Monday, June 6, 2011

Greetings from the Sweden Stockholm Mission Office!!!

Hej Familj!

Well, I am sitting at a computer in the mission office located in Täby. (A little ways north of Stockholm) Today we had a surprise party for Äldste Overstreet! It was his birthday a couple days ago so we thought it would be fun to come up and have some fun! Do you remember Äldste Overstreet?? He was the one I was companions with in Skövde for three months... He is awesome and an amazing friend for life! Almost our whole district was here as well as President and Sister Anderson! It was fun playing "kubb" and grilling up some grill korv! They even had A&W Root Beer for root beer floats! Awesome! So, the rest of today we are going to chill and just have a good time with everyone! Sadly, there are lots of people that need to e-mail so I need to make this short... I know, I am sorry!!! :) I love you!! I REALLY DO!! :) Let me get to the e-mails for this week! Starting with... Matt!! I love you Matt!! So, Summer is finally here! Congrats! I loved what you wrote on the calendar you sent me for today! Thank you for letting me know about football camp! In the pictures I got it looks like you are a beast! You are going to be huge after all of the physical activities you have planned! Good luck! Have fun! I will be praying for you on Saturday with the ACT. That is a big deal, but no worries.. you will do great! Just remember to think clearly and pray before you start! But I don't need to tell you that. You know it! :) I love you Matt! Thank you for taking such good care of Molly and playing with her! I can't wait to throw her a ball! Hey! I am sooo glad to hear that you are going to EFY again this month! That is awesome! You will love it! Thank you so much for helping Mom out with the flowers and things. I know that she really appreciates it, and with the guns you are carrying around on your arms, it only makes sense that you use them to lift flowers and big bags of soil! Anyway, I love you! Have a great week! :) Okay next we have Dad!! I love you Dad!! Happy Birthday again! Sounds like you and the family had a great time! I am glad! You are welcome for the card, I am happy you enjoyed it! I meant everything I said in that card, and I wish I could have said more and more and MORE!! You are awesome! As for my shaver... yeah, it died... badly! haha I don't even know how, but it did! I have been using one of those three blade razors you buy from the store.. haha yeah, it has been interesting using the shaving creme and razor. It just does not work with my skin! When I shave with the grain it doesn't cut basically at all, and when I shave the other way I bleed like crazy! Haha, however, I am NOT complaining because once I clean up my face it is SUPER smooth! I love it! If only it could work without the bleeding! :) So, the only downfall that I see with buying a razor over here is that it will have a European plug on it... Sad. So, maybe I will just buy a less expensive one and leave it here when I leave or bring it home and see if there is another plug I can buy. Anyway, I will figure it out! Glad to hear the weather is nice there! It is beautiful here today! I do believe that I have a sun burn already! Wooo! I want it to get ever hotter so I can get nice and tan. The winter here completely takes the color out of your skin, so I need to get as much color as I can before the sun goes away! haha :) Well, I love you Dad! Have an amazing week! :) Okay, now it is time for Mom!! I love you Mom!! Ring worm?? Yikes! Let me know how it goes with that! haha Yeah, it was funny to read about Dad having fun with that.. he can do that with anything! So, you are making progress on the flowers? Good! I wish that I could help you out! Wow!! Matt sure does have a lot going on for him this Summer! Good luck helping him with all of that! :) It will be a busy time, but lots of fun for all! So, you got a letter from President and Sister Anderson huh? Well that is cool! They are awesome! It was fun spending some time with them today at the Office here! I will miss them for sure! Anyway, Elders are getting anxious! They want to talk to their families too! I love you Mom! :) :) Okay now for the Spiritual Thought! ETTE!! We teach this a lot as missionaries, and I think that it is good to remember! There was a great scripture I read recently in the New Testament... Never mind... I just got a different feeling. Read 2 Nephi 4. That is my thought for today. It is an amazing chapter.. Especially Nephi's part at the end. I hope you enjoy it, because it has had a HUGE impact on me. I love you all have a great week and know that I love you! From Sweden and until next week...

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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