Monday, April 4, 2011

I LOVE General Conference!

Hej Familj!!! Another General Conference has come and past, and I must say that I absolutely loved it! The talks were great, the music was inspiring, and the sights of temple square were incredible! haha It is such a big deal around these parts when General Conference rolls around. Missionaries just seem to go crazy with excitement! How did everyone else enjoy it?! This week has been pretty awesome! We are in Jönköping right now with Elders Wood and Linford. We came down to watch General Conference in English with them. Other that having fun together here in J-town we have been doing missionary work! Which is really why the week was awesome! Every week is great as a missionary! :) OH!!! Just a quick side note.. Elder Wood, one of the elders serving in Jönköping was roommates with a certain Rhett Miller in college at Utah State! haha We figured it out one night on splits when he was talking about college. Well, rather, we figured it out the next morning when I asked him if he knew Rhett Miller. Elder Wood looked at me and said, "why did you just say that name?" I told him that I knew him really well from home. He told me that Rhett was his roommate and that he was the friend we had been talking about the night before. It was quite the discovery! haha We still think that it is crazy! Anyway, I will move on! Yes, it is April and that means better weather for us here in Sweden! Today is a bright sunny day, and full of promises of Spring! Yesterday was dark and full of rain.. haha Quite the drastic switch. But hey, whats life without a little bit of variety! It is because of the rainy days that we appreciate the sunny ones.. and vice versa, too many sunny days will cause us to forget the cool, cleansing effect of a rain storm. :) Let me just get to the e-mails... I must be honest, I am just wanting to run out and seize the day! We watched the last session of conference this morning because it was broadcast too late for us to watch, and it was awesome! haha Okay, now on to e-mails! Hey Dad! I love you!!! Yes, I surprised even myself with eating the duck tongue. It was a sort of salty flavor, but a flavor that is simply stated and embedded in my brain as, Duck Tongue. haha It was quite the "treat" :) So, yes, both of the investigators we had at the baptisms in Jönköping had accepted the baptismal commitment. Thats why we really wanted them there! They are progressing nicely along their way to the straight gate! :) Thank you so very much Dad for reminding me of that experience I had at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was good to be reminded of that and what a powerful day that was. I remember it well. Coming out of the building I walked very closely by your side as we shared in the moment together. That was a big father/son bonding moment! :) I love you! Thank you for your advice with our investigator! You are right.. it will come.. but in the Lord's time! :) Anyway, I hope you are having a great day and loving every minute of being with the family! What a treasure we have! Have an awesome week and enjoy the warming weather! :) Okay, now it is Matt! I love you Matt!!! So, you and Mom have been battling head colds? Thats too bad! My prayers are with you! Get feeling better soon! That is awesome news for Jimmer and for BYU! What an honor! Not to mention, you met him! Lucky! haha You have a new girl to tell me about?!? What happened to Single and Lovin' It?! lol Haha.. jkjk Tell me all about her and treat her well! Does she happen to speak Swedish? haha That would be sick.. I only say that because I remember you talking about a Swedish foreign exchange student?? lol Anyway, that is good that Molly is enjoying the warmer weather! She always gets super excited when it starts to warm up. You know what that means!! You need to play with her in the yard more.. She really loves that! When it gets warmer yet, you must do something for me! Get the hose and play with Molly in the water! She likes to jump up and bite the water stream! lol Little joys just warm the heart! And from what you are saying... Molly has also acquired a taste for eggs?? lol Hmm.. interesting. lol I love you Matt! Thank you for mentioning The Spirit of God that the Choir sang in conference! My thoughts were at home during that one! I just love that song, and when it was announced I about screamed.. The other Elders can attest to that! :) Have a sweet day Matt! Keep it real, real safe! haha :) Okay! Well, Mom was not feeling well and I hope and pray that she is doing better and can gain strength and energy fast. I love you Mom! My prayers are with you! I will end the e-mail with a quick Spiritual Thought. As we all know, conference just ended and the possibilities for a spiritual thought are endless. So, I have decided to talk about all of you! I just want you all to know, that I love you. I appreciate you and find strength in you. It feels SO GOOD to know that prayers are coming my way and that I have a family and dear friends who care about me. This time on my mission has made me really come to realise how much I need you ALL in my life. I am often brought to tears when I think of the past and the future together. Tears of sadness, tears of joy, and tears of love. Tears are just great! :) Keep being the AMAZING people you are! Know that I love you and pray for you. Know that my heart longs to be with you! haha You are my everything! :) I must go now.. but only for a week... At which time I will return to you in another e-mail. Thank you for your love and prayers. They are helping. Lets make this week great! Lets always remember to smile and look on the very, very bright side of life! Hej då! Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!! Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!! Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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