Monday, March 14, 2011

It's coming!!

Hej Familj!!!

Well, what can I say... other than, I have no time... AGAIN. I know, I know, and I am really sorry! I promise I will get back to the longer e-mails. It is just that we are once again heading to Göteborg for a Zone Activity. Bowling this time! Wooo!! Last week was football. I love all of these sports! Yeah! Anyway, the reason the subject line is what it is, is because the weather here is getting better and better! SPRING is coming fast! And to tell you the truth, I could not be happier! I remember writing from this very computer a few months ago informing you of the "first snow", and now it is slowly but surely coming to an end. We have had fog the past couple of days and an abundance of sunshine the other days! We have even had a few rain storms! They were amazing! :) So, I know we are all looking forward to Spring and the magic that comes with it. It makes Missionary Work a million times better.. It really does... When you go out on the streets trying to contact people with negative temperatures and blowing snow (also known as a blizzard lol) it doesn't work so well! However, it is much more effective when it is a nice sunny day. :) Makes everyone happier! :) So, I will do a quick response to the e-mails from the family now..

Dad! I love you! Thank you for getting me the information to call Wells Fargo, I will be sure to call them just the second I have a moment to do so! Also, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. You know just what to say... It is like you have been here before and know just what I need to hear. Thank you! I love you bunches! haha By the way, you are looking good in the pictures the family sent! (insert whistle here) :)

Okay, now on to Matt!!! I love you Matt! That is really sad the CMR took second. Especially because of a lame 5-second violation. Sad. But, life moves on! You are really funny my loving brother.. That was a lot of different analogies.. haha Gave me a big smile! Thank you! Good luck with school and homework.. You are in my prayers this week.. :) I am glad to hear that you have fun with the family. They are the best source to find joy. I can say that 100 percent! :) Have a great week!

Mom! I love you Mom! Thank you for your e-mail! As for my one-year mark... Which is super far away... haha I would love a coupe of things.. lol Not to be asking too much but, I could really use some good American Peanut butter.. Oh! And Easy Mac!! haha Those would be great along with whatever else you are feeling. I trust your judgement, because your boxes are always great! :) Thank you for all you do! :) We do not have Zone Conference this week because they have decided that we shouldn't have them as often.. So, I will find out when the next one is and let you know. Probably some time in April.. :) Thank you very much for your lovely Spiritual Thought... That is a great quote, and it is so true, we are NEVER alone! Okay, speaking of a Spiritual Thought... I PROMISE that next week I will have an amazing Spiritual Thought... I have already developed it, and I shared it with the Zone last night on our conference call. :) However, as for now, I must bid you all a farewell. I love you, I pray for you, and I wish the best for you! Keep your Spirits up, and the laughter loud. Life is great... It truly is! :)

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!
Äldste Kundis :) :) :)


Tuesday - p.516 ch.15 - p.520 ch.6
Wednesday - p.520 ch.6 - p.525 ch.8
Thursday - p.525 ch.8 - p.529 ch.10
Friday - p.529 ch.10 - p.531 THE END.

As we can see... We have reached the end of the Book of Mormon Reading Challenge. I would encourage you to write in a journal or somewhere else sacred the feelings you have. Ponder on the time spent reading. It is just a guess that not everyone will reach the end at the same time... However, don't lose hope.. Keep reading and whenever you finish, write it down... Write how you feel and how focusing on the Savior was. I am excited for this week!! Have an awesome day! I love you! :)

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