Monday, January 9, 2012

A dream come true!!!!

Hej Familj!!!

Well I have some very exciting news to share with you all!!! As most of you probably know, transfers were announced this week. We received our call this past Saturday from President Newell early in the morning. Guess what?? I am moving! But guess what the BEST part is?? I will be with my MTC companion Äldste Shear again!!! Hahaha! I know right! How awesome is that! I will be able to end my mission with the same companion that I started the mission with. Over our time together in the MTC and out here in the field we have quickly become very good friends. This transfer call was truly an answer to prayer.. Just what I wanted. I remember the two of us talking in the MTC about what if we were companions in the mission field, and now it is actually happening!!! Wooo!

We will be serving in Jakobsberg which is basically Stockholm. (it is just north of Stockholm maybe only 10-15 minutes on the commuter train) I had a chance to do some work in Jakobsberg when I was serving in the Stockholm City area. I love the ward, and I love the area. Lots of people ready for the Gospel! I honestly freaked out when President told me this was happening. Most everyone in the mission is just as shocked as I was when I heard it! It will be a fantastic transfer and we will have a great time serving this last transfer of our missions together. I am soooooo excited?!? Anyone else excited out there?? You should be because this is big news! :) haha

Anyway, this week has been great! We found lots of new investigators and the work truly took a large swing upwards. Exactly what we over here in Sweden were hoping for! Yay! I must say though, the past couple of days have been very hard. It seems with every area that I leave from it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. I gave my testimony yesterday and just couldn't keep myself from shedding a few tears as I looked out on the amazing branch of Latter-day Saints that I have come to love during the months that I have served here. I will be saying goodbye to most of the branch these last couple of days because I will take the train up to Stockholm on Wednesday. I really don't like this part of transfers.... But I know that the members of Jakobsberg are just as loving! I look forward to getting to know more of them and serving them in this great work I am so blessed to be a part of!

Well, I better get to the e-mails really, really fast because I got all caught up in the transfer news. We actually are heading up to Stockholm to spend some time with the Elders there especially Äldste Wood who will be traveling home in just a couple of days. He is my brother for sure. Lots of fun will be had with him after the mission. But, thats not for a long long long time so thats that! Okay, first we have Dad! I love you Dad! Sorry that the fireworks woke you up and made you tired on Sunday. Sounds like no fun! Hopefully there have not been too many aftershocks lately and you have been sleeping like a baby again! By the way, do you still nap on the couch every once in a while and stick your hand in your button-up shirt??? That always amused me! I remember taking a picture of you and turning it into a Darth Vader themed picture. Complete with a light-saber and all! :) So, Matt Proser returned home huh?? That is great! I am sure that his family is LOVING THAT!! Be sure to tell him hi for me and that I hope he had a fabulous mission! Okay, sorry but this must stay short if I want to get to everyone! I love you Dad! Have a great week and know that you are forever in my prayers!

Okay, now on to Matt!! I love you Matt! I am going to ignore your trunky comments and tell you that I love you! All in good time brother! Thank you for letting me know that you are praying for me! Be sure to say your personal prayers every night before bed! That way when I get home we both can be in the habit of kneeling down in prayer at the end of our day! It is a great feeling! Oh, and say them in the morning too... The absolute BEST way to start the day! :) Never forget this, I love you and I pray for you because I love you. Make good choices and enjoy your last year of high school! It is the best! Yes, by the way, I am set on BYU for after the mission... :) Have you heard back from them yet?? Let me know brother! I love you!

Okay I must move on to Mom now! I love you Mom! Can you really believe that this transfer actually happened?!?! Yay! Thank you for your prayers and faith! What a... blessing.. A true blessing! Thank you! :) Yes, we finally have some snow here. This is the first bit that is not leaving so I think we are in for it!!! Wooo! Bring it on! That song, "Stronger" was from the Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries CD. I believe the title is "Work". It has like a field and a guitar on the front.. Haha very fitting! :) I hope you can find it! I was very happy to hear that you enjoyed my Spiritual Thought from last week! It was something very special to me. The Spirit is felt so much, and so strong on a mission. I love it. I thought addictions were bad, but what about an addiction to the Spirit?? Haha I am sure that can't be too bad! ;) I love you so very much Mom! Your faith and prayers along with the rest of the family keep me going. They keep me focused and dedicated. I am so happy and very taken care of! The future is bright! Very VERY bright! Okay, well I love you Mom, but I need to get out of here so we don't miss our train!

Here is a quick Spiritual Thought! I am not sure if I have shared this before, but it is something that I like very much. It was a quote from Sister Siikavvara in her Sunday talk at Christmas time. She said, "In the darkest of days we gather to celebrate the birth of our Savior. The light to all the world." Isn't that amazing! In the darkest of months, both figuratively and literally, we celebrate the light to our souls. We have so much warmth and light and joy from our Savior Jesus Christ! What a blessing and a testimony of a loving Heavenly Father! Okay, well I hope that you all "stay warm" this week and make it a good one! I love you all with all of my heart! Until next week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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