Monday, August 30, 2010

Change: A Strange Thing Indeed!

Hej Familj!

Well, as you can see from the title of this e-mail (I think I say that a lot lol) I received your letter in the mail. So, you are moving? Let me just start by saying.. WOW What a shock! I must be honest, I almost fell out of my chair when I read the letter from Matt and Dad. We received tons and tons of mail that day and in my haste I forgot to look at the actual addresses! (Matt put the new one on his envelope). I opened Matt's letter first and during it I was smiling and laughing and crying haha. Then I came to a part that said, "As I hope you know, we are moving up to Skyline Drive...".... I read that line about a million times. I was immediately afraid of opening Dad's letter! lol Sure enough when I opened it, that was the subject of the letter. Allow me express my feelings to you... At first I was not believing any of it. Then I felt strange, tons of emotions were running around in my heart. One thing that is very comforting though, is that I never felt bad about the decision. I am not angry or displeased, but rather excited and nervous! I would be a big liar if I did not say however, that I will miss that house with all of my heart................ But it is just that, a house. My home will forever be where my loving family is! :) I did as Dad directed me to do, and that was to, "Soak it all in, pray about it, and then, get back to those fine people in Sweden". That prayer was sincerely from the heart. I prayed to know that the decision you have made is a good one, and I also prayed the hardest for the Lord to take care and protect you all. Some good tears, to relieve my stress, a quick splash of water on the face, and I was back out there on the streets! The Lord assured me that the decision you have made is a good one! Everything is going to work out! I know it! Now... it is my turn to ask lots and lots of questions! First off, what happened with meeting the stake president? Can you stay in the Two Rivers Ward, or will you be attending the 4th Ward? Any ideas for what will happen when I get home? Will I be coming to Montana, or stopping in SLC?? How is the new house? Pictures?? Any idea where in Utah you want to end up? lol :) haha Soo many more questions, but my brain is frazzled! So, please share all of the news about the move! I want to hear it! If anything, not being informed is the worst... It leaves me with lots of unanswered questions and my mind goes bananas! :) Well, that is enough about THAT!! haha I really don't have alot of time today, so I need to move on! Lets just get straight to the e-mails! First off we have Matt!! I love you soo much Matt! Thank you for the letter! Haha I loved the name above the address, "Dr. Matthew Kundis" lol :) I will for sure write you back and send it today if I have time and if not, tomorrow! Woo! The worlds most interesting man quotes were hilarious! haha I loved them! You want something funny that I have learned to do... okay, whenever you are looking for a good laugh and with a group of friends, pick up a random object. It could be a basketball or a food item, and just hold it carefully up to your ear. Look around the room a bit as though you are listening to the object whisper something and say, "I can hear the ocean!" haha The key is to do it at a very random time, and in a very serious way. It is a riot! :) lol Sorry, I just had to share that! So, you are having a rough time with the school work huh?? Don't stress too much about it! It is very important that you do well and that you get good grades, but stress is no good man! I am glad that you want to get accepted at BYU in Provo... use that as your motivation in all things! When the work gets tough, just say to yourself, "BYU, BYU" It will be a positive thing! Just remember, that whatever happens with that, the Lord will take care of you if YOU are also taking care of YOU!! :) haha It sounds like you are taking this Medical thing quite seriously! That is good! Having a goal is important! You joined HOSA huh? I believe that stands for Health Occupation Students of America, but I could be wrong! Who is in charge of that stuff now? Is it still Mrs. Virts?? I think that was her name.. I dunno! Hey, tell some people at CMR "hi" for me! Is Tom still there?!?! lol You know what to do! Just make sure and say hi to people for me! Teachers, friends.. you know! I love you Matt!! The stratus had a wiring problem?? what?? lol Hows Molly??? and my Truck?? haha :) I love you and can't wait to hear from you again! :) Okay, next is DAD!!! Hello my wonderful loving father that I love! You certainly do talk about letters from the mission home a lot! haha Yes I still receive letters through them. I don't think that I have received one FROM the mission home... Should I be expecting one??? lol Anyway, at the lesson that I taught there were like six people there.. It was pretty crazy! haha You liked my Anniversary card I wrote?!?! Good! A missionary always has time to write a card to his parents! Don't worry, my clothes are clean and well... my cupboards are kind of empty, lol but we go shopping in a bit! Woo! Matt is sleeping in the Living room? At the new house? Is this because his room is not set up yet? haha here come the questions again.. I can feel them!! Lol, i will hold the off! Dad... thank you for writing that letter. It was well put together, and that helped to keep me calm. Your advice was perfect! You are being led by the Spirit, and the Lord is going to take care of you all no matter what! He has promised me that! :) I love you so much Dad! You are such an inspiration! Feel free to ask me whatever question you want to know! I have always liked the line you wrote in your long DearElder you sent me as I was about to leave the MTC. You said that wherever I go you will be there, and that we will share this experience together! So, father... what do you want to know! haha :) I love you!!!!! Okay, now on to my wonderful mother! Hi MOM!!!! haha I love you! You are welcome for the card!! I wish I could have done a lot more, but when I am thousands of miles away, my resources are limited! haha I want you to know that I am also thankful for the Priesthood in our lives. I have had the opportunity to use it a lot out here on my mission. Mostly for blessings of comfort and healing.. I loved the fathers blessings we would get from Dad before school started! They were always so comforting! One thing that was really amazing was the fathers blessing I received from Dad right before I came on my mission. He comforted me so much, and I look back on that now, and still, to this day, receive strength from it! The Priesthood is an amazing thing! So, you are already asking about Birthday wishes?!?! Wow! You know what, I really have no idea! What would Josh and Kevin ask for while they were out?? I have most of everything I need! :) Haha, sorry if it makes things hard when I give that answer! :/ lol So, I am sad to say that Morris was not able to come to church. You see... he plays soccer on Sunday nights with a club he has signed with. That means that if he waits to take the bus back to Lenhovda, he will miss the game. So, we arranged a ride for him to get back to Växjö after church. The man in the branch said it would cost 100 kronor for the gas, but that he would only ask for 50 kronor. (about the price of a Happy Meal?? lol) Morris was not able to come up with the money... :( So, he is going to try and come up with the funds and come next week!! Sad.. I know.. Anyway, I love you very much Mom! You brighten my day! Okay everyone, now a cool story fast! While going to visit Somayeh at the university two girls came up to us and asked us if we were the same missionaries they talked to just two days earlier. Äldste Bracken replied yes, and I was confused. We were on work overs with the Zone Leaders, and while Äldste Bracken was with one of the ZL's they found two American girls from Utah here doing a study abroad! Crazy! So, they talked to us for a while, and they wanted to know where the Chapel was and what buses to take to get there! So we helped them out and they were in church on Sunday.... plus, they brought an investigator with them! haha Crazy! It was a "breath of fresh air", as Äldste Bracken put it, to talk to real Utah Mormons again! haha :) They will be here for four months and we will translate for them on Sundays. It was so funny this last Sunday! There were people talking and others translating, so there was a lot of noise! haha :) Okay, I really have to go! I love you all... The spiritual moment today is going to be this scripture.. 3 Nephi 1:8-14... LOOK it up!! haha It is great! I love the first part of 13, "Lift up your heads and be of good cheer" :) :) Sorry for how short this was, and not expounding on the thought! I love you all so much! Keep the faith and press forward!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!
Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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