Monday, August 15, 2011

I am sooo tired!!!

Hej Familj!!!

Wow, it is true, I am tired! We have worked really hard this week! Not only did we work hard out on the street, but we also worked hard out in the middle of the forest. We went out to a less active member's place to help her with some things. At first we thought we were only going out there to help take out a deck. But when we got there she informed us of other projects that she had for us... haha We ended up painting and taking out a deck and fixing up some things all day! We were so bummed, but we know that she needed us to be there because there was no one else to do it. We missed an appointment with another less active member, but it was okay because we went to him the day after and he even invited to take us out for lunch on Tuesday! Wooo! haha So, the woman we went to visit in the forest is named Faye Lowley. She is from England and is a poet! She wrote a book which she gave to each of us as a gift! It is really good! Children's and animal poems.. pretty cool! She is going to publish another one soon. Anyway, we were completely tired and just plain worn out. I was covered in paint and every muscle in my body was aching! It felt great when we had it all done though! I guess kind of like Josh and Kevin finishing their schooling for the Summer and having a two week break ahead of them! Awesome! This week in church there was a family visiting from Karlskrona. That is a city located very far south. They started to talk, and I got a huge smile on my face! They had thick southern Swedish accents and it reminded me of my days in Växjö! It made me really miss down south! haha :) Okay I will get to the e-mails! First up is Dad!!! I love you Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see that you got like a million billion exclamation points?!? Its because I love you so much! ;) haha The reason I asked about getting the Liahona in Swedish is because I want to have a nice collection when I return not gather them while I am on my mission... I would have to bring them all back! I will order them but just know that I will have them sent to the house. :) Not too many new things at work or in life? That is okay I guess sometimes having things stay the same is a good thing. Kind of like when you get a good companion and you are hoping for a double stay meaning that both stay in the area at transfers! Sadly, I have never been able to experience that, but maybe one day! Shahoo was not at church yesterday... Too bad. We called and called Sunday morning like we said we would to arrange the ride, but his phone just rang and rang. He was most likely asleep and just forgot, so we will be going back to talk with him again. Oh well! Yeah, that lady really did put things into perspective. We need to be thankful for all that we have. I have had a few of those experiences this week. We are meeting with a man originally from Burma. Or Myanmar?? He feels as though he has nothing. Trapped in a little town in Sweden not able to even get a job so he can make some money to go see his mother whom he hasn't seen in 14 years! He just brings me down to earth every time we meet. Makes me VERY thankful for all that I have! All that we have in our family! Missions really open eyes! I love you Dad! Thank you for your e-mail! Okay, now it is Matt's turn!!! I love you Matt!!! Wow, I am talking about being tired!! You must be tired from all that you are up to! haha Having fun right? :) Good! Haha, I love you like crazy too!! You always make me smile with your e-mails! How tall are you now? Just curious I guess! How are you feeling about your Senior Year coming up?! I bet you are just pumped for it! It is one of the greatest years of High School. Sadly, it goes fast, but that is okay, the future has great things like a mission just waiting for you! Life is as good as you make it! :) I love you man! Keep on being yourself and working at always being your best self! Okay, now it is time for Mom!!! I love you Mom!!! Quick thing... If you are going to send something sometime soon I need some more journal paper for my journal or just another journal of some kind.. Oh, and I also need more American deodorant! Thank you! :) Also, thank you for the information about those people! It is always nice to hear what is going on! Make sure to tell Jared Miller congrats when he gets home! :) No, we have not found out if I can drive yet. The mission office has been working on it though, so we will see how long it takes! Transfers are coming up soon though so we will need to know fast! Oh!! Thats right!! Transfers have been moved up a week this time. That means next transfer will be ten weeks. Also, that means my last p-day this month will be on Tuesday the 30th. But I will have a regular p-day next week! :) Just so you are informed! Yes, Sweden does have mosquitoes, but they are not seen as much around here in Örnsköldsvik. I don't know if I have even gotten a single bite so far!! Wait.. maybe?? haha Not sure! But they are not bothersome at all! Kevin and Annie are in Las Vegas!?!? That is really cool! Fun for them! Sounds like Josh and Hillary and Landon are in for some fun having the family all there! Woo! Good times! :) How is Jeremey doing??? I wish I could hear from him and know that things are good!! What is his address?! Well, I love you Mom! I hope you have a great week! Well everyone.. I will move to my Spiritual Thought! I read a story just the other day that goes a little something like this... There once was a man walking along the beach. He saw a boy a ways away seemingly dancing down the beach. As the man got closer he saw the boy picking up starfish and throwing them back into the water. The man, a bit puzzled asked him, "Hey! What on earth are you doing?!" The boy replied, "Just throwing these starfish back into the water!" The man inquired as to why, the boy said, "The tide is going out, the sun is hot, and if I don't, they will die here." "But there are miles and miles of beach and thousands of starfish, there's no way the few you are throwing can make any difference!" the man replied. The boy paused with a starfish in his hand. He looked at it, then looked out at the ocean. Then, he tossed the starfish out and said, 'Made a difference to that one.' Did you like the story?!?! I absolutely loved it! We truly can make a difference if we want to! We just need to go and do. I love you all! Have a great week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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