Monday, October 10, 2011

One week... Then it's B-DAY TIME!!!

Hej Familj!!!

Well this week has been a good one! Our numbers might not exactly show that, but that is because a great deal of our time was spent with our amazing members! We have been visiting lots and seeking out people to teach. So far, so good! We have been blessed and out members are helping out with the work! We have just recently started to teach a less active member the new-member lessons again because she wants to know more and at the same time we are teaching her fiance AND her neighbor who are not members... yet... hahaha!!! ;) This less active member has also been having some interesting medical issues. It has had her pretty worked up, and we had a powerful lesson on the plan of salvation this past week that really helped her, and absolutely helped me. The Spirit was there and all were blessed! Missionary work rules! Majid, sadly did not come to church yesterday. Even when he told us he would! It is okay though. He has made great progress from when we first met him! Thank you for your prayers! Well, today we are not really doing much. We had a nice relaxing morning and we are taking the day as it comes. Chill. :) That is good! I say that because yesterday was crazy! It started Saturday night when we received a phone call from the first counselor in the Branch Presidency. He informed us that the High Counselor had cancelled and that he needed me to give the talk instead of him! This has happened before, but I really don't enjoy the short notice! haha I think we can all understand that. My topic was something from General Conference that influenced me. Hard huh?!?! I mean there were so many things! I decided to focus on prayer and especially Elder Cornish's talk from the Sunday Afternoon session. Not having a computer to print off the talk I had to go from my notes! Thank goodness I took notes! Whew! I was up a little late Saturday night and Sunday morning was just a joke... I worked on the talk and quickly got ready and we were close to being late! (close I said, NOT late. haha!) It turned out that they also had me choose the hymns and lead them. Äldste Maxwell took care of the translating and gave the closing prayer. We were pretty busy during the meeting! It all turned out well and I think I actually went over the twenty minute time slot... Oops. ;) So anyway, things really are going well! The health is okay. Hopefully Dad received my other e-mail. :) Okay before I get to the e-mail here are some interesting facts that I would like to share. My black bike was stolen. We went out one morning to see my bike gone without a trace. It was locked with a strong U-lock so someone just picked it up and took it! Darn! Another fun fact, There is a Sister missionary in my District from.. guess where... GREAT FALLS, MT!!! haha Her name is Sister Christine Ridl. She went to Great Falls High and lived in the East Stake. That was pretty cool to find out! We both lived in Great Falls our whole lives but never met! Crazy! Another one... Äldste Maxwell looks great with glasses... ;) haha!! (he truly does!) Another one.. Every night before bed we have "tea time!" We turn off most of the lights play some soft music and enjoy nice cups of Chamomile tea. I have come to really enjoy herbal teas! Peppermint is a favorite! :) One final one... During our District Meeting on Thursday it poured rain on us when we were walking to the church after lunch. We were SOAKED!! :) Okay, now on to the e-mails! Dad! I love you Dad! Okay, I hope that my e-mail helps you understand a little more about what is going on. Again, if you have more questions ask!!! That is really cool that Äldste Maxwell's mom is writing e-mails to you all! Yeah, we are pretty tight. It is so awesome to be companions with him. He is understanding of all that I am going through and is always right there to lift my Spirits! How is your wrist doing? I hope that it is better! You have been in my prayers! I love you Dad! Have a great week! Thank Nana for the suggestions! I love her so much! :) Okay Matt! I love you Matt! Wow, Rhett is coming up?!?! How awesome is that! Make sure to give him a nice manly hug for me and tell him I say HI!!! Those were some good times we would have together! OOHHH!! GET BEST WOK!! I can't tell you how many times I have day dreamed about having Best Wok. I am going to get that pretty fast after I am.... haha Thats in the future! :) ;) So you have a Swedish Girl in one of your classes? What is her name? What city is she from?!?! Let me know! Didn't you have a Swedish girl in one of your classes before this?! Oh! This is fun.. We were going to get groceries last week when we heard, "Hey missionaries!" being called out behind us. We turned to see a woman walking swiftly towards us. She came up and shook our hands and told us that she was from Salt Lake City! It was fun to run into her! She was visiting a friend who lives here in Linköping! :) Anyway, that is really cool that you are loving the ward! It is always nice to have leaders that care about you! Tell them all that I say HI and that I love them and miss them! Äldste Maxwell and I can see what we can do about the crazy activity you requested. Haha it will be good! Okay I love you brotha! Have a "sick" week! Du är min hjälte! :) Okay Mom! I love you Mom! What have you been up to mother of mine?! I have been getting green envelopes like crazy! Haha! The messages and pictures are awesome! I have some awesome people who care about me! How lucky! It sounds like I am going to be making friends with the mail carriers here in Linköping! Wooo! Birthdays rule! I can't believe I am almost 21! Just another week! Wow! So, you and Äldste Maxwell's mother are e-mailing huh? That is pretty sweet! I am sure she is very friendly! They have eight kids! Crazy awesome! Äldste Maxwell misses them! We will all have to go visit them some day! It would be sweet! Thank you for the update on our family! Sounds like a very busy time! LIFE! Wooo! Speaking of a busy time, we need to get out of here! I love you Mom! Have a fantastic week! Okay Spiritual thought time! Make service a part of your life. Service is a mindset that if worked at can become a part of who we are. Acts of service lift those around us while at the same time reminding us of who we are and why we are here on Earth. There is a video up on the church's website about a girl named Annie. She and her family went through a hard time. But through acts of loving kindness, or service that hard time, or that trail was turned into a learning experience for an entire community. Watch the video and learn from it! Let it inspire you to reach out and search after those in need. Here in the link. I know that we are all children of our Heavenly Father. We are here to learn and grow, and to help others around us to do the same. I am so very thankful for the time I have here in the wonderful land of Sweden. I feel genuine love for those around me. I desire to serve them. The Lord has taught me and for that I will be eternally thankful. I hope you all find time this week, even in your busy schedules, to serve someone else. Write a card or make a phone call. It doesn't need to be something big. I promise you that the Spirit will touch your heart, and that person will feel the love you freely offer them. Thank you for all of your prayers. Thank you for your service to me. I have recently had long conversations with my Heavenly Father and felt the flood of prayers come over me and comfort me. The power of service is real. Your prayers offer me your love. Thank you!!! Now, go have a great week! I will do the same! :)

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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  1. This is Chris! THANKS SOOOO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU for helping with the BIRTHDAY letter project!!!! Please still send them if you haven't yet! He is LOVIN' them! :)