Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Transfers... Senior WhAt?!?!

Hej Familj!!

Well, sorry about the late e-mail... I forgot to mention that transfers were coming up last week and that Wednesday would be my P-Day again. But anywhooo it looks like you just figured that out yourselves! So, transfers... lol I will be staying here in Skövde and be getting Äldste Overstreet as my companion. Also, if you can't tell from the title of the e-mail, President also made me Senior Companion!! AGghhhhHHHhhhHHH!!!! haha Äldste Overstreet has been in Sweden for two months, so that means I will be doing his follow-up training... Which basically means getting him moved out of the "greenie" stage. I have mixed emotions about all of this.. Let me try to explain! First of all, I am very, VERY excited! This will allow me the opportunity to have more of a say about what goes on, and it will be a huge period of growth for me!!! Don't worry, I absolutely do not intend on being "Mr. Bossy" to Äldste Overstreet.. haha We will learn together and make decisions as a team, rather, as a companionship! :) But really, this transfer is going to be big! I will grow a lot! The language will get better because I no longer have a Senior Companion to rely on......... (gulp), and my growth as a missionary will also increase! I am excited on those aspects... However, I am scared to death right now! Everyone keeps telling me I am ready, but I don't quite feel that way! I have been praying really hard and basically I plan on getting the Lord's help all that I can because I am going to need it! :) Oh! As for Äldste Watts, he is moving BACK to Katrineholm to be the district leader there. (he was there last Christmas time) Oh and get this, he is going to be companions with an Elder that he has been companions with two times already!!! Crazy! Definitely the funniest transfer anyone has ever heard of! lol OOOHHH!!! Also, just so you know, this transfer is going to be a super long transfer.. I think either 12 or 14 weeks long!!! It has something to do with the MTC and new Elders... I am not completely sure.. When I find out for sure, I will be sure to let you know and keep you informed! Okay, well that is the transfer information. We have a little bit of time left to e-mail and then we have to go get on a train and be off. So, I will get to the e-mails before I run out of time! First up we have Dad!!! I love you so much Dad!!! He asked lots of questions about the Book of Mormon challenge so I will answer those... First off he asks if when you are reading if you are supposed to read out loud with each other and go around the room or read silently together... To be completely honest, I think it would be best if you all began with a (kneeling) prayer together.. with whoever you are reading with, (if you choose to read as a family.. etc...) then read silently... Mark what you choose to mark and then end with your OWN PERSONAL (kneeling) prayer... After everyone has finished and prayed... get together and discuss what you felt.. read.. highlighted.. Share your prayers.. Bear testimony even!!!!! Don't think that will get too repetitive, because it is amazing! You read something different every day in the scriptures... Things you can build testimony in, or possibly already have a testimony about. It will be amazing! Maybe make it a weekly thing if it is not working out... I want this to bring us all together, but at the same time, I want it to REALLY be a sincere personal experience. Does that make sense?? I just want the Spirit to be felt!! :) :) Anyway, on to the next question! Where do we start reading?? I started from 1 Nephi 1:1 myself.. That is where you should start, but if you want to read the intro and other parts.. feel free!!! They are just not part of the pages thing.. hehe:) I will let you know what pages and things so we are all on the same page next week because I left my Book of Mormon that I am using at the apartment on accident... Transfers can be tough!! lol For a quick check.. today is Wednesday and I have already done the reading for today. That means I just finished with 1 Nephi 10... Is that where you are?!?! Good! haha Okay well now I am going to continue with Dad's part of the e-mail!! :) Okay, well it is good to hear that you finally got snow up there! Isn't it just lovely?!?! hehe Nice idea for your other highlighting thing! "Revelations for our day..." I really like it! I have to be honest, when I read that was what you had chosen I laughed a little.. only because I said in my mind... (Thats MY DAD!!!!!) :) lol I love ya! As for my thumb, things are back to normal! The bruising did not get bad, and the pain went away a while ago! Nothing to worry about there! I am soooo excited that Mom and you had the opportunity to attend the temple together in Billings! As today is Wednesday I am sure you have been there and it was great! I look forward to hearing about how it all went! :) Well, I love you very much Dad! Stay safe out there on the snow!! My prayers are with you!! :) Okay now on to my brother Matt! I love you Matt!! So, you had an awesome Thanksgiving break huh? Sounds like a fun time! I know how that is to put off all of the homework until the day before you go back though... makes things tough, but thats just a part of learning! I am still trying to figure it all out for myself! So, how are you liking the Book of Mormon challenge?? I hope that you are taking it serious brother... I hope that you can feel the Spirit while reading and understand all that the Book of Mormon means! Keep me informed Bro... It's important to me.. :) :) BYU Basketball sounds like they are doing amazing! I wish I could see them! Sad story about BYU Football though... one point!!! Josh filled me in on the game with Utah in his e-mail. I am glad that I did not get to watch that one! whew! Being on a mission grants you even the strangest of blessings... NEVER in my life did I think of missing a BYU v. Utah game as a "blessing" haha Oh well!! So, it is hard taking care of Molly right now huh??? I hope that can get figured out.. lol I love that pup! :) How long is she left at home for?!?! haha Poor dog! Anyway... Thank you for your e-mail Matt! I love you very much! :) Now I will move on to Mom!! Yay!! I love you Mom!!! I am thankful that the e-mail worked this time! Even though Bresnan was down.. I hope that by sending this to the bresnan address it still gets to you! :/ lol WOW Mom!! It sounds like you sent a lot of stuff to me for Christmas!!! I hope I can get it all back from the Special Christmas Zone Conference!! You really do spoil me! I have not received anything yet, because I am pretty sure they are holding it all until the Conference. I am excited! So, you enjoyed the Book of Mormon Challenge too!! I am glad! It is really cool! I feel the Spirit amazingly strong as I read and pray! I love it! Completely heart warming! :) As for the Wells Fargo stuff.. thank you for letting me know! :) haha Also, like I asked Dad, let me know how the temple was!!! I am excited for you two! :) Thank you for attaching that picture of Hillary and Landon!! She is pretty big! The time is almost here.....!!!!!!.....!!!! Are you as excited as I am?!?! Wooo!!! Anyway, I love you Mom! Thank you for the awesome words of encouragement and for taking such good care of me! I love you! Okay, now on to the Spiritual Thought.. It will be rather short today because I need to run, but here it is! I would like you to go to the new church website and go to the conference talks section. Get to the October 2009 Conference and watch the talk given by Elder Jeffery R. Holland entitled, "Safety for the Soul" I am sure you all remember it, but in light of the Book of Mormon challenge starting I would encourage you to watch this... It brings tears to my eyes every time! Here is a link!!!... Well, I love you all very much!!! I need to go!!!! Until next week...
Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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