Monday, August 1, 2011

Zone Conference... Zone Activity... Challenge Labyrinth?

Hej Familj!!!

Well, it has been a really fun week! We were able to travel up to Umeå on Wednesday and have a Zone Activity. We went to a place that had an attraction called the "Challenge Labyrinth"!! It was so much fun! You basically run around in teams in this underground place that is full of different doors. On each door there is a description of what type of challenge is behind the door and how many points you get for completing the door. If you think you are up to it you beep your little card thingy they give you on the door opener and enter. There is a big green and red light inside the room and if you fail it blinks red and you are kicked out. (you can try as many times as you want) The challenges are physical and mental and tactical... lol lots of fun! We were flying on zip-lines and rock climbing across rooms as to not touch the floor because it had pressure sensors in it! Crazy! Seriously, I want to open one of these things in Provo... It would make some serious bank! haha We crawled through a pitch black maze to try to find bananas with buttons on them, and not all of the bananas had buttons on them!! lol Another one was where we had to press buttons on the wall to light up different pegs in the ground and you had to light up different ones at different times in order to find which ones were not pressure sensored... pretty crazy! We were there for about two hours. Our team tied for first. We were called the "Wolfpack" hahaha :)

Okay, well that was fun, but we also had Zone Conference! That was truly fun! We were able to be instructed, but not only that, we were also uplifted. It was great to have interviews with President Newell and get to know him better. He is so comfortable in the Gospel... haha He has an answer for just about everything. I love it! Things are changing in the mission though. New Elders today are not entering the same mission I did a while back. Crazy! Sure, at times I am a little bothered by the changes, but that is okay! I quickly learn who the change REALLY came from, and then my mind is put at ease. Amazing how that works! Sister Newell is also changing things up. She is making us eat five fruits and vegetables everyday!! She wants us to be healthy and feeling well especially coming into the fall and winter seasons. Smart! haha

Okay, moving right along... I was able to go on Splits with Äldste Youd this week and while I was down in Sundsvall I was able to interview Martin Luther King Ayompe for baptism!!! Haha yeah I know, my first baptismal interview and his name is Martin Luther King!! haha Awesome! He was an awesome man. Completely ready to follow Jesus Christ and be baptised. It was fun doing the interview. It was like the Holy Ghost was telling me that Martin was ready. Strange to really describe, but it was just that I knew it would be okay and that it was time. Really cool feeling! :) So, that was fun to be a part of. Martin was baptised yesterday after the church services.

Okay, well, it is a new week and we are ready to go here in Örnsköldsvik! I say that because our Monthly allotted Kilometers restarts!!! Haha. Yesterday we had four kilometers left and it was the last day of the month. So, we decided not to go over our allottment and just walk. We had an appointment set up with that man that speaks persian so we left with what we thought was enough time to walk there.... wrong. What we thought would take thirty minutes took fifty-four!!! It was soooo far! Being in a car completely makes you forget how far away things really are! Anyway, when we got there and climbed the stairs to get to his place (top floor) we saw a sign on the door that said, "Hi friends, I am not here today.. See you next week!" Oh wow, we were soooooo... frustrated!!!!! haha lol :) We went by other people in the area, but no one was home... haha On our way back though we were able to get a ride from an investigator who had recently returned from a vacation! Yay!! haha So, not everything was a failure! :)

Well, I don't have much time so I better get to the e-mail! Dad!! I love you Dad!! Be sure to send my love on to Mom since she was working hard at the fair! I remember those days! Hard work, but a really good pay off! :) So, that thing you told me... nasty... haha It was so gross that I had to share it with my companion. lol Thank you! I am still doing well as District Leader. President had some good council for me so that was good. It is good to hear that you are happy and taking care of things at home. You are always soooo good at that! It also sounds like Matt is keepin' ya busy! Great! haha I miss him! And you! And everyone!!! Quick question... would you like me to send my big 8 GB memory card to you all, or should I just wait to show them all to you at a later date? They are on my hard drive already. But, I could easily send it if the family wants TONS of pics!!! haha Okay I love you Dad!

Matt!! I love you Matt!! I just saw that I have two minutes left... This will be quick kinda like yours!! haha I am happy to hear that you are loving life and having a good summer! Always remember to be safe and keep it real. Did you not work at the fair this year?? hmm Thats good money! Eric Church concert? They always have some fun concerts to go to. Have a good time and scream loud for me!

Okay, I love you all! Have a great day and always remember that Sweden ROCKS!! Woooo!!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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