Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a crazy week!! ER #3!!!

Hej Familj!!!

Well, this truly has been a crazy past few days! First off let me inform you all of transfers! President called on Saturday and told me that I would be MOVING to Linköping as District Leader and that my new companion would be Äldste Maxwell! What about Äldste Lopp you may be questioning?? He is ALSO moving! Yup, we were doubled out! He is moving all the way down to Karlskrona! His new companion will be Äldste Larson. I am really excited to be moving down to Linköping! It is a pretty large city about two hours south of Stockholm by train. My new companion is awesome! He was in Karlstad when I was in Skövde so I have met him a lot and know him very well! It will be a great transfer! So, we are leaving today on a train that leaves at 21.39. (9:39PM) It is a night train so wish me luck! I hope I can get some sleep! Okay, now that you all know that I am loving life right now and know what is going on with transfers let me tell you all about a little thing that happened to me... Well, I don't want anyone to be worried, but I was in the Hospital. I AM OKAY!! Haha Remember that! On Friday night I developed symptoms of what we thought was possibly a stroke. The left side of my body went numb and my heart started to beat really fast. I layed down with a wet rag on my face (Because I was getting pretty warm) and we called President and Sister Newell. They told me that I should head to the Emergency Room and that we should keep them informed. We drove over there and checked in. The Doctors and Nurses were all very nice and polite and were amazed at the fact that I could speak Swedish with them!! haha :) They listened to my symptoms and ran a few tests to check some things. They rushed me down the halls to get a CT Scan of my brain and then told me that I would be staying overnight for observation. When they got me up to my room the kindest nurse took care of me and Äldste Lopp. We got into our beds and went to sleep. The nurse came and woke me up every hour to take my blood pressure and to run some tests to see how I was doing. She also informed me that the CT Scan came back and they had found nothing out of the ordinary. My mind calmed down a lot when I heard that. She let me sleep a little more and finally I was awake at 7:30 AM. They fed us breakfast and told us that the Doctor would be coming around soon to check up on me. When the Doctor came he asked me some questions and told me that he wanted to take and MRI of my brain to see if he could see anything more. He also told me that I would be staying again in the Hospital for observation. By this time the numbness had spread to my whole body. (I AM OKAY!! Haha I just need to continue to say that! Don't be alarmed!!) That day in the hospital was one of the most boring days of all time!! haha poor Äldste Lopp.. he had to sit in his chair all day flipping coins while I would doze in and out of sleep.. We took nothing with us when we went to the hospital and we couldn't leave each other so we just had to make due. Anyway, we were fed and taken care of. That night, (Saturday Night) I was able to sleep the whole night without them coming and waking me up. In the morning on Sunday my symptoms were still the same. However when the Doctor came I informed him of the transfer information (me, moving to Linköping on Tuesday) He told me that he was releasing me that day anyway. He said that my symptoms did not direct to anything wrong in the brain and that he felt that it was nothing to worry about. He told me that there are a lot of things that can cause my symptoms. For example, stress and anxiety and things in my environment. He made me feel good about leaving and trusting that this will be better. I was in good contact with President and Syster Newell and President made sure that I felt good transferring. As of now, my symptoms are the same. I am able to feel and sense hot and cold, it is just that my skin feels somewhat numbed. Kind of like when the medicine is wearing off that the dentist gives you. I am trusting in the Lord and in the Doctors that all will be as it should. I am able to run and jump and walk and the whole nine yards.. Nothing to worry about! I would most definitely ask you all for your prayers though. It is not really easy focusing on the work right now, and I know that I need to! I spent a lot of time on my knees praying for comfort and I do believe that I have received that. When I came to the understanding that the Lord is in control and that I must trust in him a huge feeling of warmth and safety came over me. It was something I will never forget! Even if this never gets better and thats that, I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that everything is how it should be. I am NEVER alone. I am happy. I am LOVED! Nothing to worry about! I just look forward to Linköping and the new adventures that await me there. I am being made stronger, even if I have to be made a little weaker at first. I love you all very much! This week has been a great one in Örnsköldsvik. Sadly, because of the little incident I was not able to go out to the Karlsson's farm.. :( But! We were able to find a really awesome guy this week. He is truly looking for God and Jesus Christ. He told us that he wants his old life back, (going