Monday, June 20, 2011

So much to say, so little time to say it!!!

Hej Familj!

It is that time again, and I am sooo happy today! What a great surprise it was to open the family e-mail and see so many people! The pictures were awesome, and the stories sound amazing! That is a big van! Almost looks like something you would see companies driving around here in Sweden. Actually, the mission office has one like that, but it is red. They use it to move all of the elders' luggage when they fly in and fly out. It is nicknamed Rosie. Haha, but I like the name you all came up with.. "Lucky Clover". Sweet! Landon looks like a stud and as cute as ever! I am tired of seeing all of you hold him though! I want a turn! hehe :) So, I have no time at all to e-mail today. We needed to clean a lot this morning and work some stuff out so now our day has been pushed back. Sadly, e-mail time gets affected. But! I will try to respond to some things and ask a few questions of my own! First off, Mom, I would love more Peanut Butter! hahaha You asked, and thats what I am missing right now! :) Umm.. Matt!! Sounds like you had an awesome time at Football camp! Have an even better time at EFY next week! lol I know how fun that is! Dad, it looks like you have a little bit of a beard going on??? haha What was that all about? Camera catch you at the wrong time.. or are you trying in out? Dad! You would be sooo proud of me! We ate Chinese food yesterday! Haha, yes I know you served in Japan, but they are sorta kinda similar? Anyway, you were eating good in Japan if it was like what I had on Sunday! We went to Hang's dorm and him and his friend cooked authentic Chinese food for us! Fish, chicken, rice, pork... oh, it was so good!!! Hang is from China!! If you haven't figured that out. His date is still the 26th. On a serious note... This is going to be a very tough week for Hang. He needs everyones help right now. He must stop his smoking habit before he can be baptised. He has worked really hard, but is still working at it. Please, please pray for him this week. Pray that he will find the strength through the Atonement of Jesus Christ to change his habits. He wants to get baptised sooooo badly. It would just crush him if he wasn't able to. This man is good.. He is pure love and honestly one of the greatest people I have met on my mission. He needs our prayers now more than ever. Thank you for your constant support for me, my companion and our area! They are needed and much appreciated! Okay, moving on! Chris, I love your idea of taking the "lucky clover" to Disneyland! Road trip! haha Oh! I am sending that "Father's Day" packet today... lol The stuff has been sitting around the apartment for a while. and it has just been soooo hard to find time to mail it! Sorry! Father's Day, Josh's Birthday, surprise trip.. you had a great time anyways!!! :) lol Some more answers to questions.. Yes, I did receive those two packets, thank you!!! Yes, I have fixed the Shaver issue. I found one on sale and put it on my credit card. Yes, we did see the crazy man from the "sleeping on the chapel floor" incident. He came to Swedish class and layed on the floor reading books. We took some pictures... hahaha He is a funny person. I am not sure about when I will be able to see the new mission President.. Sometime soon though. We just had stake conference and President and Sister Anderson were there on the stand. They mentioned that they would be leaving and it was pretty emotional. What was the closing hymn?? God be with you till we meet again.. I bet every missionary in the room was crying. Mainly because we saw President Anderson cry... He never really cries!! It was crazy. Oh! About stake conference. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake! President Eyring and Elder Bednar and Elder Malm and Sister Beck spoke to us!!! It was great! This leads into my Spiritual Thought for today.. Elder Bednar talked about many things, but one of them made me think a lot more than the others!!! It was this.. Think about all of the dangerous things in the world, especially those that attack things more Spiritual.. Now think of peace, joy, being content, being comfortable. Which one is better... Hmmm... Elder Bednar warned us against both! He said that feelings of peace and content can be just as lulling and dangerous as those others that have more negative connotations. It is so insightful to realise that if we fall into a state of "comfort" and say to ourselves, I am on the right track, nothing to worry about right now.. we can easily overlook things that desperately need our attention! Anyway, I don't have any time left. I love you all sooooo much! Continually be watchful and learn and grow! "When you're green you're growing, when you're ripe... you rot!!" I am learning daily and applying Christ's teachings in my life. I love it! It makes life so... fulfilling!!! So rewarding! haha I will write again next week! Until then, know that I love you!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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