Monday, June 13, 2011

Family?? haha :)

Hej Familj!!!

Well, sadly I have not received your e-mail this week! I hope that it comes later and if not, that it okay! I can always wait another week!

I want to start off today by telling you something! I had a funny thing happen here yesterday.. We got a call a few days ago from a senior couple who is assigned to work in the Stockholm Center for Young Adults. They said that there was a man there who would like to know more about the church and that we should come right away. We were a ways away by subway, but we raced over to meet this "golden investigator!" When we got there we knew exactly why they called us. Sitting on one of the nice leather couches was a man. This man looked almost exactly like Jesus... However, he was dirty and obviously crazy. He had no shoes, torn clothes, messy hair with what I believe to be bird poo in it, and a blanket thrown over his shoulder that has obviously been used to sleep on dirty subway platforms. So, I sat down and started to teach this man. We actually had a great conversation and he was loving the Gospel... We needed to leave, but we put a movie on for him and talked with the center couple and a few YSA's and asked them to take care of him. Turns out, he fell asleep while watching the movie.. (The Testaments) Anyway.. Yesterday we were on our way to church. We switched trains at central station and when we sat down we realized that this same man was sitting on the seats next to us (across the aisle) He was talking with a woman about "the judgement day." He told her that he was a missionary like us and that she should be afraid for the final judgement because she was rich... haha He asked us where we were headed and we told him that we were heading to church. He immediately said, "Okay, I am coming with then!" My companion and I made eye contact and wondered what we had just done. He walked to church barefoot and his feet made the sound of sand paper rubbing on cement. When he came into the building everyone just "stopped and stared" (haha notice the One Republic reference...) He walked around the building and ended up in the back of the chapel sleeping on the floor right in front of a door with the same dirty blanket. We were singing in the choir at the same time he was roaming around so we had to keep leaving to talk to the newly called bishop and other Priesthood leaders. We came to the decision that he could not sleep in the chapel, but that he was welcome to sit up and listen to the services. So, I went over, with the entire ward watching in awe and woke him up. He did not want to sit on the benches and listen.. he just wanted to sleep. So I had to escort him out and tell him that he could not sleep in the chapel. He decided to just leave and go find somewhere else to sleep.. It was quite the experience, and quite the shock for our dear members here in Stockholm! Anyway! That was a long story! Did you like it?? I thought it was a nice insight into our week!

We have seen some great things with our investigators. Hang, the man with the baptismal date is looking forward to his baptism. We moved the date, however because the ward wants to be there, and having it on the 25th would just be too much of a conflict with Midsommar and all. So, he is progressing and we hope to see him be baptised on the 26th! Woo!! Oh! This was really cool and I wanted to let you know.. The other day we had a meeting with Krishna, one of our progressing investigators. He was late, but that was okay because he was only late due to the fact that he was getting a friend! The friends name is Prem. Prem was super excited about the Gospel! He even came to church yesterday and had a great time!! He wants to come next week and said that next time he would wear a shirt and tie!!! How awesome is that! It made me grin from ear to ear! :)

So, Father's day is coming up next Sunday! Awesome! I am sending something in the mail, but I am pretty sure it won't make it in time! There will be something for Dad as well as some other things for the family! Woo! How did everything go this weekend?? Matt with his ACT and Kevin with his Half Marathon?!?! I prayed for both of them so I hope everything went well!

Okay, well I am going to get to my Spiritual Thought! Today it is about desires. A member of the ward gave a talk on this yesterday, so a lot of my thoughts come from that. We all have desires in life.. Both good and bad! It is a part of being human. We may want a new car really badly or the latest and greatest cell phone.. But what makes up our desires? It is our thoughts?? No, it is our heart. But wait a minute... Because we have so many desires in life how do we arrange them? That is to say, what desire takes priority?... What desire SHOULD take priority? This can only be answered personally and after much prayer and fasting. It is not wrong to desire new things, but when this desire is placed over that of our Spiritual progression, our family bonds, or our love for our Savior, it becomes problematic. In my own life at the moment I have been looking deeply into my desires.. What motivates me day to day?? Is it a righteous desire, or something else? I know that the work I am doing is real and important. I know that I must do it out of love and out of a willingness to serve my Savior. I desire more charity, more courage, more patience and more confidence in myself. These are good desires.. (And quite the challenge to work on!!) haha I know that the Lord blesses us when we put our desires in order.. when we prioritize them. This life is not about wealth or fame or even looks... it is about learning, growing and gaining that which is needed to become as out Father in Heaven is. I know this to be true! I have met so many people here that are happy. Truly happy, yet they have very little if anything in the eyes of the world. I think we can all learn great lessons from them! What is important to you?? What do you desire? I love you all sooo much! I miss you and hope that all is well! Until next week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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