Monday, February 14, 2011

Glad alla hjärtans dag!!

Hej Familj!!!

That subject line means, "Happy All Hearts Day" which is the Swedish version of Valentine's Day! I love you all!!!! I don't think the Holiday is quite as popular in Sweden, but it is still cool that they have it! Hey, just to be up front and honest, today's e-mail is going to be short.. We have a Zone Activity in Göteborg today at noon so we need to go catch a train here in a little while. :) So, we have been working like crazy here in Skövde! We had a great number of teaches, and we were even lucky to have the Assistants to President Anderson here to work with us for a day. Apparently President Anderson is excited for what is happening in Skövde and I must say that WE ARE TOO!!!! Our investigator "Pool" is growing and we are finding some very interested people. Here is a quick story, and then I must move on to my wonderful e-mails! We went to visit a man named Danny and his family who are quite positive. When we arrived Danny was not there because a huge snow storm had just hit that day and he was still out working. (He works for the post) So, we decided to try again another time with Danny. However, that left us with a hole in our schedule. So, we decided it would be best to go by some "Try Agains" we had in the area so we could make good use of time. May I just tell you that what happened next was amazing?!?! The very next door we knocked on was answered by a woman who we had talked to before. She stood there and talked to us for a while when her boyfriend came up the stairs and went inside. This is normally when the boyfriend says, "We are not interested.. leave now." However, he was not like that at all! He started listening in the background and then after a few minutes decided to take part in what we were talking about. About five minutes later another girl came to the door very interested in what we were saying. (She had been listening from the other room) They all stood there and asked all the questions they could think of. Some Swedes have very strange ideas about who we are as members of the church. I don't know where they are getting all of the false information. People really don't understand what they do when they bash our church... There is no need. lol Why fight the truth?? :) Anyway, they ended up being very interested and wanted to know more of what we had to say. We are heading back soon and will see where it goes! So, now to the e-mails quick! First we have Dad!! I love you Dad! Sabina is doing well! We visited with her a couple of days ago. She wants to know more about the church before she comes though. We hope she feels comfortable soon! Her and her daughter will be gone this week... You know what, a lot of people in Sweden will be gone this week. They have a thing where they get out of school for an entire week in the Winter... Kinda strange, but oh well! Thank you for your comments on last weeks Spiritual Thought. I love it so much!! I think it just takes a little bit of faith... (To break the rope and finally get moving) Once a person believes that it IS possible, they must know it to be true, push forward, and shift into "warp drive"... (Haha, there is a little bit of Star Trek for ya' Dad!) :) lol I love you Dad! Thank you for your thoughts on love today. You are so right about love being very important for us. In a lot of ways it gives us hope. I always know that there are people who love me. Always! Well, sorry to make this quick Dad, but I need to move on!! I love you!! Okay, now it is time for Matt!!! I love you Matt! Haha, I am glad you are glad that you don't have a Valentine this year. It will save you money just like you said! You want to know who my Valentine is??? lol Thats a personal question my dear brother.. Lets just say, my Valentine is a very special person. ;) :) lol Matt, you asked for my prayers and you have them! I pray for you every day, but I will be sure to pray for help so that you can preform at your best. I know it is important to you! Good! It is always good to have goals! I am soooo happy to hear that Seminary is going well and that you are not tired. That was always a challenge for me! Haha, take care of my precious little Molly! She is getting old and needs a good friend to help her. lol ;) You went on a Job Shadow? How cool! I loved doing those things! Yeah, being a surgeon would be a lot of work, and thats why they make all of that money!! I think my choice of a pediatrician is fitting because it is a little more relaxed and the hours are supporting of a family! (Not to mention the salary.. lol) Plus, I get to work with kids and watch them grow! Woo! Keep looking and exploring the field. Find whats right for you and then go for it! You have lots of time to decide! :) I love you Matt!! Your e-mails are wonderful to read, and they entertain me as well as my companion! I love you Matt! Okay, now it is Mom's turn! I love you Mom! It is true, the Gospel does bring us peace! I am grateful for it also! :) Speaking of Valentine's day... I have a gift for you! The Relief Society had an activity here just a few days ago and they invited us. They were making necklaces and we were hoping to have some less actives there. The less actives showed up so we stayed for the activity. They asked us if we wanted to make a necklace... haha I said that yes, I would love to! I wanted to make one for my mommy! :) It was quite the sight to see me sitting at the table of Relief Society sisters making a necklace. lol Äldste Overstreet found it to be just too funny and snapped a couple of pics. I don't have time to attach them now, but I will next week or a little later if I can. :) It will be a little later, but I will get it sent to you! :) lol Okay, well I am soooo sorry, but I just need to go. I love you Mom!!! Okay now a quick Spiritual thought! Go to this website and watch this video... I love you all, and I love my opportunity to serve a mission to spread this wonderful message. Until next week...

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)
The reading will have to come later... sorry!!! :)

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