Monday, February 21, 2011

Answers to Prayers

Making Mom's Necklace! Haha ;)

One of many beautiful Swedish Winter Mornings!

This isn't really a great picture of yours truly, but that is a "Selma"... So GOOD!! :)

Hej Familj!!!

It is P-day again and I am loving SWEDEN! :) haha I am in quite a good mood today mostly because of what happened over this weekend. Let me tell you! We received word towards the beginning of the week that President Anderson was going to be coming and visiting us here in Skövde. He wanted us to set up a teach with someone for Saturday night so that he could follow with and be a part of it. We decided on a few people we could set up times with, but none of them were able to do it. So, we started stressing a little bit and prayed that we would be able to find someone for Saturday night. Friday rolls around, and we still have not set anything up. Before leaving the apartment Friday morning we prayed that we would be able to meet someone that day who we could teach on Saturday night with President Anderson. As we went throughout the day we received a call from our Zone Leaders informing us that one of their investigators just moved to Skövde and that he wanted to meet with us and come to church on Sunday. Äldste Overstreet and I just about lost it! Answer to a prayer!!! haha We called the man who's name is Harry and he wanted to meet us during his lunch break at the University. We went and met him and he was an awesome guy! We got to know him a little bit and asked him if he would be able to meet with us that next day (Saturday Night) and he said absolutely! Bam!! Answer to a prayer!!! hahahaha So Saturday came and after a day full of finding work we headed to the church to meet up with President Anderson. President came and we waited for Harry to come. We waited, and waited and waited and waited... During our waiting it gave us an amazing opportunity to talk with President. He is such and awesome man! I love him! He is very inspired and just a great friend! After a while President asked us if we had any reserve plan and we told him that we were just planning on knocking on doors close to the church if Harry didn't work out. So, President then asked if we had eaten, we had not, so he took us to McDonalds! haha It was so much fun to be with him eating some burgers just talking! We headed back to the apartment with him and taught him the lesson we were planning on teaching Harry. He gave us some feedback and then wanted to observe our nightly planning session. Everything went well and he left us with a prayer. That next morning guess who came to church!! Yup... Harry!! President and Sister Anderson also came and everything went great! Äldste Overstreet and I had the lesson for Priesthood (which was funny because President was there too!!) and everything went well with that.. Our topic was Service. :) During Sacrament Meeting President and Sister Anderson were able to speak for a little bit, and Harry just started to cry! During Sister Anderson's message she talked about the Savior and how much he loves us. Harry turned to us and said that he needed to speak with her. We were a little surprised, but were sure he just wanted to thank her. After the meeting Harry and Sister Anderson talked, and Harry was just in tears. He afterwards compared her to Mother Teresa! He definitely felt the Spirit during the meeting. The respect Harry has for people is just amazing!! haha He is a great person! After church we taught Harry with our branch mission leader, Brother Karlsson. During the lesson we talked about the first part of the Plan of Salvation and then made a focus on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We started to tie it into Baptism, discussing what we do to access the Atonement. We committed him to baptism right then and there and guess what he said???!!!!?!?!?!?!?! He said, YES! As for now Harry will be baptised here in Skövde on the 12th of March! We were just sooo excited! We called President and he told us that he will be planning on coming down for it! Yea!! We have been praying all transfer for a baptismal date and what do you know, our prayer has been answered! :) :) :) The Lord answers prayers.. I know this to be true! His promises are real, and they are a witness to me of the truthfulness of this church! I love it! We all know however, that Satan does not want this to happen with Harry, so, we will be praying extra hard for him and give all that we can to make this happen. He has been in contact with another church already in Skövde and it is making some things hard for him so we need to help him. He knows he must pray and get his answer. He knows what the Spirit feels like... It is up to him to follow the correct path and we will be there every step of the way to help guide and direct him through the adversity Satan will put in his path. There are big things happening in Skövde.. The time is now!!! Speaking of times here in Sweden... It is hard for us economically! The U.S. Dollar is going down in value!! What is going on over there!?!?! Haha it means that we are getting less and less every month, and buying stuff with our home cards is getting more and more expensive. Can you please fix whatever is going on?? haha Jk Jk :) Despite the tough times though, we are still finding money to purchase these little pieces of Heaven called Semlor. What a Semla is, is a sweet roll hollowed out a little, filled with marzipan and little bits of almonds topped with sweet whipped cream and then the cut piece of roll is placed on top and the whole treat is covered with powdered sugar! I know right... heavenly! lol They are sooo good! With a big glass of milk and a nice relaxing evening after a hard days work, there is nothing that I want more... lol Okay, I would rather prefer having some with my family! Of course!! :) Okay, that took a lot of time to type and I need to get to the e-mails! Dad!!! I love you! Thank you for the e-mail! You need to get more sleep mister! You need to be awake to drive! haha It sounds from all of your e-mails that you are just sick and tired of the cold weather! May I just add my name to that list?! haha I can't wait for the Spring and Summer! Woo! So, Josh and Hillary and Landon were visiting huh? Sounds like you all had a great time! I just want to meet that little Landon!!! He is so adorable! I bet he just loves his Grandpa! :) So, Dad, I love how in your e-mail for focused on miracles... Your prayers have blessed my area! We saw a miracle this weekend! And, we continue to see them everyday! Thank you for your prayers and Faith! :) Okay, now it is time for Matt!! I love you Matt! I am so glad that you had a fun time with