Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day has come and gone!

Hej Familj!

This e-mail is going to be quite short due to the fact that I talked with all of you yesterday! It was absolutely AMAZING to hear all of your voices and feel of your love! I even got to hear little Landon cry!! I think I shed more tears than he did though! :) He is awesome! So, as you all know, serving in Stockholm is pretty crazy! I look forward to my time here and hope that I can figure it all out before Äldste Woodruff leaves. It will bring growth, and lots of fun experiences! It sounds like the family loves each other and is making it through. Good! You all should be! I pray like crazy for you, and I know the only way I am making it through is because of YOUR amazing prayers for me! It is great that we support each other! I hope you have an amazing week and that you feel the love as I do! I will quickly answer a couple of questions from the e-mail... Dad, the center is for YSA's ages 18-30, and no, the card did not run out when I was talking to those down in Utah. You see, I was calling from the center in Stockholm and they use the phone to let people into the main doors of the building (the person rings the center number outside on the street, and then when it rings in the center we type in a fun little code and the door opens for them!) haha So, anyway, they needed me to be off so that the visitors could come in. So that is why I had to cut the call short. But it was okay because I was able to talk to everyone and hear their amazing voices! :) Okay, next set of questions... Matt, yes Sweden is warming up, and yes I will be able to get a tan this summer.. Haha!!! You see my dear brother, I will be out on the streets talking to people all day in the hot summer sun! How awesome is that! It will be fun and my skin will look healthy again! Wooo! Okay, next questions... Mom, yes of course the guitar came up with me to Stockholm! And guess what?!!? They have TWO FULL SIZE guitars at the center! Wooo! So, on p-days and whenever we are there waiting for an investigator I can use the full sized ones! Wooo! And about your concern.. I would like to let you know that, yes, at times there is quite a bit of pressure put on us missionaries to set and reach high goals.. However, these pressures are nothing but love motivated. Every mission is different, but I can assure you that the leaders are inspired and want what is best for us. We are here as missionaries to "invite others to come unto Christ..." If we set high goals and have leaders pushing us along the way, we are going to be motivated to work as hard as we can to fulfill our purpose... what we were SENT here to do! But the question is, what is success?? Is it measured in numbers? Partially, yes. Numbers have been given to us through the leaders of the church for a reason, so that we can be held accountable. But it is my opinion that the real success is having the faith to set goals and then working hard to make them happen. If I set a goal to have a baptism this weekend, and work as hard as I can to see that happen, I am a success! It does not play a role whether or not that goal was achieved. I worked my hardest and did my part. Our brothers and sisters in the world have their free agency, just as we do, and we need to stop focusing on how the world may view success. It is my belief that I will stand to be judged of God.. not of man. :) All of the missionaries around the world are angels in someones eyes. We work and see miracles every day! I am so thankful that I can learn to work my hardest for this great work of "inviting others to come unto Christ". It truly is a marvelous thing to be a missionary! I hope that was not too much of an opinion.. Granted I could go on forever about things like this! haha :) I love you all very much and hope all is well still! You ARE in my prayers! Have a great day and always remember to laugh and smile... Life is better that way!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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