Monday, October 25, 2010

"I'm Dreaming of a White... October!"

This is at the bus stop a little bit down the street from our place. :) SNOW!! :)

Creating the CAKE!!!

Finished product, up-close!!!! :)

Birthday Goodies !!!

Aldste Watts' Delicious Dinner!!

Party with Jonkoping !!!!

Hej Familj!

Well, thats right... SNOW!!! We had quite the little blizzard on our hands! It all started during our district meeting. We had just finished eating at an all you can eat Thai food place and were heading to the church building to begin the actual meeting. On our way there, we noticed a few white things falling out of the sunny Swedish sky. To our delight, rather, my delight and the older missionaries horror, we discovered it to be snowing! I freaked out! I was dancing around saying, "the first snow on my mission to Sweden!" I was pumped! I am really excited for the winter and the low low low temperatures. BRING IT ON! haha I know it will be really tough, but I am pretty sure if I keep this attitude up I will be able to successfully drive myself crazy and not notice how terrible it is going to get! ;) lol Anyway, I will try and attach some pics for you. The snow became pretty bad throughout the night, but it is pretty much gone now. So, how is life in the good old US of A?? It is going well here in the good old SWEDE of N.. What? haha :) No, but really... I am loving Sweden! It is fun to learn the language and experience the culture. It is like every day I get to see something completely new, or learn a word that makes no sense whatsoever! haha Committing words to memory is getting easier, but still, Swedish IS foreign to me. I don't think it will ever be non-foreign to me! :) Okay, I am going to get to the e-mails now! First we have Dad! I love you soooo much Dad... I really do! :) Okay, haha I am not old! I am a fine young 20 year old looking for adventure! No gray hairs I am happy to report! :) About the lack of money... no, this doesn't happen every month. It was just this month because we had to buy a lot to get the essentials that are normally already in the apartment. So, we should get money before the week is up and we can go buy "real food" again. It will be really nice to be able to just buy sliced bread rather than making it and slicing it ourselves! haha OH! Yeah, this is funny. We ran out of good yeast for the breads, so now when we make bread it is like a fluffy cracker! :) It still tastes good, and has all the nutrition we need, but just not big fluffy bread. We have the trials now, but it is really fun! Being poor is quite the adventure! Don't worry Dad.. I am taking care of myself and everything is well!!! So, it sounds like you had a great time in the temple! I am glad that you were able to go! Oh how I look forward to being in there again! :) It is AWESOME! HAHAHA You were hit by a car on your bike?? (while on your mission... lol) I am glad that you were okay! But I must admit, I thought it was a little funny! Please expound on that in the future some time. I would love to hear how it went down. :) So, it is getting colder there in Great Falls huh? That DOES mean crosstown game!!!! It is pretty funny how the ward scheduled the Halloween party on the same night as the game. I think they have done that in the past as well.. I think I remember not attending the party for the very same reason! Anyway, enjoy all the fun of crosstown! Go CMR!! Well, I love you Dad! Thank you for thinking of me in the temple.. I know the Lord is teaching me every single day! I love it! :) Okay now moving on! MATT!!! I love you buddy! Way to go... MORP with Hollie! I remember you two hanging out quite a lot back in the day. How are you going to answer her? Rather, how did you answer her? You know what I thought was always funny... The person would only get a creative response back if they were saying "yes"... I think is would be funny if just once someone gave a "no" response but with all of the fun of a "yes" answer! Just think about it! haha Guide the person on a series of fun scavenger hunt activities and in the end the final rose would just have a card that said, "no." Haha!! Thats a little mean, and I truly hope no one ever decides to do that! But... bahaha! :) Okay, anyway! Well, Matt you will be happy to know that I have started a work-out routine again. It is one that Äldste Watts' MTC companion wrote for him and it is supposed to get me ripped! haha We will see! I am hurting pretty bad right now so that is a good sign! Oh man.. Why do you have to always bring back those good memories! You make me miss you sooo much every time I read your e-mail! That Little Big Town concert was awesome, and it didn't hurt that we WERE in the center of the SECOND ROW!! haha Good times! It is good to hear that you are having fun and that you have lots of friends! That is always good, and makes High School that much more enjoyable! Haha I am also glad that you are enjoying the stereo I purchased... It IS nice, and I am happy you are finally