Monday, May 23, 2011

Jag ar sjuk..:(

Hej Familj!!!

Well, the subject line of today's e-mail means, "I am sick". I have had a pretty bad cold this week and it has taken it's toll on me! I went to the local pharmacy, but the only thing they sell here in Sweden is herbal stuff like Echinacea and that is more of a preventative if I am not mistaken. It was actually pretty funny because the lady I talked to didn't really know what was going on. I told her that I was sick and had a cold. She took me to the cold section and showed me the medicine. She told me to start taking the meds and I would not get a cold. She could not understand that I ALREADY HAD A COLD... haha I asked her politely if she knew of any medicine that could help me, but she insisted on me purchasing the super expensive stuff that would make it so I would not get a cold. Agh, it was so frustrating.. not really though, more of a funny situation. :) Anyway, luckily an Elder left some cold medicine in the apartment and I am back to almost 100 percent. Our week was pretty sad as far as numbers go, but what can ya do when you're feeling down?! We went out every day and worked mind you.. I was just not the most effective tool in the Lord's toolbox. haha :) ( no one wants to listen to someone with big puffy red eyes and who is blowing their nose all the time!) We were not able to e-mail from the library today because the computers were all booked so we are at the center today! We are going to take it easy and just see some sights or hit up some stores with the Elders from Jakobsberg. Not too exciting of an e-mail today.. sorry! I will get to the e-mails though. First we have Dad! I love you Dad! I was very, very happy to hear that the box arrived at the post office and that you were able to withstand the temptation to open it! It will be fun to go through in the future! My talk went well and I have even received complements from the ward members! Woo! Matt spoke on the same Sunday?! How cool is that! I bet his talk was better than mine.. granted, he did give his in his mother tongue! Much more difficult in a second language! :) jkjk Yes, we do have a dinner calender, but sadly no one has signed up on it. Those don't normally work well in Sweden. They just like to be asked, or they like to invite you over personally. Sometimes I do wish that Sister Jones was here though! The missionaries in Great Falls are spoiled! haha Thank you for your words of encouragement and your awesome insights! I love you! Be safe at work and drive well! I still remember when we took a road that you took in your truck and you explained that sometimes you needed to take another path because that road could be too muddy or slick depending on the time of year. Fun fun! :) Okay, now it is Matt's turn! I love you Matt! You did not answer me about the Spring Fling! Are you playing this year?! What on Earth did you do to get into trouble??? You should be preparing for a mission Mr.. Not getting into trouble! I am watching you. :) Your e-mails are funny Matt. You pretty much say the same things. You wish Summer was here, you LOVE seminary??, and you wish I was there! haha I love you! You make me smile, and I am thankful you are my brother! You know that feeling you get when you have everything ready for the day?? That is the same feeling we missionaries get when we have all of our morning studies and get out of the door on time! It makes contacting that first person even easier! haha :) The joys of missionary work are endless! I sure hope you are looking forward to it! It will be awesome! Okay, now on to Mom! I love you Mom! You liked the pictures of Stockholm huh?? Awesome! It truly is a beautiful place! What did you all think of the glasses I was wearing?! No one mentioned anything about them! haha You are going to Utah AGAIN?! How are you able to do this! You might as well just move there! haha :) TWO padded envelopes huh?! That sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for the needed supplies ;) :) Landon is rolling over?! Awwww How adorable! Colin sounds like he is maturing and loving life! The Elders from Jakobsberg just got here so we are going to bounce. I love you Mom! Have an awesome week and a great time in SLC with the family! Tell everyone hi and that I love them so, SO much!! Okay for the Spiritual thought today it will be given by Elder DeLeeuw who was in my MTC group! Well mostly the church is true and if you don't know that it is you should follow Moroni's promise and pray about it. I know that it is true and that's why I am in the battle with your son. I love him! Okay!! That was it! I love you all and hope the USA is good! Until next week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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