Monday, August 8, 2011

P-Day?? Again?? Already?! Wow...

I can not believe that it is P-Day once again. These things are coming faster and faster! It was like I was here yesterday typing to you all! Well, I guess that is just the way things are... Happy Birthday to Annie!!! I know that it was on the 4th, but I am a missionary!! haha I can't call people up on their Birthdays! I hope you had fun celebrating!

This week has been pretty good! We were able to teach Shahoo (the Persian speaking man) again and he wants to come to church with us next week! It was a win for Google.. Haha he won't really be able to understand everything, but his Swedish is pretty good and he wants to come listen and learn. It will be a good experience! We are moving forward here in Örnsköldsvik and hoping to move things even faster with member work. It is a little tough here because most members live far away, but that is okay... What is more important anyway?? :)

Oh! Before I forget... I had the idea a couple of days ago to ask if we could start ordering the Liahona in Swedish for me?? It would be sweet to come back and have those coming. How much do those things cost? Would it even be possible?? haha Anyway, that was just a side note!

Well, lets see what else is going on in my life.. Not really a whole lot to mention! I mean honestly, there IS a lot going on... Everyday out on the streets testifying of the restored Gospel, teaching people from all over the world, daily study sessions with the Holy Ghost, being with an awesome companion all day, being in SWEDEN, taking part of another culture... haha But you all know that stuff!!! Right!?!? haha :) I truly am loving my time here. It is such an eye-opening experience to life and what it is for.. Why I am here. We talked with a lady at a bus stop a few days ago during our daily "power hour" of contacting. We sat and talked about life and about how things were going for her. She told us about how depressed she has been and how sad she was and how life was so hard... We explained why life is sometimes hard, and how we can overcome our feelings of depression. For her, prayer seemed best to talk about. The Holy Ghost was testifying to me that she needed to hear about it. As we explained how we pray and what it means my mind was again caught up in the amazing thing that prayer is! We are talking to the Father.. and not just any Father, OUR Father, in Heaven. When we kneel and express our heart, he is there! Listening, comforting and loving us for all that we are, and all that we can become. She was so thankful that we took time to talk to her.. Are you kidding me?!?! She was thankful for mere conversation!!! It made her happy... What does it take for US to be thankful? What does it take to make US happy? I'll tell you something, I was the truly blessed one in that conversation. She taught me. The Holy Ghost taught us all... :) These things happen DAILY on a mission! I am so thankful that I have learned to look for them and learn from them. This truly is the best time of my life! No doubt about it!

Okay, on to the e-mails! Matt! I love you brotha! Let me just start your part of the e-mail with a funny story. The other night Äldste Lopp and I were about to say our nightly prayers. It was Äldste Lopp's turn to say it, and right before he started I remembered something a certain someone used to do before someone would pray... Do you remember what I am talking about?? Haha My childish side came out and right before he said the prayer, as he was breathing in, I too breathed in hard and really confused him. We laughed for a good while and it took him forever to say the prayer without laughing. Haha Do you remember that? I sure do! It was really funny and made me think of you! :) Anyway! I love you very much Matt! I can't begin to explain how much you are on my mind. And because of that, you are always in my prayers. That was a funny story about Molly coming up and putting her head on your lap. You are right, I love when she does that! It means she wants some good old attention, and maybe a scratch behind the ear or two.. or three.. haha :) Sounds like you are taking care of her! Good! So CMR football is working hard huh? Thats awesome! Good luck playing your best and practicing to the best of your abilities! Learn lots from football.. and thats not just physical things I am talking about ;) Yes, we play sports here! Haha part of that Zone activity the other week was playing football and ultimate Frisbee! Fun! I love you Matt! Have a great week!

Okay, Dad! I love you Dad! May I just say that I love your political comments! Makes me remember the conversations we used to have about all that was going on! :) What exactly is the AAA rating?? I am not so smart.. lol :) So, that obstacle course in Japan sounds epic! So much fun! We will have to go sometime.. ;) haha :) I bet you were the best at it huh? ? ? Did you know that I love you? Because I really, really do! You are awesome and always lift me up through your e-mails. Thank you!! BYU Radio in your truck? Sounds like a great thing? And BYU TV in the kitchen??? GREAT!! Haha everything BYU-ified! yeah! :) How is work coming along? Are you doing anything different? Any new routes or funny stories? My companion's father also drives trucks! One more thing we have in common! I will think a little more about the picture card thing. I want to send it, but then again, I do want to keep it and just show you all later.. There are just soooo many pictures and videos on it! :) ;) haha Well, I love you Dad! Have an awesome week as always!!

Okay next up is Mom! I love you Mom! Utah withdrawals huh? Landon withdrawals? Only been away one month huh? HAHA Oh come on!! Sorry, but you go down there all the time! That is awesome!!! :) Yes, you would be so proud of me mommy.. I eat lots of fruits and veggies! Things have changed! I actually consider a taco a failure if it is without tomatoes and salsa... haha :) I remember picking out the tomatoes when Taco Bell would "accidentally" give me a Supreme Taco or a crunch wrap supreme with tomatoes.. haha :) Anyway, I want to thank you very much for your testimony. You are such a good example of living the Gospel! Truly, your teaching to me has blessed me in my life! From my birth you have been CONSTANTLY teaching.. How lucky am I?!?! Very lucky indeed!! Haha I just said "indeed".. :) The fair is over!!! I bet you are very glad to be getting back to your normal sleeping patterns! I know I sure was! OH!!! Two new elders are coming over to dinner?? Is the 27 year old named Elder Ika?? Haha Elder Jordan Ika? I think that was his name anyway.. He was in the MTC with me! Haha, I sure hope that it is him, but if not, that is okay! You will be sure to treat them well!! :) Okay, well I need to get going! I love you very much Mom! Like I have said to the rest of the family, have a GREAT week and have some fun!!

Okay for a quick Spiritual Thought I thought it would be cool to share an insight about the story of Abraham and Isaac. Many believe that God was testing Abraham to see if he would obey what the Lord asked of him. But, the Lord already knew that Abraham would obey. It was Abraham that gained the testimony that he could do all that the Lord asked of him.. And what of Isaac?!?! He certainly gained a testimony of trust, and knowing that the Lord knew best.. He was actually around 30 years old!! Don't you think he could have resisted and fought his father?? You bet he could have.. But he knew that his father knew best.. Amazing!!

I love you all! Until next week!!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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