Monday, January 23, 2012

This just in... Winter!

Hej familj!!!

Well as you can see from the subject of the e-mail we finally got some REAL snow here in Jakobsberg, Sweden! It all started on Saturday night. We were coming home from a baptism the ward had for Nicolas Espinoza (he turned 8!!) and it started to snow lightly. Well, when we woke up the next day it had snowed quite a bit, and it got worse and worse. Outside right now it is easily negative temperatures and we have lots and lots of snow. I am starting to think that we get the same weather you all get, but we get it a bit later. There is probably some scientific explanation for that, but I am not sure what. So, if that is true, I think we might have a warm-up coming our way? Time will tell, and we will see!

So, we have had an incredible week! Let me first start out with some very exciting news! Two of our investigators have decided to be baptized! Isn't that awesome! Their names are Darmas and Aman. They live here in our area and their Mom, who is a member from Washington State, is here visiting. The missionaries have been teaching them with their mother and they feel that it is time to move forward and join their mother. We went over to teach them and had planned to invite them to be baptized and they accepted, no problems at all! It was a very Spiritual teach and I know that everyone felt the love of our Heavenly Father. So.. They are scheduled to be baptized on the 4th of February. It will be a great day, and we will be with them every step of the way! Woo!

As for the rest of the week... We have been fed sooooo much food.. I am always so full. This is a real problem!! I think the members here are trying to stuff me up so they can shove me in their oven! Haha I am just kidding.. But seriously though, the members basically refill my plate when I finish. I don't know what to do and we have dinners planned for every day until February! And that is only because the February calendar is not up on the board yet! I think I might just keep it down for a bit.. You know, give my stomach a break! Haha I love this place!

Oh! This is another fun thing that happened. We were asked to put together the baptismal program for Nicolas' Baptism, and as we were typing it up and getting everything ready, the parents called and asked me to do a musical number! haha I had like no time to practice, but I was able to polish up a version of "When I am Baptized". They time came and needless to say, I was nervous! I started to play and all feelings of nervousness left me!! It was SOOO COOL to sing the same song I sang at my baptism but only this time in Swedish! "Ibland Kan Jag se Regnbågen" That is it's Swedish title. It all turned out well and they really appreciated it. Now all I have to worry about is the musical number they asked me to do at tomorrow's Zone Conference! Yikes! I will be singing "I know that my Redeemer lives" the EFY version that Josh sang at his farewell and homecoming. It should be great! I have Syster Bylund playing the piano for me which is awesome because I got to know her really well when I was the center missionary in Stockholm a few months back.

Anyway, this will be a great week and I am looking forward to it! As for our p-day today we will be heading into Stockholm for an activity with all of the other missionaries in the Stockholm Zones. You know, the activities I would always go to when I was in Linköping?? Yup, only this time I am living in Stockholm! haha Not really, but basically because I am soooo close. It is all one big city anyways.

Okay, I will get to the e-mails now! First up, Matt! I love you Matt! Congrats on being done with finals! Those are always rough, but at the same time it is really nice to have the longer lunches and only like three classes. Not to mention, if you finish quick you get lots of free time to listen to music or whatever. I loved that part of finals. I must say that you have really impressed me! That class you were talking about really sounds like it would be rewarding. You would be the perfect person to help out with those kids and keep them laughing and happy. Not to mention the fact that you will remain humble and always remember that we are ALL sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven. How great is that! Let me know how that class goes for you. I am so proud of you and the man you are becoming. Keep it up brotha! So Elder Prosser had a good talk huh? That is awesome! I bet he learned a lot and really enjoyed his time serving! Missions are the best thing for our lives. Better than diets, better than education, better than iPhones... haha They teach us what is important and what really is not. We develop relationships with our Father in Heaven and with Jesus Christ. Missionaries learn through experience how to deal with the challenges of life. Prepare now my brother who I love! You will never EVER regret the decision to serve a mission. Okay, so good luck with your job at the LaQuinta! Sounds like some tough work.. Painting can be stressful at times, but I am sure you will become an expert at it in no time at all! I love you Matt! Have a fun week and good luck with your new classes!

Okay, now it is time for Dad! I love you Dad! Okay, to answer your questions about our companionship. We are "Co-Seniors" which basically means that the Lord is our Senior. We follow the Spirit at all times when making decisions and it has been an incredible experience so far. Being with Äldste Shear again has been so much fun. Not a day goes by that we are not laughing and having the time of our lives in the service of our God. I am so thankful to the Lord for this opportunity. :) Thank you for your story of when you first arrived in Japan. I remember you telling me that towards the beginning of my mission and it was helpful to know that what I was going through, no matter how personal, was universal. We all have those moments. But it is in those moments we grow the most! I know that it true! Never would I give back one of those many experiences I have had. I have learned too much from them. They are my experiences.. I was sent here to have them and to learn from them and I cherish them. I love this!!!!!!!!!!! haha I just love how the more and more I serve I get caught up in the joy of our God. It is all so real! I know it! Now, if only I could get everyone I meet to realize that! :) ;) I love you very much Dad! Take care of the family and please know that you are in my prayers. Every single day!!!! Have a great week!

Now it is on to Mom! I love you Mom! I must be honest in saying that I thought it was rather funny you didn't realize that the story I sent was about me until you were a ways through it. I guess I didn't do a very good job in explaining that. But oh well, you know now! :) You have been sick?!?! What!?! I really REALLY hope that you are feeling better now! No one likes to be sick. I am glad however that you are feeling better! Keep working at it! :) It really sounds like Matt Prosser's talk was great! I am sure that the Spirit was right there in the chapel testifying to all that this work is great! I am so lucky Mom!! Look at me.. I am a missionary who gets to go out everyday and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What an amazing opportunity! I am blessed and all those who are able to serve are blessed as well! :) I guess I am just going to be happy today. Haha Sounds good to me! :) I hope that you are happy and loving life, because it is amazing! Get feeling better and have a good week of work! As I told Dad, you are also in my prayers every single day! Don't you forget it! haha I know you wont! I love you Mom!

Okay, now let me get to the Spiritual Thought! I have time to write one out, but I feel like this is going to be awesome. Go to the Church's website and watch the video titled, "Power of God". It really touched me, and I know that you will enjoy it too! The Priesthood is no joke folks... It is real. It comes from God. It's power blesses many and I am thankful for the ability I have to bless others with it. I love you all very much! Have an amazing week! We are blessed. We truly are.

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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