Monday, October 17, 2011

It's my B-day... on my P-day!!!!!

Hej Familj!!!

Well, today has been amazing! We had lots of fun, and I am pretty worn out! We got up pretty early to travel up to Stockholm. They were having a big P-day activity there and we were invited. We went up a little early to hit the downtown Stockholm shopping! I purchased a VERY nice Swedish hat. One of the ones with all of the fur around it... I will send you a picture sometime! I was wearing my bright yellow Spongebob T-shirt that y'all sent me, and a big fur hat! It was warm and just plain fun! I didn't look to crazy out on the streets because I am STILL a missionary!! :) However, after the shopping and a little lunch we headed to a football field to play some good old American Football!!! It was awesome! I had on my BYU sweatpants and my bright yellow Spongebob T-shirt, and a big fur hat! It was quite the sight out there on the football field! I was also very skilled at football today if I might be so bold! I was able to catch three touchdown passes and a few other ones to make our team win pretty much every game. Haha I think I might just try out for the BYU Cougars when I return there.... hahaha ;) Yeah right!

Lots of people wished me a happy birthday, and we even got a call from a member here in Linköping wishing me the best on my day of birth! It was awesome! Tonight I hope to make my b-day cake and put up some decorations. Not sure though... because the Sisters in Norrköping thought it would be fun to bring all of the stuff to our District Meeting this Thursday and celebrate Äldste Maxwell's and my birthday together! We will see!

Wow, I am really tired! haha I just noticed that my fingers are moving really slowly over this keyboard! haha :) Hmm... lets see... Oh! haha This might be a little lame, and some of you might wonder if you are reading correctly, but today when we were shopping in Stockholm we went to one of the large malls there and found a new Hollister store!!! haha The outside looked just like it would in the States, and the inside smelled exactly like it does in the States. Lol.. This is a big deal! A Hollister in Sweden! I was in heaven! I didn't buy anything, of course.. We all know that a missionaries budget is limited, and whats the point in buying something on your mission that you can easily buy back home.. (probably for a lower price too... haha!) Anyway, it was a fun time!

So, let me get to the e-mails for today! First up, Dad! I love you Dad! Majid came to church! Plus, we were able to have a member with us at his teach this past Friday! It was great! From what we could tell Majid liked church, and all of the members were nice and invited him back! Does a missionary's heart good to see members inviting investigators to church! :) ;) Thank you for praying for him! Okay, so about the Doctor. We wen't to the Vårdcentral the other day to set up an appointment. They called today and told me that my appointment was set for November 1st. They figure that since I have been dealing with this for over a month now, I can wait a little bit before I see the doctor... hmmmmmm... I had a few things to say about that. But, oh well! I am able to move forward and work so I am not bummed. I have been doing pretty good the past while so that's positive! :) I will keep you up to date on all that! Be sure to thank Nana for all her help and concern. I really appreciate it! Okay, about the bike... Yes, we both lock them, but not to the bike rack. Bikes are attacked here in Sweden so normally the safest way to do it is to use a U-lock through the bike frame and the rear tire. So, it was really unfortunate that MY bike was taken over all of the other, much nicer bikes locked in the exact same way. We are pretty sure that we were targeted or something. It happens... sad, but true! So, your wrist is still giving you some grief huh? Is it possible that it is from all of the driving?? Just wondering. I will continue praying that you feel better! I love you Dad! Thank you for all that you do for me, and your family! :)

Okay, now it is Matt's turn! I love you Matt! Thank you for all of the B-day wishes! It feels great to be 21! I have so much to be thankful for on this beautiful day! Sounds like you have had a great time with Rhett! I was happy to hear that you two were able to chill. About BYU-I... I joke around a lot about Provo being much better, but honestly from what I have heard from the MANY Elders here who go there, it is a really good school. Not only academically, but socially as well! If I had to choose, I would choose BYU-I... You gotta have the BYU in ya! haha :) ;) Pray about it. That ALWAYS works! :) So, I think I remember Snap fitness... That is cool that you go there instead of Peak. I really want to get to a gym everyday when I return, and I really want to swim as an exercise.. So, Peak looks really good, but we will have to see how things work out! You hurt your knee??? That's no good! Get feeling better and back out there on the field. My prayers are with you... as always! Keep up all that you are doing! You are awesome! I love you!

Okay, now on to Mom! I love you Mom! Thank you very much for singing me Happy Birthday! It sounded incredible! ;) And if I am on the Thank yous.... I have a LOT! Thank you VERY MUCH for all of the boxes! Thank you for the great presents and goodies! Thank you for all of the GREEN ENVELOPES!!!! There are soooo many! haha I will send you some pics probably next week of all of them! I am sure that the mail person has my name memorized! :) All of the notes and pictures made for an incredible Birthday! :) I most definitely felt the love, and got all the smiles! Haha, I must admit that I laughed when you asked the question as to why Äldste Maxwell was wearing glasses... It is because he needs them to see silly!! haha He normally wears contacts and they were giving him some trouble so he moved to his glasses. He is back to contacts now... Just so you know... Haha! :) That is really good that the doctors were able to figure out what was wrong with Rhett! I hope that the treatment goes smoothly and that he is back to 100 percent soon! I love you very much Mom! Thank you for giving birth to me! haha :)

Okay well, I must get to a Spiritual Thought now! I know the Church is true. That's it! hahaha No, but really I am very thankful for the knowledge that I have... Especially that knowledge that I have received out here in the mission field! My testimony is such a strength to me, and I know that I have been blessed with this for a reason. What a blessing it is to be able to stand in front of a complete stranger and say, "I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and I know that you can know that too!" It is amazing the feeling it gives me. Warm, reassuring, and uplifting! We are members in Christ's Church. We are taking part in the blessings promised to us in the scriptures. I am sooooo very thankful for all of you! For my leaders in the church, for my good friends, and most of all for my family! You all ROCK! You all made, and continue to make the difference! Let us move forward into the coming days knowing with a surety that we are loved by others, that we are watched from those up above and also, that the Church is true.

I love you all. Have a GREAT week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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