Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November Everybody!

Hej Familj!

Well hello to you all! Welcome to the month November! It is spectacular isn't it?? Hahaha :) Well let me first start out with a big thank you to the Swedish/US Postal Services! I was very happy to hear that my little surprise arrived safely! I was also glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Your comments made me feel wonderful, and I got a big smile on my face! The songs were fun to put together and I enjoyed doing it! Let me just say that this has been in the works for a long time, and I am soooo thrilled that it finally made it into the hands of those I love back in the USA! I can't wait until Landon arrives! I am pumped! (as I am sure you ALL are!) :) Anyway, I will see if I can attach a couple pictures of the recording process for you. Just so you know, I recorded them in the home of the branch president, President Blomberg. I used his full size guitar to record with, and I came into contact with a little 3/4 size or maybe even a 1/2 size guitar back in Växjö. The guitar originally started in Lund, where it was stolen by Malmö, and then later stolen by Kristianstad. Kristianstad was where the district leader was in my district back in Växjö. You can probably guess what happened! I went on splits with Äldste Cluff who is in my group and stole the guitar! Haha I told him that I would get it back to him and Äldste Clarke before transfers... It didn't make it back to them. It was really funny because When I transferred out of Växjö I took the guitar with me, and of course I saw both Äldste Cluff and Clarke at the central train station in Lund. Haha I told them it was mine and that I needed it more! They were just laughing and all is well! :) So, I have a guitar here! It is great to have just to relieve some stress and to accompany my singing! ;) Lol, anyway I better move on to the e-mails! First is Dad!!! Wow, I love you Dad! :) So, how many little ghosts and witches did the house see yesterday? I am curious just how busy it got! Did you have enough candy? lol It sounds like you and Mom both gave awesome talks! I wish I could have heard them! But either way, congrats! Oh, did you make any funny joke about how you finally were called to give a talk??? I know I always liked that when I was called to speak. hehe ;) I am glad that you are impressed by my bread making! haha It is quite the art form! Lets just say it has been fun experimenting! Such small things can make a huge difference! (Spiritual Thought Spoiler.. hehe) I learned from one of the Senior Sisters here in the Göteborg Institute Center. She was really good at it! :) I am glad that Mom got her recommend renewed and that she is ready for the next temple trip! That will be a lot of fun for you two! Thank you so very much for what you said about my song... :) I am glad you liked it! It has some mistakes in it, that I know, but with all things considered (being on a mission in SWEDEN....) I think it turned out nicely and I am glad you appreciate it. Landon is a stud! I love that little guy! Love him, love him, LOVE HIM!!! :-) Dad, I will always be thankful for what I have!! Those things you said about being better for going through all of this, are true! I know that! Do you want to know WHY I know this?? It is because I see it in you! Whenever I look at a picture of you, think back to times we had together or read the words you send me every week, I can see it. You are amazing Dad! I love you! I am lucky to have you! :) Okay, well I should move on to Matt!!! I love you so much little bro, or should I say Huge Bro?? You are ripped! Haha I received a little package in the mail a couple days ago and there were pictures in there.. Some of which had you in them! What happened?!?!?! Are you sleeping all of the time? Because honestly you have developed some stunning features! Good work! I bet you are just loving that! How was the Halloween party you rushed off to? Fun I hope! As for my truck... It is Mom and Dad's decision. (what did I just say???.. oh boy here we go...) They know what is best! Always! :) ;) I am glad you also enjoyed the song! Thank you! So, you got a kick out of the blank piece of paper huh? lol Good! And I am glad to hear that you plan on using it to write me a letter back! :) Thus why it was placed in YOUR envelope! hehehe ;) oh wow, I really liked your line... "you gotta risk it to get the biscut!" haha So true! Keep up the hard work with school work! It WILL pay off! You know that right?? Because at times I know I forgot that little fact! Keep pushing through! Besides, you have Christmas break coming up really soon!!! yay! That was always a fun one! Well, I love you brotha man! Have an awesome week! :) Okay now to Mom!! I love you Mom, I REALLY do!! First things first, thank you for your little package you sent! I loved the pictures! They are the BEST!!! However, there is one thing I have not seen a picture of yet, that I really would like to see... My plaque? Is it up there yet? haha Just wondering! :) Okay, next item! Thank you for your kind words about my song! It was really cool to read about the story of how you and Josh and Hillary received the package on the same day and listened to the songs at about the same time! It sounds like you let the whole world know! haha Cool! Landon is awesome, and I can't stand the fact that I can't be there to see him when he arrives! However, always know that I am over here sharing in all the excitement! :) Haha you didn't really like the black licorice candy bar?? haha Just wait they have these little things that I will send sometime that are basically big wads of hard salty licorice.. blugh.. I can't eat them! haha I just wanted you to experience the culture a little bit. Haha okay, now to the question you asked.. The sweater would be best as a pull over. Haha :) Dad's talk was amazing?? I heard that yours was too!! Good job to both of you! So, President Anderson is sending letters to you huh?? And to think.. he didn't even tell me! haha jkjk Yeah, he is really awesome! Looking out for us on every front! I am happy to have a mission president who loves me personally and wants the best for me! He is great! Haha, Colin was a pumpkin for Halloween huh? Well, by the looks of the picture, he was a beautiful little pumpkin! I bet he raked in the candy! Or... not really because he is still very much a baby! hehe Well, Mom, I am glad that you have the opportunity to bear testimony frequently! That is great! Keep it up and love it! :) Okay, I love you Mom!! You are amazing and just plain one of a kind! :) :) Keep smiling!! Okay, well before the spiritual thought I want to ask one question... Did anyone go to Taco Bell?? I realize that it was Sunday, but I did say you could do it another time! If you haven't yet... Do it!!! haha :) Okay, now Spiritual thought time! We have been talking in the mission lately about how small things can make a huge difference. Like my comment about making bread in Dad's part of the e-mail... When making bread something as little as not enough salt, or a different brand of oil can drastically change the outcome of the finished product. Trust me.... I KNOW!! haha In the mission they talked about kneeling prayers. We remember what happened with Somayeh when she kneeled and prayed! Such a small thing had a huge difference! Many missionaries have seen how that little act of humility has helped people feel the Spirit. We have all heard Alma 37:6, "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..." Hello!!! It is right there! The little things we do every single day have a huge impact on who we are and who we are becoming! Reading scriptures, praying, holding a door open for someone, helping a child reach... all of these things are wonderful... and in the long run add up to more than just a simple act! Read the first part of Alma 37:41, "Nevertheless, because those miracles were worked by small means it did show unto them marvelous works." As we go about doing those things we know we should be doing and helping others we will eventually look back and see the growth we have made... We will be able to see how the Love of Christ has blessed us and made us better people! I love this thought.. haha How awesome is it really, to wake up and look at your day and see the potential for leaps and bounds of growth? Incredible! :) Well, I need to get going.. Lets all work on the "small and simple things" this week and try every day to be better. We never really know how a simple smile or a single verse in the scriptures could change WHO we are and HOW we are!!! :) I love each and every one of you! You mean everything to me!! :) Keep pressing forward and loving those around you! Until November 8th...

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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