Monday, November 15, 2010

I understand what you are saying!!

You're going to do what???

Looks like my Dad tried to fix this one. :)

Hej Familj!

Let me start off with a very important announcement!! It's Kevin's Birthday tomorrow!! Wooo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN! I hope you receive my card soon and have an awesome day tomorrow! Well everyone, today I was really struggling to find a good title for the e-mail. So, I finally decided on a funny story for you all! As we all know, the bathroom in our apartment here is closed for repairs. (I believe I mentioned that..) Basically what started as a leaky shower turned into tearing out all of the floor in the bathroom including the sink, toilet and everything from the walls. Don't worry, we are using the bathroom downstairs so all is well! The other day, Äldste Watts was down showering and the landlord with a plumber came into the apartment. They said hello and to please excuse them, and then proceeded towards the bathroom. When they re-appeared the landlord told me that the repairs would take much longer than anticipated and that they would not be done until around Christmas time. I, as you can imagine, was a little saddened by the statement. However, he continued on to say that they could connect the toilet again temporarily (for a couple of weeks) so we didn't have to keep going downstairs every time. That sounded good to me so I told him okay and that I understood. Well, he didn't believe me. (Usually Äldste Watts talks with him because he speaks Swedish better than I do) I proceeded to repeat everything he had just said, but this time with hand gestures! I again, told him that I understood EVERYTHING!! He became flustered... He then motioned for me to follow him to the bathroom where he told me again what they could do for us. Except this time he went VERY into detail. He told me why it would be a good thing to put the toilet back in, making sure to dumb it down to elementary education... he basically was telling me that when we, "got the urge to go" that we could take care of it in the apartment. Haha I was laughing a lot because I kept telling him that I understood what he was saying, but he just didn't believe me! Finally he just told me that when "my friend" got back he could go knock on the landlords door and he could explain it to him. Lol.. I really did understand everything, and when Äldste Watts went to talk to him he came back and said, "yeah, he said everything you said he did!" I was just laughing. Our landlord is a funny guy! Takes good care of us though! Anyway, I also wanted to tell you something cool that happened! A little while ago we received a referral from my old companion, Äldste Bracken in Växjö. The referral's name is Red. We taught him quite a bit in Växjö, and it turns out that he moved to Mariestad! A 40 minute bus ride from Skövde! I was very excited to see him again! We went out to visit him and he was just as cool as I had remembered.. Very nice, spiritual, and just a plain good guy! We talked for a long while and taught him about becoming strong through the Lord. He liked the visit a lot, and invited us to come back again anytime! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes Alma. Oh, also, Red is extremely smart! He has a couple of degrees and works as a geologist! haha crazy! Anyway, I was just really glad to meet my friend from Växjö again! :) Okay, now on to the e-mails! Hello Dad! I love you! Yes, I do have a nice warm coat. We will see how cold it really gets and I will let you know, but right now I am warm and toasty! :) Thank you for checking up on that! So, Nana and Heidi did get the letters I sent! Good! I am glad that they enjoyed them! Sounds like Nana really was enjoying the flashback to her mission! I bet she was an awesome missionary! Wow Dad, it sounds like you really enjoyed the worldwide leadership training meeting! They have been talking about that here for a while. It was broadcast here at about 14.00. We could not go, but I am glad it was good! You will definitely continue to grow and lead our family.. and continue with the amazing job you ARE doing! You watch out for us and protect us and I am so thankful to have you as my father! Did you know that yesterday was Father's Day here in Sweden?!?! You were definitely on my mind! :) I love you! Okay, now on to Matt! I love you Matt! You get a nice long Thanksgiving break! Do you remember last year when you successfully helped me surprise Mom and Dad when I came up from BYU? Haha I still remember Dad's face when I called him and then walked into the Staggering Ox restaurant! haha We did good! Really fun times too! Yes, I do remember how cold it gets in Montana. haha And I can't wait to see how cold SWEDEN gets! It will be fierce for sure! Not to mention I have to be OUTSIDE in it! Not bundled up under a blanket with Molly cuddled up next to me and the fire going! haha So, you are still pushing the new car idea... You are persistent, I will give you that! Good luck! Yes Matt, I will continue to spread the Word of Christ and have fun at the same time! I love you brother! :) Okay now on to Mom! I love you Mom! Wow, you are pumped about my challenge! Way to be! As for the other thing to highlight aside from the Christ scriptures, I am not fully decided myself!! haha I am praying about it and trying to figure out what would be best. A couple that I am leaning towards are Faith scriptures and scriptures that talk about direct blessings. Also, a good one I heard was highlighting the prayers made by the different prophets. Or, possibly highlighting the scriptures that talk about our day.. haha I dunno!! There are lots of options! Just pray about it and ponder it out in your mind! It will be fun no matter what you choose! :) Speaking of fun! Sounds like you had a blast with Matt, Jessica and Colin! I am glad that they could come up and say goodbye.. I am sure that was really hard! Thank goodness for phones and the Internet! And planes! haha I will miss them for sure... I have been missing them for a long time! haha :) Your Primary program is next week?!? So is ours! Yes, we do have primary children in the branch, and they are just as cute and awesome! I can't wait to see the program tomorrow! That is so cool that we are having them on the same Sunday! I will be thinking of you and the primary kids! Wish them good luck for me, and tell them to sing really loud so I can hear them! haha :) Speaking of kids... You just said the G-ma word!! Landon is coming fast! It is almost time! How completely exciting! :) :) You must be very anxious! lol He will definitely brighten the season! Thank you for your e-mail Mom!! I love you! Okay now on to the Spiritual Thought for the week! I hope everyone is excited for the Book of Mormon challenge!! It will be amazing! :) However for the thought today I want to talk about something that I know I have talked about before... That is gratitude.. (This is possibly because Thanksgiving is coming up fast!) I am reading a book by Henry B. Eyring called "To Draw Closer to God". In this book is a bunch of his talks and firesides etc.. He makes a point about gratitude that I really love. He shared a poem entitled, "How Different" by Richard Chenevix Trench. It goes like this...

Some murmur when the sky is clear And wholly bright to view, If one small speck of dark appear In their great heaven of blue: And some with thankful love are filled, If but one streak of light, One ray of God’s good mercy, gild The darkness of their night.

What an amazing poem! I love it so much! I constantly need to remind myself to be thankful for ALL that I have! Even those things that are not as pleasant such as trials and hard times! Just like Dad said in his e-mail this week, "Please, as always, look for the lessons contained in each and every day, even though difficulty may quite often be the most powerful teaching tool." There are soooo many others out in this world with sooo much less, yet they are so thankful for all that they DO have. We will find joy in expressing our gratitude! I know that this is true! Go to the church website and watch the video at the bottom entitled, "In the Spirit of Thanksgiving". Haha I loved the guy in the red shirt talking about the little things in life.. haha I love you all very much! Keep on pressing forward and know that you are blessed! You really are! We all are! Until next week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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