Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You will never guess!!!

Oh wow have I got some news for you!! So you will never guess who gave our devotional this week!!! Go ahead guess!! I dare you to get it right! Okay, I will just tell you... Elder Jeffery R. Holland!! I know right?!?! Wow! I was so stoked! I was so close! Even closer than when Elder Perry was here! Let me just say that that meeting, and that talk will forever be present in my mind. He spoke directly to my Spirit. I was crying like crazy the Spirit was so strong! I love Elder Holland! words seriously cannot describe how amazing that was! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this gospel is true, and that being a missionary is something to treasure! He spoke alot about being a missionary and well, lots and lots of other things that just aren't appropriate to share through e-mail. Sorry, but most of the things I wrote down, and that were said by Elder Holland are pretty much sacred to me. Wow I love this! :) So, anyway! I get my travel plans tomorrow!! Yayaya! I will be sure and write a letter and get it sent off as soon as I get the plans! :) Okay so this is important... Are you listening? (yes, I know you are not REALLY listening, lol) Okay, so the last day I can check e-mail AND regular mail is next wednesday. So, anything you send to me must be here by that date! Just so you know, Regular mail IS forwarded to the mission home in Sweden, but Dear Elders ARE NOT forwarded.. haha just wanted to make sure that was clear! :) Okay, I have recieved confirmation that I am allowed to have another bag to carry on the plane. (My backpack, plus another) So, here is my problem, I don't have another bag. I can buy like a duffelbag thing here that works if you want me to. So send me a dear elder today and let me know what you feel I should do! Thanks! :) So as you all know... I am really excited to get to Sweden! I can't believe I am almost there! I can feel the excitement more and more each day! Well, on to the family e-mail. Dad! I loved your e-mail! :) When you started talking about prayer I got all teary-eyed! I love prayer, and know how important it is! I love the two-way communication with my Heavenly Father and the ability to share the feelings of my heart! :) I love you so much Dad! I can't help but think about being as excited as you were to go to Japan on your mission! Ugh, it's such a strange mix of feelings! Matt!! Who is this girl you speak of? I don't quite understand! Swedish is awesome Matt! I love it with all of my heart! I can't believe I am ACTUALLY learning it too!! Tell Gabe hi for me.. hahaha He is a funny man. You benched 210? Thats impresive! Keep it up! Thanks for keeping Molly active for me! I love her! Make sure to give her a bath and give her a treat for me! haha :) EFY?!?!?! You are going this year? That is so awesome! You will have an amazing time! When you are there focus on the Spirit as much as you can! Drink it in, and love every second of it! Watch out for that Bob Marley.. haha Some of the Elders here love him, and so I get a little bit of Bob Marley during gym time.. They don't do him justice. lol :) I love you Matt!! Mom!! I love you as well!!! No van trips today! Yay! Oh I am sooo excited for SWEDEN! I seriously wake up excited! Elder Deleeuw was laughing very loudly when he saw the tissues. lol nice one ;) Thank you so much for the box! I loved it! And thanks in advance for the address/birthday list! I can't wait to get those! Wow! I know what you are saying about the last chapter of 2 Nephi!! It is so incredible! My marking pencil went crazy! haha :) That thing (marking pencil) rules by the way! JOHN BYTHEWAY?!? Thats so crazy!! Make sure you get into that one and let me know all about it! It is still really rainy here. But I am glad you have some sun to work on the flowers! You will do fine with the DVD!!! Matt and Dad are techies as well! Well, I love you so much Mom! Can't wait to talk to all of you at the airport! Okay so you asked what I need and honsetly I can't think of anything! Except, a dear elder letting me know what you think about the bag for the plane! I love you all so much! I love this gospel and I love this work! My prayers are with you always! :)

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready.....
Aldste Kundis :)

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