Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ER? Baby?!?! SWEDEN?!?!

Hey Family!!

Okay so as you can see from the subject of this e-mail, I have some interesting stories! Okay, first about the ER. On this last Saturday I started having some pain on my right side and I thought it was my appendix. So to make a REALLY long story short, the clinic here was closed, so they called the doctor and he sent me to the ER. I AM FINE!!! haha Sorry, I am A-Ok! I guess the MTC will take care of the bill so no need to worry there. I will talk more about it when I CALL!!! Woooo!!! Okay, next!! I recieved a very interesting letter from HILLARY!!!! It was a picture! Of a BABY! Agh!!!! Yay!! I know before I told them that they were simply not allowed to have a baby while I was gone, but ever since I have been preparing to come on my mission and every week in the temple they are in my prayers. I prayed that Josh and Hillary would be blessed with a baby, and the Lord listens to our prayers! I am soooo happy for you two! When I opened that letter I knew exactly what it was, and tears filled my eyes!! In fact I jumped up and screamed!! Oh I am sooo excited for you two! :) Okay, now on to travel plans. I sent you a letter with a copy of the plans, and I am suprised you haven't got it yet.... hmmm... anyway, maybe you will get it today. I haven't recieved my media card yet... hopefully that will get here today too. If not, I have another one that I am using. Sorry.. okay so the travel plans are as follows... I have to be at the travel office at 8 AM Monday morning. My flight leaves SLC at 11:15 AM. So, expect a call before then. Then i head to Chicago (flying American Airlines) and arrive there at 3:15 PM. Then I leave on a British Airways flight to LONDON! The Heathrow airport. I leave Chicago at 5:15 PM and arrive in London at 6:55 AM!!! Yikes! After that I leave on another British Airways flight to Stockholm!!! I leave London at 11:30 AM and arrive in Stockholm at 3:00 PM!! Wooo! I am excited! As for the bag, my info wasn't entirely true, so my branch president is checking for all of us. So I will get it all sorted out! Okay, so there is the really exciting part of the e-mail. Now on to the family e-mail. This is still exciting by the way! haha Okay, Dad!! Time truly IS flying by! I can't believe I leave the USA soon!!! yay! I have heard a little bit about the volcano, so I guess we will see if it affects my travel plans. Pray it wont! I am so excited for Kevin and Annie! Yay! It is soooo close! As for the cut-out thing, if it just won't work, or costs too much I will be okay without it. There are so many other important things in the world! I would rather you and the family be relaxed and happy rather than stressing over a piece of plasitc/cardboard! :) I love you! :) I am so excited for Matt!! EFY is going to rock his world! one last thing dad..... Thank you. Thank you so much for your letter. I cried for about a half an hour. I love you so much, and your words will be with me always. Thanks dad.... :) I love you. :) Okay, matt! I am so happy you are seeing the blessings of my service. I KNOW that you are becoming an amazing young man, and it kills me that I can't be there so watch you grow and mature. One day you too will go on a mission and bless our family! Matt, you make me laugh and I love your e-mails! Keep being the amazing person you are! Love ya! Mom!!! Thanks for the phone number haha. I will write it down! I can't wait to hear your pump up speech! John Bytheway sounds like he was amaing and that Dad was able to talk with him and that John actually KNEW who he was!! Agh! I am almost out of time! I love you so much! I am okay and feeling great mom! I will talk to you and dad on monday! :)

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready.....
Aldste Kundis :)

P.S. I sent you a tape! Be looking for it!

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