Monday, April 25, 2011

Did someone say the lucky number was seven?

Hej Familj!

I really have no time today to write a legit e-mail, but I will try as best I can to make it worth while!

Yesterday was pretty awesome here in the Skövde Branch of Sweden! We had SEVEN investigators in church! It was a pure miracle! As missionaries we felt overwhelmed, but with faithful members by our sides we were able to make sure every one had a great time! I had an awesome time! Äldste Chipman and I were able to teach the primary and a primary class! It was such a great thing to see! When little Emil gave the opening prayer, I almost fell over it was so sweet! He gets me every time! We were over at his family's house twice this week for dinner! The Karlssons are awesome! Anyway, it was just an amazing thing to see all of these Swedish children take part in primary! They are such little angels, and I love them all! It really strengthens my desire to work as a Pediatrician when I return and make it through schooling. Our lesson was about the Resurrection of Christ and then with the smaller class it was about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. :) They all know so much and have an amazing capacity to learn new things! Oh, and they LOVE getting stickers when they behave! Anyway, that was a fun little part of my week I thought I would share! The Lord is blessing the missionary efforts here in Skövde and Primary ROCKS!

Okay, we need to catch a train here in a bit so I will get right to the e-mails for the week! First off we have Dad! I love you Dad! It sounds like you had a great time with the Vaughn family for Easter! I love that family so much! They are so much fun! I hope you told them all hello for me and that I miss them! Thank you for getting that phone card thing worked out for me! As for times for me to call, I am a little unsure right now.. I will let you know next week. It will be hard to say because transfers are coming up. I will probably try to catch you BEFORE church. haha So that will mean early. I guess what we could do is that I call you at 4:00 PM my time (8:00 AM your time). Would that work for you?!? Let me know so that next week we can finalise things! :) Anyway, yes that school thing was awesome! Quite the experience I will never forget! Okay, sorry to rush these, but I need to move quickly! I love you Dad! Have a great week! :)

Next up is Matt! I love you Matt! I am so glad that you have been enjoying your time down there with the family! How could you not?! haha That picture of you and Landon is awesome! He is getting bigger and more and more adorable! It is getting easy to see that when I return I will need to do some serious time loss recovery with him! :) Do your homework! Haha, how was that for a little nudge. ;) Its pretty important to get that done and do what you need to! I love you bro! You look amazing in those pictures and I am a little frightened that you are changing so much I won't believe my eyes! haha Have a great week Matt! I love you!

Okay, next is Mom! I love you Mom! I am sooooo sorry that this is rushed, but hey, we will "talk" soon! haha :) ;) I bet you just loved the trip Mom! What a great opportunity to be with the ones you love and just be happy! Its so wonderful and very much a part of our Heavenly Father's plan for oss!! What a fun Easter Egg hunt! I never would have thought to hide the eggs and then go looking for them at night! Awesome! I was able to have curry rice and vegetables for my Easter Feast! haha I will never forget it! I will tell you more about it on Mother's day when we get to talk! But for now, I must go or we will miss our train to Göteborg! We are heading there to spend a day in the young adults center and celebrate a couple of Elder's birthdays! Woo! I love you Mom!!

Okay, the Spiritual Thought this week is to watch the movie on the church website! It is called David's Legs.. I loved it, and I hope you do too! Have a great week family! I love you all! :)

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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