Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1st Email from MTC!!!!

Hej Familje! (and others who have e-mailed me this week)

So here I am in the MTC! It is so crazy to think I have been here a week today.. Let me start out by answering some of the questions that most of you asked. The Swedish is coming along great! It is really tough, but my teachers are great! We are praying, bearing our testimonies and just conversing in Swedish. Its sooo much fun to walk around and speak the language! My first meal here in the MTC was...... Pot Roast with REAL mashed potatoes and vegtables. Haha, not the best meal at the MTC, but it was delicious. No mint brownies yet.. I can't find them anywhere! I normally just have one plate of food. (haha kevin) But then I go get ice cream or a bowl of cereal or something else! I am eating really well mom! Not too much junk food. My companion is Elder Shear!! haha he is a really funny guy. We have really similar personalities which at times rocks, and other times not so much.. Our teaching styles don't quite mix, but in time I know they will increase. My time is really short today because they had some computer problems so I really need to wrap this up. I LOVE all of you! My testimony is so strong! Mom, I am glad you are reading the scriptures too because guess what? So am I!! haha I want you to make sure that you read from the Book of Mormon every day too. I have been and it just warms my spirit beyond belief.. Kevin! I want the rules to that game you were talking about and it is awesome that you are playing the guitar again! Matt thanks for the letter! I really love those things. Now that I'm out here I realize how important those letters are.. You make me so proud! You are so talented in all that you do. Read your scriptures with mom. You will love it I know! I am buying some essentials right now like laundry things and notbooks so thats what the charges on my account are from. I love my Savior Jesus Christ! He makes my day so incredible! The spirit is amazing, and I love every minute of it here. Please pray for me and pray that I can learn this tough tough language. You are all in my prayers and I love, love, love you all! I am now a missionary, and I am happy!

Faithful and Steady, I AM Ready!
With love,
Aldste Kundis! :)

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