone and hear their amazing voices! :) Okay, next set of questions... Matt, yes Sweden is warming up, and yes I will be able to get a tan this summer.. Haha!!! You see my dear brother, I will be out on the streets talking to people all day in the hot summer sun! How awesome is that! It will be fun and my skin will look healthy again! Wooo! Okay, next questions... Mom, yes of course the guitar came up with me to Stockholm! And guess what?!!? They have TWO FULL SIZE guitars at the center! Wooo! So, on p-days and whenever we are there waiting for an investigator I can use the full sized ones! Wooo! And about your concern.. I would like to let you know that, yes, at times there is quite a bit of pressure put on us missionaries to set and reach high goals.. However, these pressures are nothing but love motivated. Every mission is different, but I can assure you that the leaders are inspired and want what is best for us. We are here as missionaries to "invite others to come unto Christ..." If we set high goals and have leaders pushing us along the way, we are going to be motivated to work as hard as we can to fulfill our purpose... what we were SENT here to do! But the question is, what is success?? Is it measured in numbers? Partially, yes. Numbers have been given to us through the leaders of the church for a reason, so that we can be held accountable. But it is my opinion that the real success is having the faith to set goals and then working hard to make them happen. If I set a goal to have a baptism this weekend, and work as hard as I can to see that happen, I am a success! It does not play a role whether or not that goal was achieved. I worked my hardest and did my part. Our brothers and sisters in the world have their free agency, just as we do, and we need to stop focusing on how the world may view success. It is my belief that I will stand to be judged of God.. not of man. :) All of the missionaries around the world are angels in someones eyes. We work and see miracles every day! I am so thankful that I can learn to work my hardest for this great work of "inviting others to come unto Christ". It truly is a marvelous thing to be a missionary! I hope that was not too much of an opinion.. Granted I could go on forever about things like this! haha :) I love you all very much and hope all is well still! You ARE in my prayers! Have a great day and always remember to laugh and smile... Life is better that way!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Extra! Extra! Big news from Sweden!

Kelvish and us before the Baptism! Peace!!! Haha He is so funny!

Me at Valborg!! The fire was really hot, and a couple of ashes burned holes in the white jacket I was wearing! Ooops! :)

The crowd and some singers welcoming in Spring!

Hej Familj!!!

Well, this week has been "Alt" of "Ctrl".. haha (notice the keyboard reference..) lol I really hope that I can get all of this on the e-mail and that is doesn't sound too jumbled around! First and most importantly, you are all probably wondering about the pictures I sent along with this e-mail! Yes, they are real!! We had a BAPTISM here in Skövde! Kelvish, my good friend decided to be baptized this past Sunday. It was absolutely amazing! He called on Thursday around 3:00 PM and told us that after praying for a while he felt that now was the time to be baptized and take a step forward! The next few days were FULL of preparing and we were running around like crazy! We had to find clothes and make programs and invite EVERYONE.. haha As you can tell, we had LOTS to do! It all came together though, and on Sunday May 1st, 2011 at 2:00 PM Kelvish was baptized! Tears continually filled my eyes as I watched a near and dear friend of mine take upon himself the name of Christ. He bore his testimony afterwards about the power of Christ's Atonement and how it has influenced his life. I was a mess.. haha Tears were just a small outward expression of that "Pure Celestial Joy" I was feeling inside! He will make an excellent member and bring about much good in the church!

However, I am extremely sad... There was another thing that happened this week, which I am sure most of you have figured out by now. Transfer Time! President called Tuesday afternoon and informed me that I will be........ Moving! Yes, I am serious.. He is taking me away from Skövde!! I will be moving to... STOCKHOLM!! The area will be called "Inner Stan" It is basically deep inside the downtown of Stockholm. Just imagine it.. Me, riding subways and contacting on huge streets in the middle of Sweden's capitol city! What an adventure!!! I will be doing follow-up training with my new companion Elder Woodruff who is from Canada! I don't know much else about him, but I am convinced that it will be a GREAT transfer! Stockholm has a large Institute Center for Young Adults and because I am in Downtown Stockholm I am also an "Institute Missionary"!! That basically means that we will have our own office in the center where we can teach and be working a lot with the YSA's in the city. However, most of our time will be out on the streets of Stockholm during Spring/Summer! Aghh!! I am super excited for what is ahead for me! I will let you all know how things go in the future! It is extremely sad that I am leaving Skövde though.. It has grown near and dear to my heart. The emotions are high... like they are every transfer time, and I look forward to getting back to work and settling in at a new place. The emotional side of transfers and moving are not all the problems though.. There is a physical side! During my time in Skövde, I have acquired lots of things and I don't have room to take them with me.. So, that means I will be sending a box home today. I will try to keep it as cheap as possible, but as we all know, the shipping rates are HIGH! I will talk with you all about it on Mother's Day.. (By the way.. I know you may not like to hear this, but if we could just hide away the box when it arrives I would really appreciate it!.. I want to be there to open it and go through the stuff.. most of it is not exciting so, don't even worry about it!) :) :)

Lets see... what else has happened this week!! OH! Valborg! Valborg is a holiday to welcome in the Spring time. Swedes gather together and sing songs and light a giant pile of sticks on fire! Awesome right! Yup, its probably one of my favorite holidays! I sent some pictures of that along too. Woo! We went with Kelvish and Brother Karlsson and had a blast! Speaking of a "blast", they were having a difficult time getting the fire started, so a man finally jumped on top of the pile and started pouring gasoline on top! haha Most of us forgot about it but a few minutes later..... BOOM!!! haha I was taking a video of the fire at the moment and when you go back and watch it you see a huge fire ball and children running away screaming at the tops of their lungs! It was straight out of a horror movie! Luckily, no one was hurt. :)

Okay... So, I have been hearing some pretty big news floating around Skövde the past couple of days. Apparently Osama Bin Laden was found and killed??? no one mentioned it in their e-mails so I am wondering if it is real? haha I guess that shows how "out of the loop" I really am! :) Anyway, I need to get to responding to the e-mails now!

