Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have you noticed the amount of exclamation points I use?!??!!!!!

New Plastic Bag Bed Bug Barriers

Second Line of Defense Sleep Wear

Hej Familj!!

It is so very true!! I use these little exclamation points all the time! If you go back and read my last e-mail again, count the number I use... feel free to let me know because I lost count and time is precious! <--- haha :) There is a very simple answer as to why I use so many exclamation points in my e-mails. Are you ready? Okay here it is... I love you all, and I am sooooo excited when I get to talk to you!!! Anyway! Greetings to all! Welcome back to my e-mails and blog. Sorry about it being a day late. We had an awesome bowling activity in Helsingborg with the zone, and we got back pretty late as far as p-day time goes. So, we received permission to e-mail today! Well lets start things off with a little bed bug update! The company came and put powder around the base boards on the floor and put this liquid stuff on the bottom of our beds. Apparently it is supposed to work, but normally they have to come back at least once. So, the man said that we should call him in a few WEEKS if we are STILL being bitten! haha Yeah right! Äldste Bracken and I devised a better plan that the mission office thought was genius! They are working on getting us new beds at the moment, but we have pretty much conquered them! Want to know how? Well if not, I am still going to tell you, and look!.. You are still reading on! We bought industrial size garbage bags cut them into big huge rectangles and put them all over the beds! haha We took pictures so I will try and attach one so you can see. It worked wonderfully! We got the bags air tight around the bed and sucked most of the air out with our super vacuum cleaner! Woooo!! Haha, so I slept VERY nicely last night! We have not seen a single bug and I am hoping that we will never see one again. Anyway, I have a really cool story today! After this day that I am about to tell you about I said to myself, "yeah, thats going in the e-mail" haha So, we had an awesome day planned! We had four teaches lined up (for växjö, that is amazing!) and we were really excited... NONE of them worked out! Not a single one! One of the teaches was even with a member! lol So, we decided that we needed a better day the next day. We both prayed and prayed that night that the next day would be better. We sat down to plan and prayed together also. Under the direction of the Spirit we were able to plan a very VERY full day for the next day. It also had four teaches, just one problem, they were all over town! Seriously like opposite sides back and forth! Also, we were so tight on time and focused on the work that we forgot to schedule lunch and dinner. We realised that about half way through the planning session and both decided that our teaches were more important and that the Lord would somehow provide for us. So, we next looked at transportation! Buses on Sundays (the day we were planning for) are terrible! They maybe come once every hour or hour and a half.. So our teaches were not going to work. Then we decided that we needed to ask the branch members for help. By this time it was pretty late into the evening and we did not want to call people to set up rides. So, we again decided that we needed to put our faith in the Lord and in the branch members and somehow everything would work out! I want to let you all know, that what happened that day caused my testimony to grow, and my common understanding of time to disappear! We went to church and were able to get a ride to the teach planned right after church ended. Also, the person that gave us the ride volunteered to help us teach our investigator! Crazy! :) Our lack of food was also taken care of, we were fed at the church! One of the members brought tons and tons of little crab apples from her trees for a lesson that day and she had a lot left over. After she heard about our day she made us take like four bags of them! So, throughout the course of the day we ate crab apples to keep our hunger tamed. After the first teach we went back to the church and rode our bicycles (which we had left there about a week ago) to the next teach. We made it there just in time! After that, we rode back to the apartment and ran to a members house to get a ride to the next teach. We made it there just in time again and also, another member came with us to that teach! Finally, we caught a bus which we just barely made and took it to our last teach. We taught and went back home. That alone right there was incredible! However, what was even more incredible was that every single teach went perfectly! The Spirit was sooo strong in every single one of them! One of the teaches we were pretty sure that the young man was not going to show up, but he did! We were so happy to see him! Another teach, one with a member, was amazing! She was eating up the gospel like it was mom's lasagna! haha :) (I love that stuff!) She is excited to come to church and also to come to an activity we are having this Friday! Wooo! We were super stoked at the end of that day! I fell on my bed just in amazement at how well the day had gone! I looked at my apples I had left, and it was nearly all of them. I had only eaten one! I was so focused and just in shock a what was happening around me! The members helped us out incredibly. What maybe seemed like a little favor to them was a huge deal for us! I love the branch here! :) Honestly... I felt as though the Lord had his hand in everything that was happening . Things that were not supposed to happen, just did! The whole day my mind was focused on the Spirit, the Lord, and my investigators. Words can't fully express the way I felt. :) Anyway, that was the fun story I had! Sorry if it is jumbled a bit, I am typing quite fast to get this all in here! I should get to the e-mail now! Lets start with Mom!! I love you, and good for you! Way to take that very well deserved nap! Those are amazing. I have noticed, that before my mission I never fully apprecitated what a pleasure it is just to relax and kick back! haha But not on the Lord's time! Not on my mission! :) Thank you for taking care of me! I hope all works out well with the box! I love you and can't wait to hear from you next week! :) Okay on to Matt!! My little brother that I love with my whole heart! The Swedish is coming along well! I am making progress and that is all that matters! I would like it to be easier and more understandable, but that will all come in time... I just need to work on being patient! Patience is a purifying process! ;) Haha, it is too funny that that girl you are talking about is Tom and Mat Schafer's step sister! lol I love those two guys! Good times there! Anyway! haha We will for sure have a blast when I get back and do all those things you were talking about. Jersey Shore huh?? That was pretty funny that you were relating THAT to MONTANA haha! But I get what you are saying! Enjoy your summer and stay safe brother! I love you very much! Okay, now on to daddy! My wonderful father full of wisdom and knowledge.. :) I love you! It really is like you said with the whole new approach thing to Växjö. The Lord approves, and He has manifest that to us many times! Speaking of the Lord.. What you said about "Jesus the Christ" is also so very true! It is such an inspired book. The details and insight are astounding! Ways of looking at things that I have never even thought of.. I love it! Somayeh is doing well dad! Thank you for the prayers! Okay, I find it quite funny that my truck is working and the stratus is not... haha Sorry, I just NEEDED to point that out! I am sure that someone already has! Maybe? If not, well thats cool too! Don't worry about the stratus though. Everything will work out well! You have a fine mechanic in Matt and yourself for that matter! My prayers are with you! we had some really good times together working on that car, and also my truck! I look back and cherish those! :) :) :) Well, thank you for your e-mail dad! I love you and hope that all is going well with work and life! :) Okay everyone, on to the bestest part of the e-mail! The spiritual insight! Today it is directly related to the story I told earlier! Get your scriptures and look up Proverbs 3:5-6 or click on this handy dandy link http://scriptures.lds.org/en/prov/3 and read the verses! As you can see, I selected this scripture and thought, because I have SEEN the Lord guide and direct my paths! He has been providing for me and helping me in all that I do! Sure, he gives us trials... but we need those! We really do! Thats a MAIN REASON why we are here... To gain experience! So, the challenge/charge for this week is to, "trust in the Lord with all thine heart"!!! I know and testify that as we strive to trust in the Lord and acknowledge him we will receive direction! Our lives will become easier and all of the sudden we will find a deep, deep well of joy and happiness! Okay, well, thats is the e-mail for this week! I sure hope that you enjoyed and gained something! I love you all! I love this work, and I love my Savior! Until next week...

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready.....

Äldste Kundis :) :) :) :)

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