Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pure Miracles!

Hej Familj!!!!!

Welcome to another wonderful p-day! Even though I have almost no time to e-mail!!!! I will get right to the point of the subject line! Do you remember that lady I talked about last week???? Yeah, her, and the man she was with both came to church on Sunday!!! Her name is Maria-Therese. We were sitting in the chapel with another investigator when we looked out into the hallway. When I saw them both standing there talking with the members I just about leaped from my seat! We were sooooo excited to see them at church! After we talked with them, the first day we taught them, we had invited them to church... and they came! They stayed for the entire time and had a blast! As we were walking home from church to get some lunch with our Branch Mission Leader he informed us that this lady's name was on a list of 5 people the branch is praying for. The list was created just a couple weeks before she came. May I just say... what a miracle!!! That is the only... ONLY explanation! We were guided to talk to her and her friend and they followed the Spirit to church. I have been beaming and just plain speechless for a while now! We have had much success in the land of Skövde and the future looks even more bright! I can't wait!!! :) Okay, thats about all the time I have for stories.... Oh wait... Nope, one more! As we were contacting we stopped a man that was pretty positive at first. Then he asked us where we were from. (this was in English... he could not speak Swedish) We told him that we were both from the United States here on a mission from God. His countenance completely changed. He started telling us that he was from Iraq and that we had killed millions of people and that our President was a liar and a criminal. He told us to get back to the states and to "preach God there". He instructed us to go to the President and tell him to remove the troops and to stop the killing. This entire time you must understand that we were trying to calm him down and to get him to lower his voice, but nothing would stop him. He said other things that just aren't good for an e-mail or anything for that matter and then stormed off... This has happened to me many, many times, but the next part of the story has never happened. Later on another day we were out knocking on doors.... When we knocked on this one door a little girl answered and we asked if her parents were home. She said that they were and went into the apartment to get one of them. The Mom did not want to answer the door so she went and woke up the husband who was sleeping... GUESS WHO?!?! Yup!! That same guy from the street. He looked really familiar, but we had a hard time remembering where we had seen him. Half-way through the first couple of lines I stopped and said, "are you that man we talked to the other day.. on the street" He replied yes, and we immediately remembered him. He thought it as really strange that we had accidentally knocked into his door so close to when we met. We decided it would be best to just move on, but on the other had we also felt that we were directed into him. We stayed and talked for a while (though refusing his invitation to come in) and everything about him was different. He informed us that he is a Christian and that his family escaped Iraq because they were being "hunted".. Apparently Iraq does not like Christians..... Anyway, he turned out to be a very friendly guy and even invited us to his church he goes to! haha AWESOME MIRACLE!! Okay, I need to get to the e-mails! First we have Dad!!! I love you! Sounds like the temple trip was amazing! I am glad! Our Stake President was talking about the temple yesterday and he asked a very interesting question.. I thought it was profound... He asked, "Has anyone ever gone to the temple JUST to offer THANKS to God??" Wow, right? He continued on to say that most people go with questions or blessings that they want to receive, but that a lot of times we forget to thank our Father in Heaven for those things He has blessed us with. I can't wait to try it!!! I can just imagine that the experience would be incredible! :) :) So, yes, the Andersons have been here for a while now. Their three year mark is coming up in July. It will be a sad day when he leaves, but a little bit of change is good every once in a while! Thank you for watching my Wells Fargo for me! I will look out for your info in March! Thanks! Oh! Those "sunset" pictures I sent you are actually "sunrises!!!!" Completely beautiful right?? Sometimes we have the sunrise out one window and the BIG full moon out the other window! It messes with your mind!!! :) lol Yes, I am also glad that I have the ability to e-mail... I don't know how well I would do with just letters! I don't know how you did it! You're amazing! :) Okay, well I love you Dad! Have an amazing week! :) Next is Matt!!!! I love you! Sweden is doing wonderfully thank you for asking! (even though Sweden lost the World Cup Handball Tournament... lol) The work is going forward with increased pace and the future is just glowing! I am excited! That is cool what you read in D and C 87!! Keep that reading up! How is the family doing with the reading in the Book of Mormon?!?! I hope all is well with that! Are you enjoying it?!?! :) Tired of the cold huh?? Sorry about that one bro.. not much I can do! Just stick it through because Spring is right around the corner! Oh yes, I do love the feeling when you have all of your homework done and you can just relax during the evening. It is all so worth it! Good to hear that the basketball is going strong and that you are enjoying yourself! Keep up the good work, and relax a bit from your lifting! Please, please, PLEASE don't injure yourself by lifting too much. Give your body some time to relax!!! haha :) I love you Matt! Have a great day and know that I love you!! Okay next is Mom!! I love you! First off, thank you so much for the pictures and the Jericho Road CD. I really enjoy pictures when I get them... They are gold! Quite the motivation too! :) By the way... I have asked before, but, how is my facebook looking? Have you posted anything on there or at least signed in for me?!?! haha Do I have friend requests from people in Sweden?!?!?! lol :) Let me know if you get the chance! So, from the looks of it, you had a pretty fantastic Birthday! I am glad! Especially that my letter got to you in time! Whew! Thank you for sending the Valentine's box! I am sure that it will be great whenever I get it!! haha Also, thank you for the Sugar Cookie Frosting recipe... Why did I capitalize that??? lol :) My plaque is up at church?!?! How exciting is that! I look forward to seeing pictures of it! Wooo!! It's about time!!! lol I love you sooo much Mom!! Have a great week and know that you are in my prayers! How is Landon by the way?!?! Is he feeling better?!?! haha :) Okay well now it is on to the Spiritual Thought! This comes from a dinner me and Äldste Overstreet had a couple of nights ago. Äldste Overstreet is working on his cooking skills and had made Chili con Carne and hot dogs. When I commented on how great it turned out he said, "yeah, I was scared at first!" To which I responded... This is a quote of what I said, on the spot!! Pretty cool! I said, "It is often times in our greatest moments of despair that we bring to light our destined ability to succeed, to overcome... TO TRIUMPH!!..... even if it is just chili..." haha :) Yeah, I know right!!?? Sweet! After I said it Äldste Overstreet said, "dude, you need to write that down..." So I did! And may I say that I have just fallen in love with the quote!?!?! It is so true! At times we find ourselves "down in the dumps" or just lost not knowing where to turn. I believe that it is during these times that we uncover our true character... Our truly divine destiny to be great! We are stronger than we often times give ourselves credit for. With the Savior, we are unstoppable! I need to get going, but I hope this quote will help someone somehow... Even if it is just chili, we have the ability to do GREAT THINGS!!! I love you all and pray for you every day! Have an AMAZING WEEK!!! :)

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

The Reading!!!

Tuesday - p.322 ch.46 - p.328 ch.48
Wednesday - p.328 ch.48 - p.333 ch.50
Thursday - p.333 ch.50 - p.339 ch.52
Friday - p.339 ch.52 - p.344 ch.54
Saturday - p.344 ch.54 - p.348 ch.56
Sunday - p.348 ch.56 - p.354 ch.58
Monday (next) - p.354 ch.58 - p.358 ch.60

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