Monday, September 12, 2011

Trials make the heart grow stronger!!

Hej Familj!!!

I don't have much time so this is going to be rather short. First off, so you all know, I have some symptoms that returned this past Tuesday... Not to worry though! I am doing great and am in good contact with President and Sister Newell. I think it might be something to do with a pinched nerve or something similar, but nothing to be seriously concerned about. If the symptoms get worse or anything I am surrounded by loving people who are ready to take care and offer their help. I will be traveling to Stockholm on Wednesday for District Leader training so that will give me a chance to talk with President and see what we need to do to get this all figured out! Hopefully nothing will be needed in the future and I can just continue with the Lord's work. I guess I spoke too soon last week in letting you all know I was doing better. I guess I just wanted you all to not worry about me! :) Because there is nothing to worry about! Well, this week was not as great as we had planned... mainly due to my little health issue. But this next week is looking great and we are starting to figure out Linköping! We had our Branch Conference yesterday and lots of visitors from the Stake in Stockholm. After church we had a lunch with soups and sandwiches and LOTS of desserts! Mmmm! It was great to be a part of it all! Everyone was just so happy there! It is great! Also, we were invited to our Branch Mission Leader's home for dinner on Friday. He is a great guy! His wife is a great cook! haha They made deer for us! Mmmm! I haven't had stake in a long while, so it was a very nice meal! They have a dog who is named Vargo (pronounced Vah-reee-oh) which means good wolf!!! haha He is a four year old Siberian Husky. Probably one of the friendliest dogs I have ever met! It made me really want to have a Siberian Husky sometime in my future! However, Molly still has Vargo beat... Pretty hard to beat perfection!! lol :) Anyway, I left the house covered in fur. Kinda a down side... :( So let me get to the e-mails before I need to head off! Lets start with Matt! I love you Matt! Honors Stats huh? Sounds like fun! Pointers I would offer... Number one, make SURE that you truly UNDERSTAND everything you learn. If you don't, go in for some one on one help! Mrs. Dahl is really amazing when it comes to helping her students understand! Quite an amazing teacher! The class is a lot of fun, and at times it is really easy to goof off and not really be paying attention. Don't do that. Trust me, it leads to confusion and stress later on. (Normally around test time!) haha You will do great in her class though! Have fun with the whole M&M's thing. Bring her some but take the blue ones out for her. Trust me, she will love you for that! hahaha I hope I am remembering this all okay! :) I pray that your ACT went well and that you are happy with how you did! Get involved and be your very best self! Make friends with the teachers and prioritize! You know all that though... :) I love you Matt! Okay, now time for Dad! I love you Dad! To answer your questions, yes, I did lose feeling in my head and face. No, I did not buy anything new or change anything. No, we do not have different rooms... haha The rule is still the same. The other bedroom is being used as luggage storage and our ironing board is set up in there for when we need some good looking shirts! :) Lets see, haha yes! I am eating very well! Much better than pre-mission! It is great! Hahaha your story about your mission was just too much! haha I can just see ya'll riding your bikes in the middle of the cold night with steam coming off you! Sounds like a cold place! Yup, winter is coming, but I am not scared! It will be fun! :) Okay, I love you Dad! Have a great week! Let me know if you have anymore questions for me! Mom! I love you Mom! Thank you for the third package!! haha It is great having a supply of American goods in the apartment! Someones birthday is coming up?? It's not mine is it?!?! Well if it is, and I had a loving mother who asked me what I needed/wanted, I would have to tell her that I am unsure right now! Money in the account might just be the best option... I have a few things I would really like to buy before I head home. You know, things from the mission! Anyway, I will give it some thought and let you know soon! (oh, by the way, there is an $11.29 charge on my wells fargo credit card.. Sorry, but my other cards would not work at the place we went to!) That was soooo cool to see a picture of Tyler!!! I haven't really had contact with him for a while.. I hope all is well with him! Sounds like the funeral went well! Glad to hear that everyone was able to remember the good times and support each other! :) So you and everyone else knows, my "bummer" is doing fine!! Riding bikes around all the time has started to just become "the way it is" and I don't hurt nearly as much now! But that doesn't mean I pass up the opportunity to leave the bikes and just take the bus every now and again! ("You got that right.." -direct quote of what Äldste Maxwell said when I read that line to him! hahaha) My prayers will be with Josh, Hillary and Landon this week! I hope that they are feeling better and that whatever caused them to get sick is gone! It's no good when the whole family is sick! Blugh! Keep me posted on how they are feeling! :) Also, tell Russ Morin that he needs to get healed up for Basketball Season! I bet that is hard having to be out a whole season of Football.. Senior year too.. bummer.. I mean, ouch! I am sure he is just as optimistic and happy as ever though! He is always a good example of that! Tell the coaches to get Matt in the game more.. He worked too hard to just stand on the sides! That kid has a heart and a determination to do his best! Let him do it!!!!! Grrr!!! Sorry, a little bit of older brother for ya! Well, this has gone on for quite a while and we need to get on with our day! We have a cleaning inspection tomorrow and we must go buy some food for the week! Mmmm! I hope you have a great week Mom! I love you! Okay quick Spiritual Thought before I have to get outta here! This one comes from a comment Äldste Maxwell made in our last District Meeting! He said, "You gotta put in and forget about whatever is gonna come out." At the moment he was making reference to pole vaulting but in bigger context it means that when we set goals and stretch to achieve them we must forget about what we want to achieve and focus on the things we need to do or give or "put in" in order to achieve those goals. This is so true, and I love it! Set goals, and then don't go for them! Go for the smaller things that will make the large goal a reality! Simplify and the rate of success will increase! haha Just my two cents worth this week! Sorry this was rushed! I love you all! Have a fantastic week! :)

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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