to church, being a good kid) and that he feels now is the time to make that happen. I am sad to be leaving him, but I know that he will be blessed to meet with the missionaries and find what he is seeking. It will be hard leaving Övik with all of its nature and good hearted people, but this move gives me a new chance to experience new things, places and people! I am excited for that! Okay I am going to get to the e-mails now that I have like NO TIME!! haha How does this always happen?!?! Okay first off we have Dad!!! I love you Dad!!! That is great to hear that Matt won his first football game! Way to cheer on your son! To victory! Sounds like you are having an awesome time in OKLAHOMA! (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!) lol! :) Take it all in and enjoy your time there! Yeah, the Surströmming was an experience and I was glad to have tried it! Dad, I love you so much! Your e-mail this week had some promises that I needed to hear. Thank you for being in tune with the Spirit and for being the best father a son could have! I love you! Haha, and you call me your hero.. yeah right.. you are mine!!!! Have a fantastic week and I look forward to hearing from you next week! Okay now it is Mom!!! I love you Mom!!! You are also my hero Mom! You and Dad are always there for me! Thank you! :) Yes, transfer week has us ALL up on pins and needles... haha So much so that I went numb!! haha lol okay maybe that was not the right time for that joke.. lol ;) I am excited for what is coming and you should be too! Think about the new pictures from Linköping and all of the fun your son will be having preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ! :) It's awesome! Soooo glad to hear that Matt's B-day went well and that he is happy! My letter to him should be coming pretty soon! Yay! Has he gotten it yet?! Like I told Dad, have fun in Oklahoma! Take part in that new culture and take LOTS of pictures! I love those things! So, you saw missionaries calling home from the SLC Airport huh?? Wow, that was a while ago! Those Elders and Sisters are going to remember that for a long time!!! I am jealous of all the wonderful times they have in front of them! I love you Mom! Have a fun time in OK! Okay now it is time for Jessica!!! I love you Jessica!!! Wow, it was great hearing from you! Thank you for taking care of my parents while they are visiting you in Oklahoma! I know that you will show them a good time! It is sooooo good that you have the missionaries over for dinner! I know that they really appreciate it! As for the noodling in OK.. Not quite sure I am down with that one... Haha I have heard about that and watched it on like Discovery Channel before, but never really had a burning desire to try it. I guess if I had someone show me how I would be ready to at least try. (not saying I would be successful... lol) :) It is so awesome that you want to be a member missionary! That is truly the way the work is going to progress. When we live our religion so to speak and try to be a good example of the Savior, our sharing of the Gospel will increase without us even noticing! It is important to spread the Gospel! I am sure of that!!!! haha ;) Tell Colin and Matt that I love them! Have a great time this week! :) Okay now it is on to Matt!!! I love you Matt!!! You are such a stud! Way to go on your football game! A win is always a nice way to start to season! Sets the tone for the year! I will wish you good luck this weekend with Glacier, and just know that you are in my prayers! So, you are chillin' in Great Falls while Mom and Dad are away huh? Sounds like fun! Have a good time with the families you are staying with! Oh, you know that I will want to see film of your games! But if it means Mom and Dad have to spend the whole game video-ing... that is okay, I will just watch what they record. Highlights are fun! I have done lots of crazy things on my mission!! Haha Where should I start!?!!? For example, the other day we were passing by a playground. it had been a long day and we were looking for something to raise our Spirits. We found a spinning bicycle thing that fits about 5 or six people and me and Elder Lopp rode it around really fast. Haha It went in circles and we were pretty dizzy! Haha. That was a pretty lame excuse, but it makes for a hilarious video! I will show you someday! I love you Matt! I hope you like my letter when it comes! :) Okay well, this has been a long e-mail and I need to get going. But first a quick Spiritual Thought! I have, for obvious reasons, been thinking a lot recently about trials here on Earth. We learn from them, we grow from them. No one said that it would be easy, and no one even said that we would like it. But I do like it! Sure, my recent visit to the Hospital was frightening, but to tell you the truth, I am glad that I had it. It made me realise some things that I needed to learn. I have grown very close to my Father in Heaven and to my big brother. Their love for me surpasses all trials, all hardships I will EVER face! Through that power and ability I can overcome! I can learn and I can progress! I love you all very, VERY much! Never EVER forget that! I miss you and pray for you all daily! Have an amazingly spectacular week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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