Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!! ....a little late haha!

Hej Familj!!!

Well, another fine p-day to you! Lets start things off with a little story! Yay!! Okay so this morning I went to go get my hair cut. We had decided on a place because the previous elders had decided to put it on the information sheet in the apartment as "the" place to go. So I decided that I would just go and what happened... happened. So we walk in right, and it looks pretty normal. The lady asks who is getting a hair cut and I raise my hand?? haha :) She directs me to a chair and I ask her if she speaks English. (I would normally have tried in Swedish, but this was my hair we were talking about, so I wanted to make sure she understood.) Well, she didn't speak any English at all. Which was VERY unsettling. Most people in Sweden speak pretty good English.... So I was all like, "ugh.... what?!?!" lol I called Äldste Barlow over to help me, and I told him just what I wanted, and he translated. Everything seemed fine and calm, then she started the frenzy. Seriously, I have never had razor sharp scissors move so quickly so close to my head and ears before! So skip to the end. It was a very close hair cut, but I am sure it looks better than it did before.. At least I hope lol. So when we got to the register I knew why it was the missionaries favorite place.. lol it only cost me 130 SEK. Which is about $16.50 USD. So normally, just to give you an idea... Haircuts here cost around 260 SEK so that would be about $33.00 USD. Pretty pricey for a missionary! Well, anyway!!! That was my quick little story! How are you doing? YOU! RIGHT NOW! Hey there. Are you doing good? I sure hope the answer is yes! :) I care about you! :) haha. Sorry! So lets see.. What has been going on in Växjö, Sweden recently. Lots and lots of finding work still. Lot and lots of language learning still. haha One of these days I will have this language down. I can't wait!!! Even though I know I must. Okay so this last Thursday we had our district meeting as usual and then our zone leaders stayed with us in Växjö to do work-overs. That means they work with us for a day and leave the next morning. So I got to work with Äldste DeBaltzo. He is a really awesome Äldste! He went to BYU before his mission and was in the BYU Mens Chours!! lol One of my dreams. So got to work with him! It was pretty funny because here I am the greenie and I am going on splits with an Äldste who has like 23 days left in the mission field. It was good though. He gave me some great advice, and shared some awesome experiences! We had a very fun time together! What else... The weather here has been gorgeous!! Nothing but absolutely sunny, and I have a very nice missionary tan. lol I actually hope it rains again soon! I was growing kinda fond of it! haha What on earth did I just say!?!? I am sorry, this e-mail must be all over the place! We really have had a basic week. We have visited lots of less-actives and members and trying to find more people. Its very hard work I have come to realize. I wrote in my journal a while ago, and I said this, "I am starting to think that going to college and having a job is a piece of cake!" :) I know.. funny right? Anyway, I should just get to the e-mail now! Hello father that I love so much!!!! You are amazing!!! Okay, you asked me how much time I have to e-mail. I have just enough time to type those I love and the Mission President! Sometimes not enough time to type ALL that I love because one, there are rules against that, and two, because I love alot of people. Pretty much everyone in the entire world! haha So, I am glad that you have been enjoying the long e-mails. I am not the best typer in the world, but I am getting better! I probably made the last one super long because I was explaining Midsommar to you! And because I love, love, love, love talking to you all! I am getting sooo many fun stories and experiences I just want to share them all! I loved your story about the dancing in Japan!! Haha I was imagining it in my mind and trust me, you won in my mind as well!! Nana eats pickled herring too?!?! How awesome is that! I love her!! Way to go Nana! So it is the 4th of July!! WOOOOO!!! We didn't do anything to celebrate except wish each other a happy 4th haha. I know... boring. lol But I was so happy to hear that you celebrated with people on the block! Its great to hear that you had such a fun time with Craig and Becky! Funny story, I actually had a legitimate dream about the 4th in Great Falls! It was kinda funny. The lady next door.... Char?? The one who is sensitive to the noise of the fire-works. Yeah, she had come over to the house and told us that she was going to take all of our fireworks because she knew that it was going to be a problem this year. haha when I woke up I just laughed. I was all like, "where on earth did THAT dream