Josh and Hillary this weekend. It is always great when family is able to visit! You have a great love for your family, and I can feel it! Thank you for sending your love every week! CONGRATS on the 800 pound club! Thats incredible! Way to get that KUNDIS name up on the boards! Matt, your 40-yard dash time was amazing! You are an amazing athlete! Keep working and having fun! I know what you are saying about becoming a Senior.. I remember feeling the exact same way! But then you get to the school that first day and you do feel like a senior! Its pretty crazy! So Jordan got called to Los Angeles huh? Thats pretty cool! Sounds like you would like to serve there! He will love every second of his time there! Every missionary will!!! No matter where they are called! Anyway, I love you brother! Have a great week! Okay next.. Hillary!!! I love you Hillary! What a surprise to have you on the family e-mail! haha It was so cool that you Josh and Landon could visit to Montana! I could understand the need for a break from the norm. I have never spent time at home alone with a baby before, but I can only imagine that you would need to find ways to keep yourself entertained all the time. haha, to be honest, I think I would just get the little guy started early on potty training... lol Just kidding.. Perhaps start him on some good skills... Girls only like guys with good skills you know. lol (quote usage... plus ten points) Knowing Landon, he is going to have some pretty amazing skills! haha Thanks for your part of the e-mail Hillary! My prayers are with you! I will be looking for that letter! :) Okay next up is Josh!!! I love you Josh! You sounds like quite the father oldest brother of mine! Congrats on mastering the art of Fatherhood so fast and efficiently! hahaha ;) It must have been nice to visit the family! I wish I could have been there, but there is a time and a place for everything right? lol Oh, I know exactly what you are saying about p-days.. You gotta plan them right or else you will be left wondering where the day went! Today we are planning on going to the top of a big hill here in Skövde so we can snap some pics. It will take a little while to get up there and no one lives there so thats why we decided to do it on our p-day. Hopefully the pictures will be worth the climb! :) The area here is going just wonderfully Äldste Overstreet and I are working hard and expecting success! We are being blessed! :) I love you Josh! Have an awesome day, and a safe trip home to Utah! Okay, last but certainly not least... Mom!!! I love you Mom! Let me start off your section with a huge thank you! Your box made it to my Zone Sharpening last Tuesday and your other little envelope arrived not long after! I feel so loved! That Alfredo mix you sent was... Awesome! We ate it up FAST! Also, the biscuits with cheese and garlic (my faves!!!) were delicious! Thank you for those treats from home! :) I DID have an amazing time at Zone Sharpening! The name of the new Mission President was released... His name is Gregory Newell.. (The same name we were told by that lady... haha) He was the ambassador to Sweden from the United States, has met the King of Sweden, and has served with two U.S. Presidents! Pretty awesome! haha We are excited for him and are praying for him already. It is going to be very hard to see President Anderson go though... :( Anyway, you sound like you just loved having Landon in your arms! :) It brought a big smile to my face!! :) You can speak the intensely difficult language of "baby"?!?! Wow! I am impressed! I wish I could speak that! :) haha I know you are always there for me Mom.. I love you! Thank you for all that you do! You are correct, transfers will be next week. So, that means that I will not be e-mailing until Wednesday next week! :) Just so you know and everyone else knows! Alright, this is getting very long so I am going to move on to the Spiritual Thought! I love you Mom! Have a great week! Okay, the Spiritual thought comes from a quote by Elder Holland.. "The wounds in his hands, feet, and side are signs that in mortality painful things happen even to the pure and the perfect, signs that tribulation is not evidence that God does not love us. It is a significant and hopeful fact that it is the wounded Christ who comes to our rescue. He who bears the scars of sacrifice, the lesions of love, the emblems of humility and forgiveness is the Captain of our Soul." So many people that I have talked to turn their backs on our loving Father in Heaven because they feel he has wronged them or forgotten about them. Do these people not remember that God's Son, Jesus Christ suffered the pains of all who would ever be on the earth? Do these people forget that our precious Lord hung on the cross for us? That he felt the terrible pain of a world of sinners so that we might one day have eternal life? Do WE sometimes forget that? We all have tough times... some of us, more than others. Do we ever turn our backs on God and feel that we have been wronged? Life is hard... Of course it is!!!!! That is all part of the beautiful plan. We must learn to put our trust in our FATHER in Heaven and know that whatever comes our way... is worth it... is necessary... is strengthening us even if at times it may feel that it is destroying us. I know that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me, a God who cares about me and only wants to see me grow. I know that we can get through all the tough times we have! It seems as though I have been focusing a lot on this lately.. perhaps it is something I need to learn more fully... I am not sure.. But I am sure that through my prayers I am receiving answers. I am receiving the strength I need to continually knock on doors and contact in the streets. To continue doing the Lord's work here in Sweden. This Church is true! This Gospel is Beautiful! I love it with my whole heart! I hope that this week will bring joy and happiness.. I hope that this week will be bright for all! I love you all and pray for you constantly. :) I am a missionary... and I am HAPPY!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

Reading for this week!

Tuesday - p.420 ch.7 - p.424 ch.9
Wednesday - p.424 ch.9 - p.430 ch.12
Thursday - p.430 ch.12 - p.435 ch.14
Friday - p.435 ch.14 - p.440 ch.17
Saturday - p.440 ch.17 - p.444 ch.19
Sunday - p.444 ch.19 - p.450 ch.21
Monday (next) - p.450 ch.21 - p.454 ch.24

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  1. Hi! I found Elder Kundis blog on the Mormon Mission World blog site. President & Sister Anderson's son Jared, is a very dear friend of our family, so this entry was fun for me to read. The Anderson's are a WONDERFUL family!!!