Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Transfer time in Sweden!

Äldste Barlow's "First Presidency" picture. Äldste Barlow is in the chair, Äldste Linford is to the right. Äldste Barlow trained both of us!!

The awesome view from atop a big hill! This is my city of Skövde!! :)

I guess I just couldn't resist!! haha :)

Hej Familj!!!

Well, as we all know this week is transfer week! Thus why I am e-mailing on a Wednesday! I do not have any time... haha I say that a lot! Life of a missionary I guess! Okay, I will not keep you in suspense any longer! I will be staying in Skövde again! I know, quite the shock for everyone! Sadly, my dear friend and companion Äldste Overstreet will not be staying with me. He will be moving to Täby which is a little ways outside of Stockholm to work in the Mission Office there. He is getting more and more excited to have the new experience and to see the other side of the mission. I will be getting a new companion and his name is Äldste Chipman. Want to know something crazy?? I knew him before the mission! We were in the same ward together at BYU and lived in the same building at Wyview. So, that is pretty exciting! The reason I don't have much time today is because we need to leave early to get to Göteborg for a quick activity and then get Äldste Overstreet on a train up to Stockholm! Anyway, because I don't have much time I will just get to the e-mails! First we have Dad! I love you Dad! Wow!!! You look awesome in your new eye wear! I bet they are difficult to get used to, but no worries, billions of people have them and you will get to the point where you just won't feel them anymore! :) That cake you were talking about from Japan sounds heavenly! I hope I can try that sometime! haha Yes, so about transfers. I will still be here to help Harry along and continue the work in Skövde. I really am sad that Äldste Overstreet is moving though. My stomach has just been sick the past couple of days. I really don't like transfers. It is especially hard when you meet an amazing friend like Äldste Overstreet and he gets taken from you and you get thrown with someone new. Now we will begin the process of starting over and readjusting.. UGh! lol :) As for Harry, he is making great progress! A member of the church in Göteborg found a job for him... hopefully.. and besides, he said that the other church just didn't feel right to him. He just couldn't be baptised into their church.. even if they were offering him a job. Woooo for miracles! Wooo for the Gospel! Wooooo for the church!! :) Anyway, the quick trip down to Provo sounds like fun! Travel safely and most importantly.. have a good time! Give Landon and everyone else a great big hug for me! I miss you all soooooo much! Well, have an awesome week Dad! I love you!!! Okay, now it is Matt's turn! I love you Matt! Congrats on being selected to represent CMR in the Powerlifting Competition! What a great honor! You must be ripped!! lol I will be sure to pray for you like you asked and I will for sure be there in Spirit to cheer you on! Way to be! It is great to hear that you enjoy Seminary! Take advantage of that brother! Drink it in every morning and use it as fuel for your day! State Basketball is coming up again huh?? Thats just crazy! Hey... Just a quick thing... Mind yourself at the Tourney.. There are some pretty crazy things that go on there and I don't want my brother involved.. Have a great time and be safe!! I love you! :) I miss you like crazy also, and love hearing how much you are growing and progressing! Keep it up! Have a great week Matt! Okay, now it is time for Mom! I love you Mom! So, you got the transfer news and all is well! As for Harry, we are still trying for the original date, but we will see if he is ready.. It is mostly in his hands now! We were not able to meet with him much because of how confused he was about the other church, but now things are really looking up! We had quite the miracle! In Church we were not expecting Harry because he told us basically that he would never talk to us again...(long story) However, we looked out into the foyer and saw Harry!! As we came further out we saw that he had brought with him a friend! His name is Kelvish! I don't have much time to explain, but we are hoping things progress and we can help him to join the church also! Wooo!! Haha I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you about that! Whew! Haha, that was funny about the cold weather.. Being here working in the snow and cold reminds me of that night when I was delivering papers to people's houses in the cold snow and my jeans froze.. Remember that?!?! Haha Some days I remember that and think back.. "if I only knew then, that I was preparing for my mission now..." haha Crazy.. But an amazing Gospel Application! lol ;) I don't think I need to explain that one! So, I am excited to hear you will be traveling to Provo! How fun! Like I told Dad... Give everyone big hugs for me!!! What a great experience it will be! Yay! Dad's glasses.. He is a stud! Help him to adjust as one who knows how he must feel.. Tell him he looks "dashing" and "dapper"... Wow.. Is that the correct way to use that word??? My word.. lol (I just said "my word" haha) :) I love you Mom! I am sooo happy that my Spiritual Thoughts help. I am not sure I have time for a long one today, but I will see if I can still make it worth reading! haha Have an awesome week Mom! I love you! Okay, now lets get to that Spiritual Thought!! Haha!! There it is!! If that doesn't work... just go to and click on the video titled, "Unselfish Service" (towards the bottom of the page) I love you all a lot! I pray for you constantly and hope that all is well! Transfers are really tough, and extremely tough this time around.. I am praying like mad... However, I know I am here on the Lord's errand.. not mine. This is all just part of the crazy, amazing ride of a mission! Until next week... haha Monday... I love you!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!
Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

The reading...

Tuesday (last) - p.454 ch.24 - p.458 ch.27
Wednesday (today) - p.458 ch.27 - p.463 ch.29
Thursday - p.463 ch.29 - p.468 MORMON
Friday - p.468 MORMON - p.474 ch.4
Saturday - p.474 ch.4 - p.478 ch.6
Sunday - p.478 ch.6 - p.484 ch.9
Monday (next) - p.484 ch.9 - p.487 ETHER

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