Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to Stockholm Everybody!

My new companion, Äldste Woodruff! I think you can tell from the picture, we have a lot in common. Hahaha! It will be a good transfer!

I found these at the Stockholm Institute Center... They are very much Swedish style.. What do you think?? I can't decide if I like them or not.

Welcome to my stompin' grounds! Isn't Stockholm amazing?!


Hej Familj!!!

Well, I have been in Stockholm for a little over a week now, and may I just say, I AM LOVING IT!! There is so much going on all of the time! We are moving around like crazy talking to people and teaching those that are interested. I hope that you enjoy the pictures I sent along and I hope that you can see how amazing this city truly is! We have some fun things planned for today! We are getting together with most of the zone to play some soccer and football! Woo! It will be a good time and really fun to be out playing in the sun! We need to finish up e-mails quick though so we can go shop for food and get some cleaning done!

Did I mention that food in Stockholm is expensive?!?! Haha I was shocked last p-day! We are going to need to cut some things out and stretch our funds out a little bit more! Joy! :) I just checked the status of that package I sent to you a while ago, and all looks well. You should be receiving it any day now!

Umm, lets see... Other exciting things.. We are seeing success! We have a good group of investigators and looking for more and more! The ward felt much better this time around and I am growing close to some of the families! There are actually a few from the USA there! Awesome! I will be giving a talk next Sunday so hopefully that will give me a good opportunity to introduce myself and share my testimony! My topic is, "what I have learned on my mission so far". Hmmm.. I only have 20 minutes?!?! Haha :) Impossible! I have learned far too much! lol It will be good and I am looking forward to it!

It sounds like everything is going well for you all! With the exception of poor baby Landon! I hope that he gets over that fever he has! My prayers are continually with him! Speaking of Landon, Happy Anniversary Josh and Hillary! THREE YEARS?! Wow! Time truly does fly! I remember the wedding like it was yesterday! Oh, it was so hot that day.. Perfect weather, but it was hard to stand in the hot sun for so long! I can only imagine how hard it was for Josh and Hillary to pose for pictures! haha :)

Well, I am going to get to the e-mails while I still have time! (We e-mail at a library in Stockholm instead of the church in Skövde so we have time limits.. sad..)Okay, first up is Dad! I love you Dad! I am completely jealous of your amazing weekend with Kevin and Annie! I want to see Wicked very badly! YOU ate at Denny's at ONE in the MORNING?!?! What?! What got into you?! I am soooooo PROUD OF YOU!! hahaha :) I have the best Dad ever! We will have to do that sometime! You asked about the work here in Stockholm. We normally contact on the streets and the subways. We have house tracted once, but we wont do that very often. As far as standing on a soap box and preaching.. we haven't done that.... yet. I want to do it very badly though! We will see what the future brings! Oh! This is a fun story.. The other day we got together with a few other companionships and went out to one of the main squares in Stockholm and did a huge chalk drawing of the Plan of Salvation! It was great, and we saw great success from it! People would walk by and slow down to see it and that was when we would start talking to them! :) Fun! As for our apartment, we live in a big apartment building about 20 minutes away from Downtown Stockholm by subway. It is a pretty nice place, and we just did some re-organizing of furniture so it is looking fine!! :) Well Dad, I love you! I am focused and loving life as a missionary! Keep on keepin' on and know you are in my prayers as I know I am in yours! :)

Okay, next we have Matt! I love you Matt! Sounds like you are truly enjoying the warm weather and getting into working out again! Sweet! Are you doing the Spring Fling Hoop Thing again this year?! I sure hope so because you always loved that! If not, thats okay, it always rains anyway! haha :) Yeah, we play basketball! In Skövde we had an investigator that loved playing and here we have a sports night once a week which we invite investigators to. I am still not that good at it, but I am learning! As for my work-out.. I am not doing so much of a "work-out" anymore, but I need to get back to a program. Waking up and just doing some sit-ups and pull-ups wont cut it! haha I loved what you said about the feeling you get after a good work out. I get that same feeling every day I am a missionary! That is what is so great about serving! You finish your day, or your "workout", and you get to say, "I did everything I could today to help and serve others". It is an AMAZING FEELING! You will have to experience it for yourself when you are out here in the mission field! You are going to love it for sure! Well, enjoy the last few weeks of school and have a great Summer! It will be awesome! GET A JOB! haha :) But seriously.. Do it! Don't wuss out of it! haha ;) I love you Matt!

Okay, next we have Mom! I love you Mom! You loved the Boise trip too huh?! Sure sounds like it! You and Dad went crazy! haha Fun! Things are going GREAT with Elder Woodruff! He is awesome and we are laughing almost all the time! We are very open with each other and that is good to have in a companionship! Needless to say, it will be a great transfer! :) So, Matt is continuing to rock it on the piano huh? Good! He better have some sick pieces ready to share in the future! He is soooo talented at whatever he does! He truly is an amazing person! Good thing he is MY brother! :) How are things with work?? Everything good I hope! The water levels are really high huh? Have there been any floods in the city or anywhere close? I sure hope not! haha Well, be on the look out for that box I sent and keep on moving forward! I love you and I am doing wonderfully! :)

For the Spiritual Thought this week go to and watch the video, "I am a child of God"!! It looks amazing!!! sadly, the computers here have no sound.. lol :) Have a great week everyone! I love you!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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