appreciating it! Well I love you Matt! Thank you for the update on the USA! Keep up the hard work in school and know that I love you! Okay now it is Mom's turn! I love you sooo much Mom!! I am glad that you can use that story of the AP's in you sacrament meeting in your talk! Just remember, that even though the car was totalled, the box survived!! :) I was sad to read about your misfortune in Billings. It is never fun when you want to go to the temple and you can't. Trust me, I wish I could be there every day, but I just have to wait six months or something like that. haha I am sure you were very bummed to find out that your recommend was expired, however, you will get it renewed and be able to go with Dad next time! :) It will be wonderful! I am glad you had a good time together and that all was well! Mmmm Olive Garden! Now thats just mean to tell me! :) jk What on earth did you order from the Distribution Center in Swedish?? Are you learning the language mother? Are you getting some materials? haha But really though, what did you order?! Speaking of ordering, you asked what I might enjoy for Christmas.. I had a thought the other day. I would REALLY enjoy one of the BYU Football shirts for this year.. I think they are normally five dollars and you can get them from the BYU Bookstore. However, maybe with the way the season is going they will be on sale for half price! ! ! haha jkjk I love BYU Football.. I stick with them even through the embarrassing tough times.. I would need a large, if that.. Definitely not an XL... :) :) Just something I thought would be sweet! Other than that... I am doing well on other things. I have lots of toothpaste and floss (don't worry, I brush at least twice daily and floss everyday!), I am good on everything else too. A new tie or two would be cool! haha Okay, I need to stop this talk! ! ! Maybe a size large sweater? Long sleeve?? haha ;) lol jkjk Well, I love you very much Mom! Keep smiling and loving those around you! :) Okay well, now a quick word about Halloween!! I want everyone to enjoy themselves, but there is something I want everyone to do.... Go to Taco Bell... Sometime.. It doesn't have to be ON Halloween, but just go there... Enjoy it! haha That was very random, but my mind wanders to last Halloween when I ate there with Josh and Hillary. Mmmm! Okay, now on to the Spiritual Thought for the week! I want to talk about a talk I was reading and gave a lesson on in Priesthood meeting this past Sunday. It is entitled "Watching with All Perseverance" and it was given during the April 2010 General Conference by Elder David A. Bednar. In the talk he gives parents three things to do to help their children. He describes them as "a Spiritual early warning system". The three parts are first, reading and talking about the Book of Mormon, second, bearing testimony spontaneously, and third, inviting children to act. I LOVED the talk! What a powerful system not only for parents and their children, but for us as individuals! The first one, the Book of Mormon.. It is another testament of Jesus Christ.. Who are we trying to follow? Who are we looking up to as a constant example? Thats right, Jesus Christ. Reading from the Book of Mormon, and most importantly talking about it will help us come closer to Christ, and strengthen our testimonies. Speaking of testimonies, the second part was bearing testimony spontaneously.. What a great way for us to realize what we truly have in the Gospel! When we bear testimony it not only strengthens those who might hear it, but it also strengthens us and makes us happy to have all of our many blessings. I can testify to everyone that I know that when we really make an effort to bear testimony spontaneously that we will become happier people. We will see just how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ connects with our lives, and we will in turn look at live in a much more positive light! I have seen this within myself on my mission! I love it! Okay, now the third one. "Inviting children to act". This was a little bit harder to relate to individuals, but I like to look at it this way... When we take the first two principles Elder Bednar makes and really apply them to our lives we will be strong when adversity comes, or a hard choice is placed before us. We will "act" in the right manner and make correct choices! haha I hope you are following all of this! :) So I guess what we can take from this is to work on these small and simple things like reading and talking about the Book of Mormon and bearing testimony spontaneously and see just how much of a difference it makes! I promise that it is a HUGE difference! I love learning about all of this, and I hope you can understand why I enjoy explaining and testifying! It makes me happy to share! :) lol Anyway, I need to get going! I love you all VERY much! You help me a lot! Okay, until next week! :)

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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