come from?!?" Sorry.. lol So back on track! Thank you for your words again Dad! You are incredible! I love you!! Hello Matt!!! Wow bud, it sounds like you had a pretty awesome 4th! I could just imagine you unwrapping the artillery shells! I was really glad that you got my letter! I was getting a little worried there.. Whats this I hear about you working up in Ft. Benton? What are you doing up there? Don't tell me that you have a job?? I would really like to know whats going on with that! Anyway, thanks Matt!! I love you sooo much, and I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your summer! I can feel your energy through your e-mails and that truly is comforting! Keep lovin' life and growing everyday! I love you bother!!!! :) Hello Mom!!! Wow, you are just love pure and true! You have a very loving son over here in Sweden! Wow I loved your description of the 4th. I could just imagine it perfectly! Molly sounds like she fully enjoyed herself haha. Thanks for taking such good care of her! Yes I do have a very fun P-day planned, but I will talk about that later!!!! I am glad that you enjoyed my description of Midsommar. I had to try and do it justice. Thank you so much for who you are mom. I can't imagine a world without you. :) Okay, so the Äldste that was around the corner when we were singing never did come and join us. :( Pretty sad, but he just wasn't into the idea. Oh well... Äldste Barlow and I are getting along great. We learn FROM and most importantly, ABOUT each other more and more every day. Just so you are up to date on that aspect! :) Alright!! Now on to my P-day plans!!! Are you ready?!?! Seriously though, this is going to rock your world!! Äldste Barlow and I have made plans to go to THE VERY FIRST IKEA STORE EVER!!!!! It just so happens that it is in our area! Just think about it. What were the chances that my 1st area on my mission would have the very FIRST IKEA store inside it's boundaries!! I am stoked, and I will take lots and lots of pictures! I am just beaming with excitement!!! I am sure that Josh and HIllary got a good laugh out of that! Gooood times!! lol Yeah, so that is what we are doing today! We will eat lunch there and just enjoy a nice relaxing day! :) Alright, one more thing before I get to the Spiritual aspect for today. We have these little bugs called "knott" in our apartment. The Swedes explained them as a hybrid mosquito. They are super super small, fly absolutely silently, and they bite everywhere! They are just terrible. I have taken some pictures of my arms and legs that I will show you when I send my picture card next. Anyway, their bites swell really big and itch somethin' fierce! haha Äldste Barlow left the window open a couple of times because it was too hot, and now our apartment is infested with them! Don't worry though, we went to the pharmacy and now have some bug spray that should work! Wish us luck! :) lol, now that I have said that, on to the Spiritual part! So I have realized something rather interesting to me. Throughout my time in the mission field I have come to realize that the world... is a very dark place. I have seen things that I never thought I would see in a million years. Met people I really wish I hadn't and at times it all really gets me down. I get down on my knees and pray. And pray, and pray, and pray! For strength, but also for those people. I have been taken out of my shelter that I had in my little world in the USA and have been placed in the "real world". This has made me realize just what I have, and what these people don't have. If we look at our lives for a second... We have it REALLY good. Warm places to sleep at night, food whenever we really want it, a loving family just an arms length away. But there is something else that we have that truly sets us apart from the rest. Thats the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been moved to tears many times just thinking about what a blessing this is in my life. I can have so much peace and comfort in this world. Everyone out there without this is struggling. These are our BROTHERS and SISTERS!!! They are truly in need of our help. I just finished reading "Our Search For Happiness", and it was incredible. It is so true! We WANT to share what we have sooo much, because we know how it blesses us, and we want our brothers and sisters to "suffer no more". I just thought that was interesting to think about. Sorry if that was a little preachy. haha I am a missionary, I can't help it I guess! Well family and friends, I love each and every one of you! I am happy, loved, and just plain excited for this next week! Are you excited for this next week?!?! Its going to be great and I just know it! You are in my prayers! Until next week...

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready.....

Äldste Kundis :)

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