Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! I'm going to be a missionary!

Hej Familj!!!

I would like to start out by apologizing! Äldste Maxwell and I will be traveling to Stockholm today for a Halloween activity with the other missionaries! We will be playing basketball and volleyball and innebandy! Also, there will be pumpkin carving and I guess ghost stories!?!?! haha We will see what all happens! So, because we have to travel up there today I will need to make this e-mail fairly short. But not to worry, you get one every week! You could always go back and read again one of my e-mails from a few months ago! Sounds like fun to me!
Anyway!!! Enough of the time wasting! We have had a GREAT week this week! Our numbers were high and we are watching the Lord's hand take control here in Linköping! Seriously, this area is starting to bear some serious fruit! We have some great investigators making progress, and our members are a huge part of that! The members are also taking great care of us! This week we have a member dinner almost every night! Woooo! :)
So on Thursday we had an incredible Birthday party for Äldste Maxwell! The Sisters once again, made the party a REAL party! They came with a pinata and a crown for Äldste Maxwell! We had cake and candy and lots of fun!
Lets see, other highlights... We met a Jehovah's Witness yesterday.. Haha, that is nothing really new, we meet them all the time... But do you remember the promise in the scriptures it goes something like, "...and you shall not be confounded before men?" Yeah.... we had a modern-day witness of that promise. Haha it was incredible! Everything the man pulled out we had an answer for, and when he could not argue it anymore he would move on to something else controversial and again, we had the answers. I do not retell this story to boast, just to testify of the reality of the promises in the scriptures! Hopefully the man, and his wife, ponder the message further and give us a call!
Okay, I truly have no time! I am going to answer some questions quick and then I have to go! To start off, about the airport thing.. I am feeling that flying into Salt Lake City would be best for everyone. I know that people are busy, and I see no reason.. well, no REAL reason why I would need to have everyone drive up to Montana and take time away from their schooling and work. So, that is what we will do for that.. If that is okay with everyone! I think there will be like 5 or 6 other missionaries coming into Salt Lake City from Sweden, so you all will be able to meet them! Woo!
About BYU, I think that returning in the Fall would be the best option. That would give me time to work and set up an apartment with my BYU friends for the Fall. Okay, other questions...
Before that, CONGRATS MATT!!! Way to beat the Bison! It sounds like you did a great job and that there were lots of happy CMR people! Woooo! Thats my brother! :) Mom, you got to see Dallin H. Oaks?!?! How cool is that!?! Way to upgrade him! :) I am sure he appreciated that! Vitamin D?! Sure, that sounds good! haha ;) So, I really need to go now. Or else I will miss my train! I love you all soooooo very much! Have a fun Halloween and a great week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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