Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a Great Day to be in Sweden! Joshua 1:9

Hej Familj!

Wow! Lots of things going on! There was sooo much content in the e-mail I hope I can remember. You see, printing off e-mails here cost money. And money is something missionaries just don't have! haha But first before anything else.. Check out Joshua 1:9?? Yeah I think thats it. I love that scripture! It has helped me alot! Okay.. So whats happening in the life of Äldste Kundis?!?! I am pleased to say that everything is going perfect in preparation for Sandra's baptism! A little exciting news. We went to teach her a lesson and to talk about her baptizimal program. When we were there she told us all of what she wanted. (as far as talks and songs) But she asked me if I would baptize her... I accepted, and am so happy that I will have this opportunity! My first thoughts were, "oh wow, I really hope I can memorize the baptizimal prayer!" haha She was really excited about asking me because she knew that it would be my first baptism! She is such an amazing lady! I am nervous/excited/a whole bunch of other things right now. Her baptism is this Saturday which is also the same day as the crown princess wedding? I guess that is a big deal here! So just pray that everything goes well with that! I am excited! :) Hopefully I can figure out how to attach some photos of the baptism for next e-mail. As with Tony.. Not so great.. He is in Stockholm for a few days! So we haven't had too much of a chance to meet with him. :( But we hope to see him asap! I don't know if I told you about Somayeh?? If not, she is another lady with a baptizimal date. We are shooting for a date a little farther into the future because she is going to Malmö for a while so!! Thats also exciting. Anyway, othe than that lots and lots of finding work! Lots of doors, appartments, houses, streets, RAIN! haha By the way, my umbrella from the wonderful missionary mall broke. It broke bad. haha Basically the past few days here have been super rain days. I am getting used to the fact that when I go outside I get soaked. I have Kevin's jacket to proect me, but I always get drenched! haha I don't know what it is! Anyway I need a new umbrella. That one was.... bad. I think they can send me another one for free but I don't know how to do that, or even if I want to do that. haha the umbrella just dosen't stand up to Sweden rain storms! I am asking you (parental figures) if I should just buy a new one here?? Anyway, I am adjusting little by little. The Swedish is still a big struggle. I need all the help I can get with that one. :) It is still really hard at times when I think of home. I am getting better at not being homesick even though I still am! lol I feel as though I am sliding into the mindset of a missionary and just accepting the fact that things ARE going to be different for a couple of years. Thats just the way the cookie crumbles. Wow, sorry I just said that. How.... how... ugh, you know I am just sorry I made that analogy. Excuse me for that. lol Okay, so dad!! I love you with all my heart! The begining of your e-mail sorta confused me, but thats all good I figured out what you were saying! I can't believe you already got my fathers day card!!! That was super fast! Way to go Swedish Mail system! So HAPPY FATHERS DAY! lol love ya! Matt I am so glad you had such an awesome time at EFY!! I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!! And I really miss you too. I miss all of you so much, and love you all like crazy! I knew you were at EFY this week and my thoughts were with you! I am glad that you memorized scriptures and felt the Spirit so strongly! Thats really good. What scriptures did you memorize? I would like to know! I am glad that you have some time to be down in Provo for a while. You are right, it is a fun fun place! I love Provo! haha Keep trying to seek after that Spirit Matt. Trust me, life is sooooo much better when you can constantly have the Spirit with you and constantly be seeking for it! Have fun this next week! Enjoy your Summer Vacation!! :) My loving mother! Wow, you take such good care of me! I will send a separate e-mail answering those questions! Thanks! On a more serious note though... I was really sorry to hear about Sister Matthews. Thats good that she can finally rest, but I am going to miss that woman of pure love and charity towards others. She was an inspiration to all she came in contact with. I will truly miss Sister Matthews. I cried when I read that, and I think alot of people in the library thought I was crazy. :/ Anyway, oh!!!!! HELLO MOLLY!!!!!! I miss you!! That little ball of black fur! I miss my dog everyone. Let it be known! :( lol Okay... back on track. As for dinners here in Växjö. They don't exist. With only like 20 active members in the branch the missionaries just fend for themselves. So! Äldste Barlow and I cook the food and have our own little party! lol Hopefully I will go to an area where there is a ward with more people and a dinner calender! Woo! But for now, I am good! hmm... what else. I am trying to remember... Well I love hearing from you mom. You brighten my day! As do all my e-mails!! Thanks! :) I was astonished at how fast those letters got to you! Wow!! I am still in shock! Thats great! just means that I will hopefully get letters faster here! Come on US Posal Service! Lets pick up the pace! haha jkjk. I just want everyone to know something.. I love this work! I love all of you! I love my Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. I have really been working on loving the people here in Sweden. Loving them as brothers and sisters and children of our Heavenly Father. It is really hard to face all of the rejection and harsh words, but the feeling I get when I CAN end my day on my knees and tell my Father that I loved with my whole heart and that I worked with my whole self is soooo worth it! I am more and more everyday coming to an understanding of why I am here. Why on earth did I come thousands of miles to a place that I know nothing about and to a language that I can't speak/understand?!?! It is because I know how I feel, and I know how these people can feel. I have something that alot of others don't have. I can see the people here, and I can see that they are truly seeking for something more. Its just so sad when they won't even give me a second to tell them about what they are looking for and that I have it! Right here!! I almost just want to have a big sign that says something like, "I am not selling anything, I come to tell you of something greater than us all, something that contains more happiness than any person can comprehend!!" I pray everyday that I can find people. That I can be prepared for situations when someone calls me out on my beliefs. That I can love. I love all of you so much! I am soooo thankful for the chance I have to serve this mission. I am thankful for the prepared, and for the chance I have to help Sandra this Saturday! I know the Lord will help us all! I know that all we must do is pray with all our hearts to our Father in Heaven and he WILL answer us. Family, friends, you keep me going, and I truly appreciate the love and support you give me. This work is so important. This Gospel is so true. My heart is full. I love you all! Until next week.....

Faithful and Seady, I AM Ready.....

Äldste Kundis :) (this paragraph is from the email he sent me requesting CD's and piano music...there's NOTHING like music!!!!)

I was playing the piano at the church one time here. I picked up the childrens song book and opened right up to the one that I sang at my baptism. "I like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain..." I cried lol. But i have been working on a great arrangememnt for it and it feels so amazing when I play it and sing it. Makes me tear up almost every time! :) Sorry, I just had to share that with you. I knew you would appreciate it! I love you so much! Thank you for all you do! You are incredible! :)

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