Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leaving the MTC?? L. Tom Perry?? Yup, that's the life of a missionary!

Okay, so let me address the subject line. I am not leaving the MTC... yet! But I did get to leave for a couple hours on Monday! You see, Aldste Shear had a really bad tooth ache and so we took him to the health clinic here at the MTC. They set up an appointment for him to see a dentist. So Monday around noon, I was picked up by a van and was, "transported" to the dentist. It was quite the experience! I was able to be a REAL missionary for a few hours! So we went to Francis Dental which is, wait until you hear this, just across the street from WYVIEW!! It was so crazy! I drove right by Wyview! Ugh! I was in my old stompin' grounds! Anyway, in the dentist office was the worst! They were listening to a radio station that was playing amazing music!! Let me just say, I have never focused on the scriptures as I did in that dentist office! I was doing pretty well until the song of all songs came on. FIREFLIES by Owl City! I was dying!!! Oh it was terrible! haha! Okay, now to L. Tom Perry!!!! He was our devotional speaker yesterday! It was so incredible to be in the same room, (and just a couple rows away from) an apostle of the Lord! he has so much love for the gospel, and the Book of Mormon! Which was what his talk was on. We missed dinner to get in line early so we could get a good seat. Normally we wouldn't have done it, but the word leaked out that it was a member of the Twelve!! Oh I wish you all could have been there! SOOO INCREDIBLE!! I love this gospel with all my heart!! It amazes me that people of the world refuse the message of peace, love and joy that we (the members of the church) have to share with them! Wow, I don't think I have ever felt the spirit this strongly in A LAUNDRY ROOM!!! haha :) okay, on to the E-mail for this week! Matt!! Congrats on another volleyball win! I am proud of you! You are correct in calling Swedish a crazy language! It is a beast! But oh soooo much fun to learn! We taught the first lesson completely in Swedish this past Monday! CRAZY! Another bird got in the house huh? I remember those fun/terrifying times! :) The weather is crazy! It is raining like mad right now! Every p-day! (well, almost) haha. I loved what you said about seminary Matt. The Lord does bless your day when you attend! I can testify to that! Keep studying, and making an effort to no matter what, read and STUDY the book of Mormon EVERY DAY!! It will bless you emensely! Oh yes, the month mark! It was a pretty normal day! I tried not to think about it too much because it frustrates me more than anything! I just want to get to Sweden and preach for REAL!!! Lets do this! :) I love you so much Matt. You don't even know how much I pray for you! Keep doing the things the Lord wants you to and you will be blessed and happy! Keep it real Matt! :) Mom and Dad!! You two brighten my day so much! I love you! In answer to your question, no, I haven't been a host yet. Every week they call a few districts to help with that, and ours has not been called yet. But maybe in the future! Dad, Dad, Dad!! haha I love you! I can't wait for the AMAZING e-mail lol :) I am glad to hear that you are doing well and working hard! Keep it up! The Lord will bless you! Oh my!! Matt's english project video sounds like it was really funny! I really wish I could see it! Did you put it on the blog? haha i am sure the world would love to see it! :) Todd Rowley!! What a stud!! Congrats to him! I was very excited when I found out he was getting married! Mom, that would be soooo cool if in the future you and Dad had the opportunity to serve the Lord on a mission! You would love it!! As for the temple today. Yes I am going even though it is raining like crazy! I go every Wednesday at 3!! :) I love the spirit I feel there! Anyway, I love you all and pray for you daily! And before I sign off...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY!! (on the 2nd) :) I hope you get my card in time!! :) Oh!!! Was I ever going to get the master list of addresses? And list of birthdays, important dates? I love you all!!! Oh, I can't call on mothers day.. :( ... but I will call from the airport!!! Love ya!! Time is out!!!

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready...
Aldste Kundis :)

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