Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess who is going to be TWENTY?!?

Hej Familj!!

Welcome to another Swedish P-Day! I want you to know that I am doing well! Haha Things have been going pretty good here in Skövde, and everything is beginning to make progress. We still, sadly, do not have our area book yet because the office decided it would be too expensive to send. SO! That means that we will get the area book tomorrow at Zone Conference. This has made things very slow, but the work moves on still! Just so you know, Skövde was closed because it had no progressing investigators and things were just no good here. This means that it is REALLY starting from the ground up. Since we have been here we have received a few referrals from church members, and they seem really, really excited to have missionaries back in the area. Yesterday was our first Sunday here with the branch, and it was awesome! There are more people than there were in Växjö, so that makes me feel a little bit more at home. They have a beautiful chapel here, and everyone seems very nice! We had dinner with the branch president and his wife last night.. Guess what they served??? Haha.. Lasagna! Mmm!! Don't you worry mom, it was not as good as your delicious lasagna, but it was nice to have food made by someone other than a missionary! For dessert we had a banana chocolate cake that was hot out of the oven with ice cold vanilla sauce on top!! mmmm!! It was to die for!! haha I don't know if they have vanilla sauce in the USA?? I have been told no, but its sooo good it is hard to believe! Anyway, the dinner was really nice! VERY fancy... I felt like I was dining with the president! Basically we were spoiled rotten! So! For this p-day we are traveling down to Jönköping to spend the day. I am not sure yet all that we are doing but it will be very fun! Let me get right to the e-mail this week! First we have my wonderful father! I love you Dad! Don't you worry... We do not have any bed bugs! haha We washed everything and made sure of it! But you were right.. I was pretty flustered about the bugs in Halmstad! Yeah, I agree with what you said about conference being my life line to church headquarters and the USA. It made me feel really good to hear their familiar voices! It really was something special! I am sorry that you missed most of conference because of your travels. But you did get to hear the general authority from SWEDEN!! Do you remember Per G. Malm's talk? Yeah.. he is from Sweden! When he told that story about Göteborg, Sweden and that tree that was filled with garbage, we all freaked out! It was cool to have our country represented! Anyway, lol thank you so much for the AWESOME birthday wishes! It is going to be strange getting out of the "teens"!! lol I remember turning 13 and being super excited to be a teenager! I only have a few more days of that!! Agh!! lol I love you Dad! Thank you for your wisdom and inspiring thoughts. Okay now on to my little brother Matt!! I love you Matt! First off, why are you asking me about my truck?? haha Whats going on there? Tell me, or else! jkjk Sounds like you have had an amazing weekend! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying school this year! How are the classes coming along? What are you studying in seminary right now? haha I ask you so many questions, but that is only because I miss spending time with you, and I want to know how you are doing. I pray for you a lot Matt.. I hope you realize that. You are at a point in your life where it is very important to make good choices and to start preparing for your future. I know how hard that is, and how stressful that can be! So, you get extra prayers from me! :) I love you man! You are quite the stud! From your pictures it looks like your work outs are coming along VERY nicely! haha I am gonna lose it when I see you again!! Just promise not to crush me.. ok?? ok!! haha :) Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, I will be sure to do something fun. We have our stake conference this next Sunday in Göteborg. So, I will be there for my birthday! Woo! Anyway, I love you Matt! Always remember that I am thinking of you and if you ever need strength, I am right there for you in prayer. :) Okay, now on to Mom!! I love you Mom!! Yes, I am settling into Skövde nicely. It is a beautiful place! It is not as diverse as Växjö... Barely any immigrants. Mostly all Swedes! Which is pretty cool because they are my favorite! haha jkjk I don't like picking favorites! You WILL eat at Mossen's one day! It was funny because after we left I told Äldste Landeen that when I came back I would bring my family here to eat! haha :) Thank you for your thoughts about conference! You are soo right! Obedience IS the key! Out here it is everything. Obedience is the first law of heaven, and it is also the first law of missionary work! I have seen how obedience blesses the work AND the missionary! :) Wow, you had an awesome time in Utah! (aside from Annie going to the hospital... I will be praying for her. Tell her I love her and that I hope she feels better soon) I am glad that everything is going well with Colin! You looked very happy to be holding him! :) Brought a few tears to my eyes! Matt and Dad looked awesome! They are so happy! :) I like to see them together like that. Okay here are some questions... Ready? okay.. Did the stake president say it was okay to stay in the Two Rivers Ward? How are the renters who are living in the house? Is Molly sleeping outside? Whats up with my truck? Can you send a copy of my call letter? What was that book series called that I read about the guy and his music career? hahahaha sorry about all of those, but I have been forgetting to ask over the past weeks! Okay, thank you for the awesome birthday wishes! It feels strange yet cool to be turning 20! I wish I had your awesome birthday cake!! mmmm! DELICIOUS! :) Maybe for my 22nd birthday!!?? haha mhmm, for sure! Mom, you constantly amaze me at how well you take care of me... thousands of miles away! I love you! As for Christmas.. haha you know this is always hard for me! :) I like your idea! Santa always knows what I would like! lol We should probably just leave it up to him!!! ;) Anyway, I love you Mom!! You and the rest of the family are in my prayers! :) Alright everyone, now it is time for the Spiritual thought! I would like to share a part of a book I am reading entitled, "Believing Christ" by Stephen E. Robinson. In this part of the book he is talking about how at times many of us just don't trust the Savior. We often get frightened and intimidated and feel that there is no way that Christ can save us from our imperfections. He explains further that a lot of members get caught up in saving themselves.. a task that is impossible might I add. We see Christ as a guide, a coach, but not as the SAVIOR!!! This has been huge for me... Especially in realizing that I am not perfect, but that through Christ, I can become prefect! Don't beat yourself up over your imperfections..... we ALL have them! Luckily we don't follow the Law of Moses anymore, and we have a more excellent path to follow.. A path full of mercy and love. I love you all! I know that as we strive to become perfect through Christ we will find the happiness we search after. I need to go catch a train.. haha I will have an AMAZING birthday, and I will tell you all about it next week! Keep the faith, and know that I love you. :) I really really really do! :)

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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