Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweden is Flooding!!

Hej Familj!!!!!

Well, it is true... Sweden IS flooding!!! It has been incredibly warm lately and the massive amounts of snow are melting! To give you a clear picture let me just say that I can SEE the sidewalk!! Yes! I can actually see it! I was absolutely certain that those would be gone until Spring! The melting has caused running water all over town and HUGE standing puddles. As you can probably imagine this has made missionary work very interesting. Now when we slip, our falls are broken by puddles of ice cold water! hahahaha :) I haven't slipped in a long while, but my poor companion Äldste Overstreet has taken quite the beating. I suggested that we walk arm in arm so that we can strengthen each other when one of us starts to slip, but Äldste Overstreet quickly downed that idea..... Bahaha!! (I don't blame him... I would be a little concerned if he had accepted the suggestion... lol) Oh!! Just so that you know... I have had a cold! Yeah I know right?!?! It all started Friday morning... I woke up very weak and extremely congested. The symptoms spread throughout the day and by the time night came I was feeling just terrible. My throat was sore, I had a huge headache, my nose was running constantly, and I was starting into a cough. Needless to say Saturday was not a very productive day. I woke up and felt even worse. By the end of that day my symptoms stopped getting worse and I felt I had most everything under control. I felt terrible that we were having such an amazing week and that I had gotten myself sick and couldn't end it in the way we both wanted to. We were working so hard and had some amazing goals!! Saturday night I prayed like crazy that I could receive strength for Sunday and that we could have a good day. When I awoke on Sunday I felt great! I still had a few things that were bugging me, but for the most part it was no big deal! I was blessed for sure! We went to church and afterwards had a very productive day! Yay for the power of prayer! Well, I am just going to get to the e-mails now! I love you Dad!!! I am glad to hear that you received one of the letters I sent however, I am a little concerned that you did not receive BOTH. You see, I sent them on the same day from the same post box. SOOO... WHEN you receive the second one, please e-mail me asap so I can know and not worry about it. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures and videos. And I must say, I totally made it over the stick the second time.. Thank you for agreeing with me! In answer to your question, no, I have not asked President Anderson about the phone call to the student loan people yet. I am waiting for tomorrow because I will be able to ask him face to face at ZONE CONFERENCE!!! Wooo! Yes, I am excited! haha So, it sounds like it is pretty cold over there in Montana. I remember those terrible gusts of ice cold winds. We get them here sometimes, but not very much lately. Nice tie-in to being prepared for what life throws at us. It is true, we must constantly be prepared at work at it so we can be ready for the harsh winds and freezing cold!! Nice!! I love you very much Dad!! Stay warm and stay safe out there! My prayers are with you! Okay.. I love you Matt!! I am also glad that YOU liked my pictures and videos. You should try the whole spinning around the stick thing and let me know how it goes... Just be sure to do it on a padded surface.. The little bits of gravel on that soccer field gave me a few cuts! haha So, basketball is coming into full swing! Sounds like you are taking this seriously and trying with all you've got to improve your skills. I am sure you are being blessed for all the work you are putting into it. So, who is this Will person? Is he really tall? I think I might remember him, but I have no idea if I am right. How did you invite him to church, and did he like it? Way to help him out and share a big part of your life with him! I am INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU! You constantly amaze me and continue to grow day by day, week by week, month by month.... Keep it up brother! Haha, yes, I remember that song by T.I. haha And yes, a lot of what Dane Cook says is funny! Have you heard of Jim Gaffigan?? Look his stuff up! He is a riot! So, you are heading to EFY with Joe Giles huh?! Sounds like a real blast, and I must say that I am extremely jealous! Still going to Provo??? Just curious! Anyway, I love you brother! Have an awesome week and know that I love you! :) (and always will...) :) Okay.. I love you Mom!!! You liked my pictures and videos also?!?! Wow, those things were a hit! Just wait until the second card gets there! haha No, I have not had the opportunity to shop for a suit yet. I will be hopefully today and see what I can find. P-days are so full of things its crazy to fit it all in! Yes I still have my credit card, and everything should go great! haha So, you had a run in with some Swedes huh?? They were from Malmö?!?! How exciting! Did they tell you much about the country or the culture?? Thats so cool! haha I am excited for you! Speaking of things that are really cool. How about you son Matt?! Do you know anything about Will? haha I guess you can tell that I want to get info about this little happening! Also, thank you for attaching that picture of Landon! He is so adorable!!! I love him! Sooo, your primary kids are learning some amazing things! I loved that line from the song, "If I listen with my heart, I hear the Savior’s voice". And yes, I know exactly what you are saying about the scriptures. I agree 100 percent! :) Mom, I am not your hero!! YOU are MY hero!!!! Completely with no doubt! :) I love you Mom!! Have a great week!! Okay everyone, now it is time for my Spiritual thought! :) It is in the form of a quote! This quote is by Randall J. Brown from the book, Experiencing Christ... "Many of us find Christ in our darkest hours, once we have endured the depths to which opposition can take us. For some of us, these painful snares will be the catalysts that finally turn us to Christ. These yokes of bondage will become our greatest benefactors if we allow them to lead us into a relationship with the Lord." Amazing quote right? All of us have dark hours, and all of us have felt the painful snares life brings our way. However strong those snares may be or how dark those hours are we always have a Savior to draw unto. We ALWAYS have that relationship to count on and to build up. It is in essence, essential for us to have these trying times. It is for our good that we have them! I like the quote by Robert Millet given in 1998... "We incorporate the powers of divinity only through acknowledging our own inabilities, accepting our limitations and realizing our weakness. We open ourselves to INFINITE STRENGTH only through accepting our finite condition." This "infinate strength" is what can get us through the dark hours and painful snares. This "infinite strength" is the Savior. There is always hope for a better tomorrow. There is always someone there! I would like to end with one more quote.. This one from Gandalf.. haha "It is not despair, for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. WE DO NOT." Let us not despair. Let us fall unto the Savior and access the amazing strength He has promised us. It is my testimony that the Lord is always there for us. He has helped me through my "dark hours" and released me from my "painful snares". He continues to do so today. I hope you enjoyed the thought today!! Have an amazing week and know that I love you all!!

Trogen och Stadig, Är Jag Redo!!!!!Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!!!!!Äldste Kundis :) :) :)

This weeks reading!

Tuesday - p.256 ch.19 - p.261 ch.21
Wednesday - p.261 ch.21 - p.266 ch.23
Thursday - p.266 ch.23 - p.271 ch.25
Friday - p.271 ch.25 - p.275 ch.27
Saturday - p.275 ch.27 - p.279 ch.29
Sunday - p.279 ch.29 - p.285 ch.31
Monday (next) - p.285 ch.31 - p.291 ch.33

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