Sunday, November 20, 2011

Incredible Week!

Hej Familj!!!

This week has been, as the title says, INCREDIBLE! Lets just say this, we pretty much doubled our numbers! We are not sure what it was exactly, but people were willing to listen and wanted to know more! It does a missionary's heart good have a week like the one we have just had. We are now hoping to carry that momentum into this week! Speaking of that, we have a teach that we need to get to, so this e-mail is going to be short and sweet.

I will just fill you all in on some fun things that have been happening! Today Äldste Maxwell and I found an incredible sale on some weights. We bought some and will be using them tomorrow morning! Wooo! Lets see, Äldste Maxwell stole a bike today! Haha more like he stole his bike back.. Confused? Don't be. It is all really simple! He parked his bike at resecentrum and when we came back to get the bikes his was gone. No where to be found. After looking for quite some time we decided to go check one last place. Guess what?! We found it! But there was a catch, some one had locked his bike to another bike! The lock used was pretty wimpy though so we made plans to come back and steal it back from the thieves. Before leaving we used the lock that Äldste Maxwell had on his bike (it was still on his bike but had been moved??? lol) to lock the bike to the railing in front of the bikes... Anyway, we were able to go there this morning and get his bike back. (with a little help from some pliers and a hammer! :) ;) Both bikes are safely in the apartment now. No worries!

Okay, other fun things... The sisters up in Norrköping are having a baptism! His name is Florin and I will be interviewing him this Thursday for his baptism on Saturday! Things truly are happening over here in Sweden! 35 baptismal dates and counting in the mission! Wooo! We are continuing to meet with Majid and preparing him for his baptism on December 17th. He needs help following the Word of Wisdom. Your prayers are very welcome and needed! :) He is awesome! I know he can do it!

Hmm, what else.. Christmas is coming! We have stocked up on pepparkakor, julmust, and glögg (complete with raisins and almonds! mmmm!) It is amazing how much some of these simple things have become so necessary for a good Christmas! They are a tradition! I only hope and pray that I can get my hands on it in the States! OH!! Yesterday it was the Primary Program!! It was awesome to see all of the kids up there doing their thing! Good times.. Good times..

Well, we better get going so we don't miss our opportunity to teach our investigator! His name it Samuel! haha I love you all very, VERY MUCH! You are forever in my heart and in my prayers! Until next week!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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