Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hej Familj!! Too close for comfort . . . :(

Well let me just start off by saying this morning was terrible!! haha Not because of something bad, but because Äldste Shear had another dentist apointment! This time it was horrible! Not only did I have to deal with the music again, but we drove all around Provo! We were in the van for like half an hour driving around! I was able to SEE Josh and Hillary's Apartment and then we went to Hillary's work! We went to the other doors. This means that I passed right by the door she goes in and out of! (the back door) I was dying!! Then we drove out by Josh's work! Ugh!! Then, the worst of all we went to that eye clinic right next to Josh & Hillary's place. I was looking right at their windows for 15 minutes!!!! Agh! I pretty much died inside. lol ANYWAY!! Enough of that! Lets get to the E-mail! First is Dad!! I love you dad! I am sorry about that picture of Äldste DeLeeuew haha we thought it would be funny to send. You are so right about the MTC it is so special! I love it! As far as SYL (speak your language) goes, we are deffinately doing that! We have three English Fasts as we call them where we don't speak a work of English! They are really fun, but I always need tylenol after them!! haha :) Aldste Shear's teeth are doing well! Don't worry he got them all fixed today. Oh and by the way... Elder Perry was not teaching in the laundry room!! hahaha I laughed out loud when I read that! Dad, I love you so much! Thank you for your comforting words! They uplift and inspire me! :) Mom!! I was so happy to read about your Book of Mormon reading experience! That was really special to hear! It of course made me cry! lol I did get my mother's genes on that one! I am glad to hear about your continued scripture reading! MATT!!! haha how could you forget!! I can't believe you! haha I only kid brother! I love you so much! Even though you locked the keys in the car and could not get them out! haha funny story! :) So yes! Three weeks until SWEDEN!! Ugh I am soooo excited!! Mom, I love you so much! I can feel your spirit as well as dad's. Your prayers help alot, and those days when I'm a little down I feel those blessings the most! They uplift me and help me keep an eternal mindset. As for things I will need for Sweden... I am still thinking about that question. I heard that you can take two carry on's?? Like a personal item and another bag. One below the seat and one above you. I don't have that confirmed yet, but I will look into it! So May 24th is looking like the magical day! We have not yet recieved our travel plans, but hope to next week! Wooo!! I love you all so very much! The Lord loves each and everyone of us! The spirit is so strong, and I can't wait to take that to Sweden to share it with the Swedish people! Oh by the way! I am almost done with a tape that I will send to you sometime (hopefully) this week. :) You should deffinately enjoy that! I hope the blog is going well, and that people are enjoying it! I love all of you and will talk to you next week! :)

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!
Äldste Kundis

P.S. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ON SUNDAY!!! I am glad to hear that you got my card! I love you Mom!!

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