Monday, March 21, 2011

Traveling Again!

Hej Familj!!!

Well, what can I say... I am once again short on time. This week I was planning on staying in Skövde and having a nice relaxing p-day, however I needed to come to Göteborg to take care on my VISA stuff. I had tried at three different offices to get it done, but it just wasn't working. So, we decided that me and Äldste Cluff (from my MTC group) would travel to Göteborg and get it taken care of. SO! I am now in the Göteborg library e-mailing from a timed computer. Don't worry, all went well with the VISA stuff and I will be able to stay in the country. We were all worried for a while! Whew! Anyway, this week has been pretty cool! And when I say "cool", I really mean COOL as in COLD haha. We received a nice big snow storm one night and woke up to tons and tons of snow! Luckily, most of it has melted away, but there is still some remaining. I know right, just when I think everything is beginning to look up, BAM! I get hit with snow! :) Oh well! Don't Sweat the Small Stuff! lol That reminds me, THANK YOU so much for the awesome calendar you sent! It is so cool to be able to rip a page off every day and get a boost from everyone back home! The little messages and pictures are really awesome! Thank you! Anyway, I should probably get to the e-mails fast!

Matt!! I love you brother! Up all night working on a research project huh? I remember those days! Now I am getting to bed at the same time every night and sleeping soundly for a nice eight hours.. I know, I am just spoiled aren't I? lol :) That is so awesome BYU made it to the Sweet Sixteen! 22 points over Gonzaga!! Thats the way to do it! Wooo!! How exciting for everyone.. So, you are doing track?? Perhaps you should just tell me what sport you are NOT doing.. I think that would be fastest considering you play almost every sport! Do what you love I guess! :) I love you brother! You always make my day! Have a great day and know you are in my prayers!

Okay, Dad!! I love you!! So you know, the call to Great Lakes went fine. The man was able to process everything for me and it now have everything cleared until the 5th of February 2012.. At that time I can call and request a new one, but most likely we will just have to make payments on the loan until I am back at BYU and then they will put me back on enrolled status and we will not need to make payments until I am out of school again. :) Yay! Haha anyway, thank you for getting that all set up for me. With the calling card, I think I ran out of minutes at Christmas because I made that "test call".. I am pretty sure that when you make a call and then hang up it takes away a good chunk of the minutes on the card.. at least thats all I can figure out. So, yes as you can see I am traveling again this P-day.. However, next p-day should be spent in Skövde. Yay! haha It is fun to come to Göteborg though.. Football is great! :) Okay, I love you Dad! I hope your week is great!

Now, Mom!! I love you!! You have had a few cool things happen this week! I got an e-mail from Somayeh... She told me all about you and how you two chatted. She said that you were an awesome lady and very nice. She said that she could not fully explain how kind you were to her! Thats my Mom! Anyway, she is a great person! You finally met someone from my old MTC district! Awesome! Elder Houston! I remember him very well! He was a full of energy Elder and always had a big smile on his face! Be sure to tell him hi for me and that I hope he is having an amazing mission! How awesome! Small world! :) It is good to know that Hillary got my letter and that she now knows, "secrets" haha.. It's not a huge secret.. but.. lol It's whatever. :) Wow, thank you for sending that stuff! I can't wait to get it! You always spoil me! I love ya! So, you has Willis and Amy over huh? I haven't heard too much about Amy, but it sounds like they are happy! That is good! I miss Willis! I can't wait to see him again! :) That is great for BYU and even to get the the Great Falls Tribune! What an honor! woot! :) My prayers will be there for Landon... They always are, but I will be sure to focus on him more this week. I love that little guy! :) I see little kids here and I always ask their parents how old they are.. It has given me a good idea what Landon will be like when I return. haha Anyway, I love you Mom! Have a great week!

Okay, now on to my Spiritual Thought! I know, I know, i promised a great one for this week, but sadly I must break that promise.. I am out on time and I want to have more time for the thought... I want to be sure to get across what I want to say. So, for the Spiritual Thought I would like to focus on the small and simple things in our lives. Here are three scriptures to look up... 1 Nephi 16:29, D&C 64:33, Alma 37:6... They talk about how through small things the Lord is able to bring about great things! I love the application to this Gospel truth.. You can apply it every where! To a job, to the Gospel, to a hobby.. etc.. I would like to give the example of a little miracle I have seen.. It is called the Swedish Language! Through little actions such as study and prayer, the Lord has blessed me with the ability to communicate and express myself in a completely foreign language.. I am so thankful for the promises of the Lord in my life... Sorry that was scattered.. I hope you all have a great week! I love you!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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