WAIT!! Before that! I had a pretty funny experience the other day! We went to try and visit Sabina but sadly, she was not home. As we were standing in the apartment building a huge group of little girls and boys came inside from playing. They noticed us, and like most kids do, asked us who we were and what we were doing. We told them and then we showed them our name tags. When they looked at "Äldste Kundis" they were confused by my last name.. Äldste Chipman quickly said the word Kändis. (Pretty close to Kundis huh?? lol) The entire group freaked out!!! haha The meaning of the word Kändis is "celebrity". The entire group of boys and girls thought I was a celebrity from the United States! They all sat down on the floor and wanted to hear a song. So, I sang them a couple! They were pretty impressed! They jumped up and started crowding me. One of the little girls asked me if I knew Hannah Montana.. I replied that I lived in Montana, and they all went nuts!!! They were trying to pull me to the floor! They begged to hear a Hannah Montana song so I sang them part of one. "The Best of both worlds!!" etc.. lol :) They would not let me leave the apartment building so I had to force my way out. Haha I at least made their day! :) Pretty funny and quite the memory! :)

Okay... NOW for the e-mails! First up is my father who I love dearly! Hej Dad!!! I was sorry to hear that Jack Goaslind passed away. But from Mom's e-mail it sounds like the funeral was quite the event. President Monson! Wow! I bet you are loving having Mom back in Great Falls again after all that time! But it was good that you and Matt were able to have some father son time! I love the picture you sent along! That web cam seems to be turning into quite the well invested tool! :) So, no, the curry rice was nothing like what we would have at home.. Sadly.. lol ;) But it was still good! I miss home cooked meals. :( Haha, my body, I believe, has become adjusted to the missionary food style. That is, anything that will fill you and give you energy to keep working! haha I am sure you remember that! Okay, so I am glad that 8:00 AM worked out for you. It should still work out for me, but with transfers tomorrow, it is still a little shaky. If something changes I will try to send you an e-mail quick so you will be aware! Anyway, I will move on since we will be talking soon! I love you Dad! Have a great week!

Okay, now we are at a brother who I also love dearly! Hej Matt! :) Haha I loved your little comment about Joe Giles! It is good that you two have continued to be friends and have so much fun together. You sound happy and loving life! Which is good! When do you start things for BYU?? Have you looked at the applications yet? Shouldn't that be coming up soon here? haha Let me know! Soooo, haha you are having dreams of me huh?!? Thats pretty awesome! However, they sound like they are making you pretty trunky! You can't get trunky on me Matt! I need you to be strong and patient! The time will come, but still not for a while! :) It is good to hear however, that you have not changed and that Molly is doing good! Yay! Have a great week and an awesome time at school! I love you Matt! Stay strong!

Okay, now it is time for my mother that I love dearly! Hej Mom! Wow, you have been traveling a lot lately! I am glad that you had fun in Utah and could be with the family down there. Thanks for the pictures! They are great! :) Landon looks amazing! Okay, that funeral sounds like it was the place to be.. (Take that with as much reverence as possible...) :) President Monson was there!! How cool! It seems like you were really touched by his presence! How could you not be?!?! haha I think I remember Jack. He was the one with the tennis court right?! lol I was pretty young! Hillary's Birthday sounds like it was soooo much fun! With all of the excitement of the Baptism I was not able to send out a Birthday Card to her or even a Mother's Day card to you... I am horrible!! I hope that you two can forgive me. Times just get so busy and stressful that I can't fit it all in! Sorry.. :( Moving on though, I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday! Wow, I can't believe that it is already time to call home again! Its nuts! Just plain nuts how fast time is flying! agh!! haha Well, I will wrap this up because we can talk and talk and talk soon! I love you Mom!

Okay, now I will move on to a Spiritual Thought! It comes from a District meeting we had on the 28th of April. The main thought is expressed in this quote from an MTC teacher, Brother Bond. He says, "Live your life in a way that people who know you and not Him, will want to know Him because they know you." It says in 2 Timothy, "Be thou an example of the believers..." How can we be an example?? How can we TRULY live our lives in a way that people we know will want to learn of our, as well as their personal Savior, Jesus Christ? I believe the answer is different for every person and is one that is worthy and deserves to be explored. It is our duty to spread what we know to be true, and it is also our duty to live what we know to be true. It is in the living, or the application of our knowledge, that we truly fulfill our duty. During my time here I am learning every day. Something new to thank my Father in Heaven for every night on my knees in prayer. In my life right now, the Lord is keeping me in a constant state of becoming. Truly, he is using me to reach others. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to "explore" how I can live my life in a way that others will want to know Christ because they know me. It is something relatively simple... We just need to continually act and not be "content" with what we feel is good enough. There is a large danger in that word. The Lord will bless us in our righteous endeavors if we just continue TRYING. I know this to be true and have a strong testimony of it.

I love you all very much! I can't wait to call on Sunday and talk! It will be a positive and uplifting experience for us all! Have a wonderful week! I love you!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)