Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Love Being A Missionary !

Hello Family!!

Well it is true, I really do love being a missionary! It is so much fun! I am glad to hear the the Jazz are doing well and the DUKE won the national title. MOM AND MATT!!!! Thank you so much for the mint brownies, shorts, maple bars and the card. I loved them and everyone else in my district loved them! It is true! When you get stuff life that people love you! OH! Before I forget again. Elders that are going to the Billings Montana Mission are all in my zone. They room right next to us. I am really good friends with them all. I told them all about Montana and you guys. They are so excited to be heading up there in a week! I told them that if they get to Great Falls that they have to write me a letter and find the Kundis house! Hahaha well enough about that. rules.... just so you know it seems like its so much faster than letters. haha (plug,plug) yes Mom I AM in the MTC Choir! It is so amazing I love it so much. The spirit is there and it makes me tear up every time. I am playing the piano and singing my guts out. All my district says that I have an amazing voice and that I should try out for American Idol!! haha Matt, they have lots of good food here! And i work out ALOT here! Weight machines, a running track. I am getting some nice muscles and I do hope to be... what did you say again? Like a boss?? haha Anyway, the Swedish is coming along great! I love the language.. now if only I understood it better! lol :) General Conference was amazing! The talks were great! I couldn't help but feel the emphasis on families. It spoke to my heart and I loved it. the music at the sessions was amazing! the Orem Institute of Religion has it going on! hmmm.. Elder Shear and I think that it is really funny how our moms talk back and forth about us... Quite amusing to say the least. Mom, enjoy my blanket because I sure wish I could take it with me! haha So warm and fluffy. One quick question... Can you send me Kevin's old tape recorder? I believe it was in his old mission stuff. I would really like to have that. Just let me know in a dearelder letter sometime because I can just buy one here if I need to. I will be sending the picture card really soon so you can SEE what I am up to in this place. Mom!!! I need that list of addresses really soon! haha and if you can put my old BYU addresses on there too that would be dandy! I love you all so very much! I love this gospel and my savior Jesus Christ. I am greatful for his atonement and what that means in my life. The temple here is really cool!! The spirit is so strong with all the elders in there. Just AMAZING!! You are all in my prayers and I know that everything is going great! Keep the faith and press forward!

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready...
äldste kundis

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