Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missed our train...:( haha

Hej Familj!!

Well, here is how things are going as of now. We wrote our letters to the President and other e-mails earlier this morning, and left to go catch a train to our p-day activity. We were planning on writing the family e-mails when we got back into town. So, we left the library this morning and went to the train station. There we printed out our tickets and looked at them. We both kinda freaked out. We had thought that he train left at 9:11 AM, however, the train left at 9:00 AM. We had missed it by two minutes! ugh! So, we went to the SJ Desk (SJ = Train Company) and got new tickets for an hour later. Sad. That also means that I will not have much time to write when we get back from our trip. So, now is it! And I only have a few minutes! I should be able to write a good e-mail anyway... So, the p-day activity today is in Helsingborg with all of the other elders in the Malmö Zone. It is our last p-day all together, and Äldste DeBaltzo's last p-day EVER!! sad. So, in Helsingborg we are going to play volleyball on the beach and have a bon-fire and also a BBQ!! yay! It is going to be a really fun time! Okay, now what you all have been waiting for.... TRANSFER INFORMATION!!! President called yesterday and informed me that I would be staying in Växjö for the next two months (time of one transfer). This was quite predictable. Most Greenies stay in their first area 4-6 months or 2-3 transfers. However, President informed Äldste Barlow that he will be moving to Jönköping (Yun-shup-ing) and become the District Leader there! He is very excited because it is his first time as a District Leader. He will be getting Äldste Thunell as a companion who was one of my awesome MTC friends! He is an awesome person! Goes to BYU!! Yeah! Represent! haha Anyway, my new companions name is Äldste Bracken. (Not quite sure on the spelling) He is coming from Norrland which is a region in the north of Sweden. I am not sure what the name of the city is, but I will let ya know! I have heard only good things about him. I believe he is from around the Salt Lake City region and is VERY into sports. I think we will get along just fine... unless he is one of those ute fans.. haha JK!! I love alot of ute fans! haha :) So anyway, that is what is up! As for the bed bugs... They are biting like crazy still, and we kill them all the time! It is crazy. Not fun at all. I have been losing sleep and not being able to fall asleep at night! We contaced the mission office about it, and of course they were happy to hear about it with it being transfer time and all! hahaha They are really busy. Anyway, they are checking into it and are supposed to be getting back to us with help. They have had problems with these before, so i am not worried. All will be well!! Just another trial I need to face! :) Okay, to the e-mails quick because I have no time!!!!! Agh!! Daddy!! Wow I love you! Thank you so much for the help with the PB ;) I will be sure and do what he asked. You can send the copy to me. That would be wonderful! HAHA I loved your Wizard of Oz bit. Very funny! :) The bed bugs really are no fun... We know that the bites are from the beg bugs, but earlier on we did see knott in the apartment however, those are gone now. Yay! As for the pictures... I have not taken too many of the place that I said looked like parkdale. Mostly the pictures I take are from Växjö and the more upscale parts of town. I want to show you the good things!! haha JK I will get some to you on the next card. It is more of a "you need to be here" thing. It is hard to explain! haha Sorry. I loved your thought of me having a native companion!! That would be awesome for me, however, not this time as you have already read. Maybe in the future! :) Thanks for everything dad! I love you!! Matt!! I was soo happy to get an e-mail from you! You are amazing! I miss you too! Got me a tad emotional with that one bro.. Hows your reply letter coming along by the way.. haha I wanna write you more, but I can't until you respond! :) Rhett is there!? How cool! I remember the awesome fair! Lots of gooooood money to be made there! ha.. that rhymed! Anyway, Rhett is a fun man and I can totally see you and Luke doing those pranks. Some things will never change haha ;) Sounds like the Tri-Ward Party is going to be fun! Enjoy that and continue to enjoy your summer! I love you buddy.. Miss you tons.. Keep on enjoying church and the opportunity you have to bless the Sacrament! That is a very important thing you do. Don't take it lightly! Love ya Matt!! Helllloooooo Mom! I love you! You are awesome! :) The playing went really really well!! I got there and started playing some prelude music and then right as the meeting was about to start the piano player came in. I of course got up and gave her the piano.. Don't want to take away someones calling!!! haha So I was kinda sad because I had prepared for it and picked some good hymns but I was not too hurt. It didn't matter anyway because the branch president called the piano lady over to the stand and told her that I was prepared to play the piano today. So, she told me to go play while she sat in the congregation... VERY awkward.. haha :) So I did get to play the hymns! It went well! I basically played the left hand as chords and played the right hand as normal. I am working on the piano, it is hard! SO! She was not too upset.. I mean honestly she said that she was going to be gone so.. I filled in! Anyway.. On to other things in your e-mail. What I meant about the DearElder letter was that they sent it slow boat bottom line postage. I did not have to pay to get it, but it took its time haha. Its all good though! I am NOT complaining! :) Sounds like you had an awesome time with Josh and Hillary! I am glad that they could come up and spend some quality time! I love them to pieces and can't wait to hear what they are having!!!! They better tell me soon! :) Anyway, I love you soooooo much mom! Keep the smile and keep enjoying the summer! Woooo! Okay, so funny story, I am now writing from the church computer! I ran out of time after I finished mom's part of the e-mail so we went to go catch our train to Helsingborg. When we got back it was too late and the library was closed so we had to come here. I REALLY have no time now haha. But I will give a quick spiritual part for you all to enjoy! (By the way, Helsingborg was sooo much fun!!!) Okay, so for the Spiritual part of the e-mail I am going to talk about something that has made me change my entire missionary outlook and can help us all in our daily lives! It is found in D&C 6:33-37. Please, please look this up! Perhaps you could post it for everyone on the blog?? haha not to parentals!?? lol These few short scriptures are some of the most powerful scriptures I have ever found! The main point I want to get at here from the scriptures is to build upon the rock of the Lord and fear not to do good! In Him we can find all strength and know that no matter what happens if we are keeping the commandments and following Him, we will be okay! This has given me so much strength in my work. If I choose to build upon the rock, the power of the Lord WILL be with me!!! In him I can find the strength to do all things! Even contact people in the middle of the street and talk about exactly what they do NOT want to talk about! My favorite part is when it says, "Doubt not, fear not". Lets all decide to continue building upon the sure foundation of the Lord and to go forth with faith!!! I love you all soooo much! I really need to go now though! I hope that all is well and that love abounds! :) :) :)

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready.....

Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

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